Global Army

The Federal government, Hollywood, and Corporate America are now having a meth-fueled three way of epic proportions that could go on for years. They are just that into each other, and into you.

They are in charge of a global army full of millions of trained assassins from every race, age, religion, country, and ethnicity. The troops range from single people to extended families. There are no uniforms but they do wear “gang colors” (purple, turquoise, red, blue, anything in neon). Any color from a gay rights or an American flag.

These troops are highly mobile and have their own top secret methods of communication. (Free phones from Obama). Yet there are absolutely no requirements as far as intelligence or physical condition to sign up for this army. In fact a potato is capable of being a highly functioning member of this army.

The troops are flown from city to city, courtesy of the US government, in order to help assassinate people on the “kill list”. You do not have to be doing anything wrong to be on the list. In fact everyone on the kill list actually makes up the moral fiber/ infrastructure of our country. Silent pillars of the community will be destroyed in a subtle stealth attack until the entire country implodes and can then be subjected to complete government control (FEMA camps).

The troops are excited to come to your city and turn it into a literal war zone. They are provided all the amenities they could possibly need including gas and supermarket shopping cards. Houses/ apartments courtesy of local real estate agents. Cars courtesy of local car dealers, complete with dealer drive off plates. The deal even includes health care (“visiting members”), entertainment, vacations, and tons of other free gifts and services to help soothe their guilty consciences (for those that have a conscience). Of course there are cash incentives since the troops always seem to be “broke”. They like to consume drugs by the pound and booze by the gallon. By the way, many of the homes they “squat” in are foreclosures and set up by the banks. In the event that an entire family can be decimated and “replaced”, the look-alikes will squat in the family’s home indefinitely.

You will notice a huge construction boom in your area with new residential and commercial development going up everywhere you look, including complete remodels of homes and businesses. This is multi purpose. For one, it allows them to crowd your area with temporary workers. It will also create a surreal environment of rapid change to disorient you and throw you off balance.  If you were “sold” to the gang stalkers by your local government, they will also receive funding for multiple city projects like sports parks, a railroad underpass for pedestrians, and a brand new lifeguard station. Many new franchises will move in and they will benefit from all the additional sales tax. Many of the temp workers will live out of their trucks and be given a YMCA membership. They will park and sleep on your side streets at night.

This traveling Satan-worshipping holocaust circus will soon be in a neighborhood near you if it’s not already. You’ll know by the sounds of obnoxiously loud mufflers up and down your street 30-60 times a day and the non- stop cacophony of noise and people that swarms around you everywhere you go (which includes all of your local First Responders).

3 thoughts on “Global Army

  1. You told the truth about that,the people who work for the government are 100% trash,crack users,criminals,child molesters,rapers,drug dealers,your neighbors,Doctors,Dentist,Attorneys,fire dept,landlords,hospitals,pastors,managers,teachers,principals,families,inlaws,richpeople,judges,procecutors,security guards,medical secretarys give them your medical records,jurys are also these gang stalkers America(investigate the juryers you had)DEA,MILITARY,ALL UNDER SOMEKIND OF EVIL SPELL THAT HAS BEEN CASTED UPON THEM,THEY EVEN HAVE CHILDREN DOING THIS.THEY ARE ATTACKING THE TRUE PEOPLE OF GOD,THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN AWAKENED BY GOD.ALL INNOCENSE PEOPLE OF GOD ARE BEING GANGSTALKED,KILLED,RSPED,BEATEN,LOCKED UP,PUT IN MENTAL INSITUTES,THE LIST GOES ON.THESE EVIL ENTITIES ARE OF SATAN,THEY ARE ONLY ATTACKING THE CHOOSEN PEOPLE OF GOD.THESE PEOPLE ARE TRULY SPECIAL AND THE GOVERNMENT FEARS THESE PEOPLE,THIS IS WHY THEY ARE SPENDING TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS,TO MAKE SURE THESE PEOPLE ARE DETROYED.THIS IS REAL PEOPLE, OPEN YOUR EYES,AMERICA YOU ARE HELPING DETROY GODS CHOOSEN.

  2. Some of these “troops” are also members of conspiracy forum stalkers attempting to garner inside information for their “team.”

    “Top Secret Communication” consists of uhf/vhf/ham am/fm listening devices planted in homes along with cellphone/Internet stalking across state lines.

    The only time they fly them to another place is when they move their “studies” to get closer to family members they can “study” for the sake of invoking fear and terrorism.

    Either that or they looking for people that can transport their “exchange system of rewards” from point A to point B with rolling a car.

  3. Bakersfields meth is pretty goood…i asked for black tar heroin though…that was meh…most of my money went to meth…..they are baisted in dope in cali..almost forgive them as its obvious the whole state is on drugs…flashback man….shadow figures and animals that arent there following you around…one cyclist says i hate you while going by….lolz…the next is super friendly

    ..i assume its to induce.schizophrenia….its the drugs talking isnt it? Id advise u to just leave cali…..cali gangstalking is real bad….cops are on drugs….actors…reminds one of that tool song…one great big festering neon distraction…ive got a suggestion to keepyou all occupied…

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