Beach Drama 3/03/15

Today as I started my walk at the beach I noticed a young female perp waiting to mimic me. If you exercise at all in your home, the perps like to mimic that a lot. Lunges, stretches, squats, yoga, you name it. This particular little demon was sent to do squats only, the yoga kind which I do with some frequency. As I passed her I mimicked her a couple of times and made a some rude gestures into the wind. I made no direct contact with her. Well she noticed and immediately started calling out to me. “Do you have a problem?” “Do you have a problem?” When I didn’t respond she chased after me and kept asking the same question. I took out my cell phone and turned the camera on and she immediately ran away, turning her face away from the camera. I’ll admit I was acting out in response to a trigger and I was a jerk but I did not A.) Threaten her in any way. B.) Make any direct contact with her, or C.) Violate her civil liberties in any way. Yet I had a feeling she was going to make trouble for me.

As I continued walking South, the Encinitas Lifeguard approaches in his shiny red pickup truck about 25 minutes later. He passes me driving North and pulls over and stops at the far side of the beach right after passing me. About 13 minutes later he passes me again as I walk back North. Again he passes me from the opposite direction driving South. This time he gets closer to me near the water and U-turns immediately after passing me, like he is casing me out. For the next 15-20 minutes he drives slowly ahead of me and paces me about 1/4- 1 mile ahead of me, making frequent stops to talk to people on the beach. He then vanished.

As I near the end of my walk, 3 Carlsbad police men on foot suddenly appear in front of me on the beach (officers Riggin #5205, Zavala #5297, Develasco #5301). They synced exiting onto the beach from the parking lot as I approached the path. I was about 1/4 mile from my car. This was over an hour from the time the “incident” occurred where the female perp followed me. The lifeguard tipped these guys off and they sat there and waited for me to loop back. I was on my cell phone and continued walking past them, I thought they were firemen. As I passed one of them angrily yelled “Ma’am!” “Ma’am, can we talk to you?” And that oh fuck, here we go again feeling comes rushing back. I approached them and they asked me if I had an issue with a female runner earlier on the beach. I told them I was on the phone the whole time I was walking, I did not have an issue with anyone.

They seemed excited about something and I am sure they got a very exaggerated report from this twat. And when I think back she actually looks like a perp who used to live in my building last year who was a big trouble maker. She also harassed the woman who lived above her by shadowing her around with a parabolic microphone all day. When she lived here she reported me to the Sheriff one day for using my car as a weapon and calling her a whore. When the deputies arrived I told them the truth: When she saw me coming down the street that day I saw her run into my driveway. I did not see her again until after I entered the driveway. She was standing in a blind spot on the far right side with her dog, attempting to block my path while I tried to park in my assigned spot, the same fucking way I do every time I come home. And I have a potty mouth BFD! That’s not illegal last time I checked. I would not be surprised if this is the same girl because my neighbors stalk me a lot around the community. Gangstalking is the narcissist’s wet dream come true. They finally found a way to make the world actually revolve around them and fit them instead of having to grow up.

Anyway, these cops at the beach questioned me for a few minutes and let me go after running my license. Where do you live? Where do you work? How long have you lived here? Why do have a day off on Tuesday? How far do you walk here? Why do you start your walk in carlsbad if you live in Encinitas? Are you under the care of a psychiatric doctor? Do you have a mental illness? I kept my composure. I was alone there and not going to put up a fight. But it does bug me, a lot.

I’ve walked regularly on this beach for over 12 years now. I do not speak to the lifeguards that often, but anyone who has been working there for a while would recognize me. I also help them out by picking up litter and alerting them to marine and wildlife in need of rescues. There have been a couple of troublesome people I reported to them, but I never felt like the police needed to get involved. I have seen the lifeguards more over the past 2.5 years than I have in the previous 10 years combined.

This same lifeguard passed me 3 times today, all 3 times I was on my phone. If there was an “issue”, why didn’t he just ask me about it? I am a white female, 140#, unarmed. Are you telling me they can’t handle that? Instead they escalated the situation and called the police. Likely in hopes that I would get another 5150 or get killed. This lifeguard never approached me for the same reason my coworkers never asked me to leave my office the day they mobbed me in 2012. They had no right to ask me to leave because I wasn’t doing anything wrong. This lifeguard had no right to question me either because he knew the whole story was utter BS. I always feel shattered after these encounters and they know it because of the chronic PTSD.

Being a TI is like having a Federal dick up your ass 24/7. It is complete annihilation of your dignity, freedom, rights, happiness, confidence, trust, sexuality, sense of security and reality. It’s like having a choke collar around your brain that is constantly being yanked for no reason other than the person on the other end of it is a demonic cunt. And you can’t dare react in a negative way or it just gets yanked harder.

By the way if you look closely at the picture of the cops on the beach, you see a civilian male standing at the parking lot entrance directly behind them. I think this guy signaled them when they were waiting for me in the parking lot. He followed me all the way to my car and pulled some more theater on the beach with 2 other men before I left.

12 thoughts on “Beach Drama 3/03/15

  1. Considering what you did NOT say or DO you UNDER-REACTED to the this female perp as she KNEW that you would react with some anger;They ALWAYS know our state of mind and yes, they DO implant triggers to help pull off their public skits;This has happened to me SCORES of times over the years with much less reacting on my part NOW that I know I’m in this program.

    The non-stop harassment from the lifeguards and the corrupt police was to keep the psychological pressure on of course, to compound your PTSD and try and frustrate the hell out of you;A blitz they do when they think you’re least expecting it.

    It is a shitty, unacceptable life in which you feel as though you have to be on guard nearly everywhere you go, where nearly everyone is suspect because the fear of letting your guard down is rarely an option anymore (I speak of myself).

    For years my neighbors, other civilian perps including store security and other workers and the ultra-corrupt Buffalo and suburban police had me convinced that I was guilty of something, that I was a threat of some kind and every time I spoke my mind in public I was worried that I did something wrong and was going to get reported for it.

    Now I know better. Years later I know that nearly all of my verbal and non-verbal angry responses to these sadists was a normal reaction to provocation just as they continue to try and provoke me through various triggers and other scenarios.

    I now know that you can give the finger to every one of these shits, that you can call them “ugly, evil stupid fucks” and so on without getting in trouble although I keep my mouth shut for the most part as I want no part of these losers.

    But they really can set up skits in which they provoke you via implanted/conditioned triggers: Last week a scumfuck neighbor engaged in passive aggressive confrontation with me after I laughed my ass off at him for no reason-It was almost as if I was pushed into giving him an opening:He stuck to his script to the letter and kept on telling me to “knock on his door if I ever needed any help.” This from a shit who’s perped me nearly 18 years.

    My point, Stopogs is that considering the incredibly huge, non-stop, coordinated perping that you get (as you report via your great blog) you’re handling yourself extraordinarily well.

    You understand this program amazingly well and what makes these shits tick and my distinct impression is that making a target feel as if they committed a crime and/or are some kind of threat or did something wrong is a very common perping technique, just another weapon in their sadistic psy ops arsenal they use as per the vulnerabilities of our psych profiles.

    And as that cowardly female perp ran off as soon as the camera came out (they must be given explicit instructions not to be recorded as they perp you) they hate ANY kind of logical, fact-filled and articulate presentation of their illegal, terrorist harassment as your blog, BonnieLeec’s (the Carlsbad one), Talkshoe shows, You Tube TI blogs provide to other targets.

    Because when a formerly-confused, clueless TI begins to learn of their basic tactics, to take most of the mystery, the behind-the-scenes coordinated setups and other games it drives these brainwashed losers fucking nuts even though our perps in law enforcement and civilian life alike do NOT have CLUE what it is to have so many doors of opportunity shut, to be so isolated and most of these ass clowns WOULD take their worthless lives were they ever put on the list.

    Without droning on in my usual long-handed, short-story reply, I’m just trying to state that these pathetic mentally ill criminals are more brainwashed and mind controlled that ANY TI and that your consistently well-documented coverage of gang stalking, all topics relevant to it and the details of your perping is a wonderful way to give the finger to these lifeless drones;I can not prove it, Stop ogs but you have been and continue to provide a great service to the TI community.

    As in all of our cases, YOU should be proud of the restraint you have shown these opportunistic cowards and know that within sensible legal limits TIs can basically tell these things to “go fuck themselves.”

    The perps get SO used to being part of our lives (thanks to the govt and their retarded thugs at the local, state and federal levels) that they actually think its NORMAL after a while to ILLEGALLY know most of our private information as if they have a right to invade our lives because we KNOW that were their lives an open book like all TIs, our perps would whine and cry like the adult children they are.

    Thanks for your continued vigilance!

    By the way, I just ordered the Genius Dash Cam you use.

  2. Scott, thanks for the comments, support, and compliments as always. I pray I am helping other TI’s somehow. The very least we can all do is spread awareness around the world. Hopefully this will eventually build enough momentum to give us some leverage in getting justice. It will happen in an organic way which is the right way. I am considering buying copies of John Hall’s new Guinea Pigs for the Sheriff Dept. Captain and all the city council members. You are right and I agree with everything you wrote. I don’t want anything to do with these people either because I don’t want to end up where they are going. Sometimes I do wonder if law enforcement is surprised I haven’t done anything really horrible, knowing they themselves would have cracked by now. I think they know at this point I will never resort to violence. They will just get blasted on my blog. This is where I channel it all and I thank God for it! You will like this camera it’s very good.

  3. The questioning by people in authority seems like a way to have you officially registered into the “system”. They’re taking down pertinent info about your ID, and when they call it in you get officially registered by the “system”. I’ve had that happen before with local cops here. Sometimes state cops will be involved. It doesn’t matter; cops at all leves take part (State/local).

    • With the hi-tech immediate database biometric access local, state and federal police have they instantly knew who StopOgs was and that she was a TI and of course completely harmless.

      Hell, they probably knew that she was at the beach the entire time as they monitor everything about us (TIs) 24/7.

      And the insulting questions those criminal asshats asked her were to harass her and nothing more.

      The lifeguards knew who she was and that she was harmless.

      With my own experience with stupid assholes trying to subliminally make me feel as if I should be worried about something “criminal” I did I can clearly see the setup they pulled on her starting with that mindless @#%%@ that mimicked her as soon as she got there-

      Our NORMAL response to provocation by these SHITS in the form of non-threatening insults including the bird (totally legal) sometimes gives them their opening in which to engage us in dialogue and/or harass us.

      This may very well have been an implanted trigger succession of events from the $#%$ girl Stop Ogs first saw to the lifeguards keeping an eye on her to the honest, good, decent, trustworthy and courageous officers who grilled her and as strong as I know she is she must have left the beach a bit rattled because of this well-coordinated attack on her-Its like a game trying to see how far they can push us off center like a “kid’s game” of sorts.

      Any idiot asshole knows who is and is not dangerous or a threat. Time and again I have heard of, read of police and store security guards letting the very real bad guys get away with crimes and in many cases times when the police seem to intentionally avoid a call (such as a gas station robbery within a mile of huge police station for example).

      Renata, the BEST Talkshoe TI host told a store of when she was in a Wal Mart parking lot a few months ago being followed around by the brave, stalwart security guard who IGNORED one guy beating the s–t out of another one in the parking lot making it more important a “job” to follow around a harmless middle aged woman because she was a targeted individual and because he was too much of a coward to break up the bloody fight.

      Are the first responders who fuck with us just “doing their jobs?” Maybe. But I’ve seen the shit-eating grins on their goofy, low-brow, low-IQ faces and most of them LOVE the thrill, the kick they get from the VERY SAFE harassment of someone they can get away f—-ng with.

      I would bet anything that nearly every TI just wants to be left alone by their neighbors, by professional perps, by first responders who rarely do their job and the rest of the sad parade of sick, stupid diseased freaks who find perverse meaning in trying to harm and degrade others of their happiness and dignity.

      • And note that there are 3 big guys in uniform coming over to question a woman. If this isn’t overkill, I don’t know what is. It must’ve been very scary to see not one male officer, but THREE coming after her. And of course, the lifeguard being all creepy stalking her for an hour before they arrived must be very intimidating.

        Here, we’ve got 3 male cops coming after 1 harmless female who didn’t break the law. And there was a male lifeguard in a large truck persuing a lone female who was on foot. So there was tonnage (the truck) vs. the lone 140lb female. And then later, outnumbered 3-to-1 by male officers.

        They like to make it obvious that TI’s are outnumbered. Probably that’s part of the tactic: to show us that we can’t win because we are outnumbered by “them”. And that doesn’t even include all the computing power and myriad of tech. toys they’ve got. I suspect they’ve had toys long before computers became mainstream. I thought I read that Eisenhower’s daughter claimed that the Naval research labs had some sort of time travel or mind control toys in the late 50’s. I tend to believe it, because you never know what they’re up to in the shadow research sector. They had to have been capable of doing a lot of the same stuff they’re doing now for many decades. The only difference is, now the civilians have cell phones and computers, and they too are getting into the act. And it helps the perps who were always doing “research” on targets for decades prior to “today”. So before, it was just the perps. Now, they’ve got huge numbers of civilians in on the act aiding the perps. And it helps greatly, because it gives them greater numbers to work with. The numbers are part of their massive resources they have.

      • He asked a lot of questions rapid fire. Including: Do you know what day it is? It also seemed like he was doing this to distract me from what the other 2 cops were doing with my license. Anyway I appreciate him at least asking questions before making rash and violent decisions like those 2 dick cops from San Diego PD who came in to my work in June 2012. and jumped me within seconds for nothing.

      • And also, that woman who was playing victim wasn’t exactly a beauty, nor did she register as being “hot” in any way. She looks just like so many female perps I see. Of course, it’s funny that the bitch was imitating her to get a reaction, and then she plays the insulted card when she mimicks her back.

  4. You are the centerpoint of your own personal supernatural virtual dome. It doesn’t matter where u go as u are perpetually synchronized to everything and everyone around you. You are a chosen one not a targeted individual.



    • Thanks Thomas. I do feel honored in a away to be chosen as a TI. Your life starts to intersect with so many people you never would have met otherwise. Many of them are VERY intelligent and I feel lucky in a way to belong to a group of people that are truly superior.

      • We’ve been chosen by God. We aren’t being stalked or harassed by a sinister conspiracy. Learn from me. Read every single word of my blog. I’m working on a book and website to further assist the planet.

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