FedEx Store 3/08/15


It appears the harassment has been “reset” since my encounter with the Carlsbad Police Dept. on 3/03/15 at South Ponto Beach. On Sunday 3/08/15 pm I visited the local FedEx store in Encinitas, CA to fax some documents. Immediately after I pulled into the lot a SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car pulled in to the lot and parked in the row across from me. The deputy got out and stood on the corner near the entrance with 2 other deputies with a clear view to my car. They stood there for 25 minutes before they left. There did not appear to be anything else going on there.

945pm- I pull into parking lot, Hispanic male walks in front of my car and immediately takes out his cell phone and starts using it. He takes a seat on the sidewalk in front of my car. Seconds later a SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car enters the lot, U-turns and parks facing me. The deputy exits the car and talks to the Hispanic male who appears to motion towards me multiple times. The deputy also makes repeated motions with both hands. He then walks out of sight behind the building. He comes back seconds later as the Hispanic male leaves, walking very close to my car.

949pm to 1009pm– 3 deputies stand talking on the far right corner of the front of the FedEx building with a clear view to the back of my car. I did not see where the other 2 deputies came from. One deputy is staring directly at my car. 2 deputies are wearing tan uniforms and one is wearing a dark blue uniform with a thick ballistics vest worn over his shirt. I do not exit the car because I fear for my safety.

1010 pm– All 3 deputies leave, I see one walk behind the building. The deputy who was parked in front of me walks to his car. Right before he opens his car door, he suddenly makes a motion with his right arm like he is about to pull his gun out while looking to the left and then directly at my car. He exits the lot and 2 more patrol cars which I never knew were there exit from behind the building and follow him out of the lot.

Obviously there is more funding pouring in for the harassment program since my encounter at the beach. The harassment has picked up a lot this week. Nothing I haven’t seen before, just more of it like a “reset” button has been pushed. It’s obvious they use us as low risk way to rob the government. You should see all the new development and construction going on in every level of the private and public sector of my neighborhood and community. All built with blood and bribe money. The developers and the Unions get rich and their minions get “perks”. They could care less about the collateral damage and helping the American cities that are actually blighted.

I have a feeling a lot of this recent harassment has a lot to do with an HOA meeting coming up at the end of the month about my noise complaints against a neighbor. I have called the Sheriff Dept. on them 3 times for making an insane amount of noise. Since then I have been reported to law enforcement exactly 3 times. That is so typical of perps. Every time I report something legit here, I get reported in return. They love the childish petty little tit for tat BS. I never committed a crime or directly offended anyone. None of their complaints on me were legit and it makes total sense that one of my former neighbors was involved in the beach incident on 3/03 if this is what it’s about.

Upadte 3/13/15: Called San Diego Sheriff Dept. dispatcher for information about this activity so I can file a complaint. The deputies were at the FedEx store that night responding to an “alarm check” according to the dispatcher. For almost 30 minutes?? Deputies names/ badges numbers are: Ryan #2620, Miller #3922, Rayyan #4916.



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  1. Because they knew how much the three “brave” cops at the beach shook you up, interrogating you based on the setup and fake harassment of the “girl” perp who was waiting for you they figured they’d keep up the pressure using the “honest” police and had the Hispanic civilian ready for you pointing at you to TRY and make you feel as if you were some kind of suspect, as if you did something wrong and as it was so meticulously scripted out and/or mind controlled (of the cops and Hispanic guy) they were all trying to make you feel not only that you were being watched but you were being watched because you were some kind of “threat,” the SAME SHIT THESE SAD CHICKEN SHIT COWARDS PULLED ON ME FOR YEARS.

    Of course by their very actions the police there and at the beach and the two main civilians involved in these incidents ARE the criminals!

    Conspiracy under the color of law for starters not that it means Jack shit to these sadistic dumb animals who would not THINK of pulling these mind games on say a big-ass biker and a few of his well-armed buddies who belong to a gang of other thugs-No. Its easy, very, very safe and FUN for these assholes to fuck with ONE person, male or female.

    You have up to one hundred plus perp shits for each target in say a one week period;Perp shits armed with ALL of our private data, knowing where we’ll be and when, knowing what we’re thinking.

    They are the most cowardly opportunists I have ever seen: Taking full advantage of a person when they are the most traumatized and/or when they are trying to break a person.

    Its a case of “if it works, don’t fix it” or “if it works, stick with it” and as an example think of how many of MK Ultra’s and the Stasi’s tactics are still used because they’re proven techniques of controlling and conditioning someone.

    I guarantee that the three spineless cowardly assholes whom interrogated you at the beach AND these latest traitors to their oaths and human beings LAUGHED THEIR ASSES OF AND BRAGGED about how they rattled you (no offense) because that is what adult children do: They laugh their sick asses off at the suffering of others.

    On Renata’s Talkshoe call a few weeks ago (“Conversation And Support For TIs”) she stated the obvious yet something I’ve never heard a TI speak or write in her direct yet simple phrase regarding all of our targeting:

    “How DARE they?”

    As in how dare they enter our lives illegally trying to drive us to suicide and other suffering.

    How dare they think they have the right to illegally obtain all of our private information AND to share it with friends, family and civilians?

    How dare they believe that its their right to “punish us” while usually pretending they have some kind of fucking investigation on us going on when they NEVER tell the civilian perps the truth:That this is all illegal.

    How dare they use psychotronic/DE weapons and psy op ground tactics to brainwash us (menticide), condition and mind control us.

    How dare they put us in the same mental state and oftentimes worse of a soldier suffering from PTSD?

    How dare they think that its their “right” to try and bring us down when we’re happy, confident and optimistic?

    How dare these motherfuckers think its their “right” to undermine our efforts to improve ourselves (your Qi Gong class for example)?

    How dare they get worried and angry when targeted individuals try to expose their crimes which break local, state and federal laws? Especially when every last one of these turds in human skin would lose it were they in our position?!

    At THIS point after knowing I’m a TI for a little over one year now (been one for over twenty) I UNDERSTAND why targets start blogs, You Tube channels, Twitter accounts, ect as much as I freaking despise these NWO social networks all set up to collect data.

    They literally PUSH many TIs into publicly posting about their/our very illegal, sadistic harassment AKA attempts on our lives and minds yet give TIs all kinds of GRIEF when they post things they were literally FORCED by their perps TO REPORT ONLINE and/or locally!

    I see my therapist tomorrow and I know full well that I can never directly discuss my targeting with her or my psychopharmacologist and as nice as they are (for the psych profession) I KNOW that they have heard of patients’ complaints of gang stalking (statistically speaking) as it SEEMS that one of the favorite EASY targets of these shit cowards are people with anxiety disorders which they try to make WORSE as to shatter us and take us out of society (its seems as though SOME people with anxiety problems tend to think laterally or outside the box).

    Can’t tell my brothers. Can’t tell anyone. Last “friend” I told this to turned out to be a perp for the Buffalo, NY and Kenmore/Tonawanda, NY police and as far as I know the Buffalo office of the FBI are in on local gang stalking.

    As you mentioned, they are wasting an obscene amount of money on this program or experiment-I don’t really care what they call it-While money is BADLY needed to help people who truly need it.

    No. Its far better to pay corrupt law enforcement at the federal, state and local levels, to pay fusion center and NSA (same thing probably) and other evil shits and the civilian bile ducts they hire to f–k with us instead of turning around our diseased nation and world for the better.

    Always easier for cowards and psychopaths and loser to destroy and tear down instead of trying to make things better like sane, halfway decent people are supposed to do-Without being told.

    I’ve said it before, Stopogs but thanks not only for your great information and well-written reports on these adult children’s sick fuck antics but for giving other TIs a place to vent a little bit.

    • Another TI here thinks they had the Hisp. male walk towards my car to see if I had my dashcam on. It was and when they found out that may be why they didn’t try anything. I will always be in cognitive shock over this program. Even though I think my targeting goes back a long way too, it was very subtle. In 2012 my life went from relatively normal to complete gang stalking insanity in a matter of days. They dare to treat us this way because they can. I will have zero pity for these ppl when the SHTH and this program is blown out of the water.

    • I live in Buffalo Kenmore NY. They are gangstalking and tormenting me on a daily basis. I have never done anything wrong legally in my life. Why they chose me or anyone to destroy is truly incomprehensible.

  2. Stopogs, I read this post last night in my email.

    Then I saw the videos this morning. Wow. Disgusting f—ks.
    Just absolutely sickening.

    And wouldn’t you know it? After I saw my therapist two Amherst embarassment police cruisers drove out of their headquarter’s parking lot in the same basic way that you idiot, asshole, overpaid criminal cop perp cowards did to you because they knew I watched the video.

    Get a lot of that shit. When I say certain things in private that bug me or speak them on Renata’s Talkshoe show or in the chatroom, if its something I’m really pissed about it takes a day, two at most for an unoriginal criminal to put that into my perping “schedule.”

    Hell. They will also take THIS post and try to turn against me.
    Let them.

    Perps are the ultimate spineless opportunists who upon seeing ANY kind of opening, ANY sign of our guards being down they attack then go off and hide like the useless jokes they are and of course play off of one another as one scum exits the stage and other perps enter the “play.”

    You’re right insofar as why they do this:

    The government/perps pull this shit because they can
    and anyone, regardless of age or gender who uses power, inside information, sheer numbers and other unfair/illegal advantages against another human being whether it be for ego and/or financial gain is a coward and as TIs we’ve seen one hell of a parade of cowards over the years which after a short time begins to turn into a pathetic freak show of humanity’s worst, most lowest, embarrassing examples of what “adults” will do just because they can.

    One quick observation that hit me in the head HARD today.

    I’ve been doing some more reading up on mind control as in the patents filed, things I’ve read at and things I’ve heard from other TIs which clicked with my experiences in how the perps know where I’m going and when far ahead of time.

    For example: About one month ago when I drove to my gym, the space I chose was about thirty feet directly parallel to where the manager of the gym walked up to his pickup and sat inside pretending to use his Android. This fat sack of guts used to bother me as a perp when I had no CLUE as to what was going on .
    Anyways, I have repeatedly done or said something (less now) in which the perps’ were strategically located ahead of time, when they clearly had their lines rehearsed and so on.

    What I’m grudgingly admitting is that at this point especially with my super-weird and lucid dreams and sudden mood changes that I have been mind controlled.
    I do not know if its remote neural monitoring or whatever technology but I eventually “connected the dots.”

    They have some kind of device which I’ll call a “look over here” device which they have used on my over 1000 times over the years to look in the direction of a perp/trigger and they HAVE caused IMMEDIATE uncalled for emotional reactions such as anxiety, depression or anger.

    I have not had a panic attack in a long, long time yet today out of the blue I felt super-high anxiety upon seeing a trigger as I so often do.
    This is mind manipulation.

    I won’t go on with my usual “short story” style of a long remark, Stopogs.
    Just thought I’d give my take on mind control at this juncture and that it is very likely that they are using some kind of DE weapons on you to enhance OR create a negative reaction to your triggers such as the sick evil bitch at the beach, the asshat lifeguard and the three criminal police officers who asked you questions they had NO right to. Zero.

    Sick, stupid, brainwashed, evil, crime covering up thug assholes asking a harmless girl if she was on meds and so on. Amazing. This sad, sad world.

    As Renata has said (she’s super wise), even if this program suddenly stopped the mental damage is irreversible and I fully agree as the near-constant harassment whether big or small adds up over time which is WHY we have to meditate and do other things to take care of ourselves.

    Learning how to reverse classical and operant conditioning and how to effectively treat PTSD or more appropriately chronic PTSD are two of many ways to deal with this shit.

    It really irks me DEEPLY that these f–ks get away with this in ADDITION to getting paid. In ADDITION to getting laughs and bragging “rights” at our expense as they share our private data, use hi-tech weapons these peanut brains could not understand the workings of in a thousand years and these sad assholes enjoy a sick f–k cult-like sense of “community” and camraderie (SP) uniting against one (or more) people who they know are not a f—-ng threat who only wish to live and let live.

    Still boggles my mind a little that grown adults do this but most of these losers are brainwashed to varying degrees by our controlled conformist culture of artifice and instant gratification.

    By the way, the Genius camera IS great. Easy to use with a lot of options and very user friendly. Just have to figure out how to transfer files to the computer which I’m sure is easy (I’m not tech oriented).

    • I never told anyone I was going to this location. They had an informant there waiting for me. This is proof of tracking and RNM. I am also wondering if they had access to a Sting Ray while I was talking on my phone in my car waiting for them to leave. Community policing = Nazi Brownshirts.

  3. I guarantee that community oriented policing, neighborhood watch and the rest of these “keeping our streets safe while working with law enforcement” programs were designed with turning people against each other beginning with one or two main scapegoats for a particular neighborhood.

    The powers that have NO right to be historically have done the same basic strategy to “create an enemy” to unite people into a cult-like, mob mentality giving them a false sense of power and control.

    “They” have never designed and implemented a strategy with the public’s direct benefit in mind:Nothing altruistic or humane from the bastards in charge.

    “Just” this single well-known yet well-hidden program of organized gang stalking and DE harassment not only causes a degradation of the TI but everyone involved in the targeting lowers themselves mentally and physically in the daily effort, the “work” involved in the psy ops of one single person.

    Just operating these DE devices cause the perps physical and/or mental damage and this is basically common sense as the human (all mammals) body was not meant to be exposed to such high frequencies on a regular basis as seen with the damage caused by cell phones, land line phones (wireless), Wi Fi and other “toys.”

    I wonder if the Sting Ray device is actually essential for “law” enforcement to track anyone given that satellites, drones and other “toys” can pinpoint anyone’s cellphone or other ways to track us not to mention that in addition to the security cameras EVERYWHERE these fuckers CAN tap directly into store security camera (and probably TV set and computer) audio visual feeds.

    What IS undeniably true is that at least in the case of targeted individuals they DO manipulate and record our thoughts using some form of remote neural monitoring and I had to have a decent body of information and experience to finally admit that I’ve been mind controlled and the human brain has no firewall so as Jennifer Ayers has stated, “you have to retrain your mind every morning” (paraphrased) because there are mornings I wake up and recall dreams whose content makes no sense, when I have no motivation or am TOO much in a rush;When things feel unnatural even though this technology can mimic our brainwaves so flawlessly that it SEEMS organic or natural to us but we can usually tell when our minds have been f—kd with.

    I USED to think that despite my total lack of privacy and that the shit police and civilians with access to my private info have shared it with a TON of people over the last twenty years that my THOUGHTS were private but that illusion like so many others is shattered now.

    Can’t go insane over things we can not change.

    We can only learn as much as possible about how they manipulate us with a healthy dose of skepticism while finding information which substantiate our own experiences and that of other targeted individuals.

    What spins my head a bit in confusion is how these moron perps both in government/law enforcement and civilians act as they have privacy. That they are not being watched and recorded in the privacy of their homes, their web searches, their self-talk and so on.

    I am certain that our perps believe that THEIR monitoring STOPS when they are done perping us (to evaluate their performance and make sure they did their “job” correctly).

    And when I see my neighbors (as an example) in public, aside from their lopsided, goofy, retarded, shit-eating, crooked grins we ignore each other and pretending like nothing is going on. That they have never fucked with me en masse attempting to drive me over the edge.

    Even though they (my neighbors, the cowardly police) know that I know that they have been perping me for YEARS (in many cases).

    It really is sick “game” run by very, very sick sorry people.

    • I believe they have to unite against a (manufactured) common enemy because they are very sick, and they are the product of the very surveillance-happy and sick society they have created. And now, they are prisoners of it. There is a reference to this in “Hotel California”, the line “We are all just prisoners here of our own device”. Etc. I believe the song was really refering to this system, in a manner that it is sometimes referred to, a “Satanic” system of control. Hotel California was the name of some Satanic church. A lot of people dismiss this as conspiracy theory, but then, there is the creepy photo on the album cover. It’s just a normal photo, but there is something about it designed to evoke an image of fear, something haunting-like.

      So they live in this “Hotel California” (which is a symbolic reference to the enslaved society they have created), they are sick people, and they look to go out and persecute anyone who is not a part of this sick society. TI’s are outsiders in this regard. And there is a cult mentality going on where they share this image of what the target “is” to them, and the TI has no idea what they are talking about. For example, at work, I constantly hear women say stuff like “hell no” when I’m around. I guess they’ve fabricated this false reality around them where I’m supposed to want these women, and they are openly rejecting me. They create little characterizations about the TI, like the TI is supposed to want all these average-looking women, but they reject his advances. But the reality is: the TI doesn’t even know they exist, and most TI’s are focused on one woman they care about, not chasing after average cult-minded idiot women. Why would I care about a bunch of petty little bitches? I don’t even know what they are on about. But they live in their own little created sick fantasy world where the TI is supposed to be a murderer, hopeless womanizer, alcoholic. But none of these are true, and they are purely the product of their sick little delusions they’ve constructed about the TI in order to self-motivate them to hate him (or her) more. They need to justify living in a cult and to justify why they are obeying some corrupt really frightening big brother stalker entity that spies on people’s lives and destroys lives. So they chose to live in their own fabricated world. And the lyrics are dead on that say “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”. Don Henley denies the song is about anything in particular, but of course, that could be because he doesn’t want to make his life any harder by admitting that the song is really about the sick big brother satanic system of control that persecutes innocent people and facilitates world-wide slavery. So I think that the perps live in this “Hotel California”, which is a metaphor for this slave system of mind control that is world-wide.

      Once you are a part of this system, you can never leave, as the lyrics say. And if you do, something happens to the perps who try to leave: they may just happen to die of some sudden illness, like the Russian Spy who was poisoned by something radioactive, or they just “happen” to be in front of a car and then get fatally hit.

      The latest incarnation is I overheard these older women with their usual overconfident grin say “Hell to the no”. And one dude there started calling me “Norm”. I don’t know what the hell that means, but his roomate said I’m supposed to be “Norman Bates”. haha. Assholes. See? They have to write little phony characterizations of us in their cult. They have to make believe we are really serial killers who are psycho and all this bullshit, but meanwhile, they are just typical little inferior assholes who are a product of our sick society. i guess one needs to become a member of this sick cult and share in grand delusions that the target is going to rob a bank, a womanizer, a psycho, ect., when they are all just assholes who the target wants no part of. It’s all about the sick cult they live in, and they are desperate to live in it as though they are living in a king’s castle. But they can never leave once they are in, else something bad happens to them. They can check out at any time, yes, but they can never leave the cult once they are in it.

  4. i get gs’ed by fedex, a lot omre than ups. sometime last year when i discovered online flight radar i saw some of the fly bys i get in the early am hours was a fedex plane. since then i havent paid much attention to it and i forget if there was any synching going on with teh fedex plane so i tcould’ve been nothing.

    • Interesting, because FedEx is non-union, and UPS is unionized (Teamsters). Some TI’s claim that unions play a role in their GS campaigns, but it just seems like perp groups are involved much more than unions etc. Supposedly, each perp group is a cell that is connected to a larger cell that works for corporations trying to maintain their market domination. WalMart is one such place. They’re famous for paying into black ops, and of course, I got plenty of perps, perping, and everything else there.

  5. Part of me doesn’t know what I would do if this ever suddenly ended (which isn’t going to happen, as it’s part of how the world is “run” now). These assholes are so amusing, it’s even better than watching those lame TV shows which incorporate TI’s stories into their scripts. Can you imagine little assholes “imagining” us to be serial killers or rapists when we are completely harmless? As long as we don’t let the little rascals get to us, we can sit back and laugh at how stupidly entertaining they are. I for one could care less about what anyone else does in his or her home or apartment. They’ve tried to break me and get to me, and they did succeed in getting me to react angrily. Of course, they use our angry reactions as more “evidence” that we are crazy, have anger issues, are out of control, etc. So it gets fed back into the system. That’s when I realized all those emotional outbursts were a big mistake. They used them in order to “build a case” against me and to justify stupid shit they do, one of which is the town cop who parks his car in front of the Subway here in town where I have been “banned” (a psy-ops banning). It was fed back to me that the real reason I was banned was to kill off my habit of eating out and spending something like $1900 per year there. So the perps were using their system of psy-ops to help me out. But I still find it amusing. I went in there one day while I was banned a month earlier. Funny how the girl in there seemed to be waiting for me to go in. She starts putting on this huge show, which was scripted. She started off by saying very sweetly “You’re not allowed in here. Sorry”. (The reason is just as Scott mentioned, that I was “harassing” her when in reality I was merely reacting to HER harassment of me.) I didn’t see a reason to leave, and she starts into this soap opera drama: she starts walking away and then stands there yelling “No, you can’t come in here, NO!” and then “NO YOU HAVE TO LEAVE!!!” Keep in mind I did nothing to her, except post angry comments about her harassing me with her friend. She gets the phone in her hand like she is going to call the cops. She then says “Please leave!!!” as though I am a pest. (Funny how I used to come visit her every time she worked and she seemed to appreciate it except for acting very perp-ish. But I was a lonely fool and wanted her attention, even if she was a perp.) Then after all of that scripted, pre-rehearsed drama didn’t work, she pointed to the door and yelled “GET OUT!!!”. I’m sure some perp texted her the script on what to say and how to act. Once I left, I heard her locking the door. I then pass the police chief sitting in his parked cruiser. I tell both him and the Mayor what happend, and the Mayor just says “Oh well, you’re just gonna have to eat at another store.” I started walking down to another Subway, and then I see the police chief coming around. he stops and asks me angrily “Did you go in there? Now WHY would you go in there when he served you with that letter to stay out?” I told him, “well, I didn’t do anything to them!” He then says “Well, you had to have done something, because whatever it is you made that young girl working there very uncomfotable”. I then tell him well, I used to visit her every day for 7 months, and now how is it possible that I am banned with a no tresspassing order to stay out complete with all kinds of drama? It doesn’t make any sense. He then gave me this crooked nervous smile. I know the real reason I was banned and the police are “watching” me and prohibiting me to go in there is one reason only: Behavior modification. It has nothing to do with me making anyone “uncomfortable”. How was it that I was going in there for months talking to the girl and now all of a sudden I made her “uncomfortable”?

    She was a perp. I used to sit there an keep her company, and she would always do perp stuff to me, like pretend to take pictures of me with her cell phone. And I didn’t object, because despite the fact that she was an obvious perp, I wanted her company. And now she sold into the perps’ little plan for me to be persecuted if I dare go in there. last night, I saw the town cop parked right in front of this Subway as I was driving past. I had just got off of work, so how the hell could he have known I was planning on driving past there? The reason is: this whole drama is part of the perps’ plan for me. I seriously am scared.

    I guess the cops in town have nothing better to do, and they are in a position of authority, so that makes them perfect for psy-ops.

    Funny that the assholes behind my targeting think this was the only way to get me to stop wasting money on fast food. I think this was just a way for everyone involved to power trip all over the place. Yeah, we banned him. WOo-hoo, ladies. Yeah, and the girls there used to say how nice and happy I was. And now they are happy that they have bought in to this whole BS. And they are probably still tripping over how they banned me from the place. Funny how I’m a nice sweet guy, and they didn’t do this to a big, tough, biker dude with lots of organized crime biker gang connections. They would probably let those types come and go as they please.

    So the perps have a plan for me.

    • Life-long, to the very last “man” and woman every single one of our perps are absolute cowards, liars, schemers and possibly worst of all, really shitty actors, local to federal police traitors to the civilians who kiss their asses, authority-worshiping brainwashed slaves that they are.

      I’ve become more introverted over the years but never wanted to avoid other people socially 100%. But now I have no choice but to keep to myself as much as possible as they have tried to “sneak” perps past me in the form of friendly people at my gym, at certain stores and they have used up ALL neighbor’s on my street excuses to even speak to me since they recently rant through three non-violent confrontational skits in a two-week period.

      I fully intend to limit most of my small talk to strangers to a bare minimum because even though most of this is PSY OPS I refuse to keep giving these losers the satisfaction of even TRYING to play with my emotions.

      I’m very sorry to hear that you have been unofficially, illegally banned from Subway because of a few power-drunk assholes’ attempts to isolate and infuriate you.

      Its sickening and sad that idiots like the girl at Subway make fools out of themselves in order to please their bosses and the police in order to harass a harmless customer.

      A female deli worker at Premier gourmet foods in Amherst had a cop friend speak to her and every time I’ve seen her she’s used the word cop loudly (talking to someone else), done shit acting as she mentioned, “you really can’t trust government” while talking to me and other obvious sad stunts.

      I almost-ALMOST pity some of these people. Then I remember some of the thousands of times over the last two decades in which I’ve been fucked with and eventually put into a perpetual state of PTSD due to these sadists.

      Of course you’re a decent person! I have intuited that most TIs are fundamentally very decent independent thinkers and although some TIs are former whistleblowers and activists (whose perping never stops even when THEY stop their activism or a lawsuit is done with) I honestly believe what I recently read:

      MOST targeted individuals are targets of opportunity as in we are EASY TO HARASS. Not a wide social and/or family network and easy to isolate, intimidate and harass for sadism and experimentation.

      Can you imagine the crimes the police could have stopped and solved if they did NOT fuck with TIs not to mention the tons of non-TIs they screw with?

      I do not even want to consider the possible lives lost due to the perping by fire trucks diverted to waste time trying to intimidate a TI.

      Have you considered contacting Subway’s regional and corporate headquarters?

      I too, like many TIs have been brainwashed into NOT going to certain places which at THIS point I would NOT be intimidated into going to BUT have traumatic memories OF those places so effective and well-paced their conditioning and brainwashing of us is although there is a LOT of things and places they have tried to deter me from doing and going to, respetively and they can all go f—k themselves.

      Its amazing that like anyone every now and then we react with anger and disgust at our harassment and I am SURE that the powers that have NO right to be record this and/or share this with our perps to as you mentioned reinforce the lie that we are dangerously mentally ill.

      As if these shit-coward cops and civilians would NEVER react if THEY were subjected to this utter obliteration of THEIR shitty lives as lies, half-truths and other slander were spread about them;Many of these weak-willed spineless scumbags would VIOLENTLY lash out at others since most of these dumbed-down losers speak the infantile language of blind violence and instant gratification so well that they would hurt others and themselves were they put into this program and had their lives deconstructed.

      You really do get to the point in which you say to yourself with sheer incredulity, “how dare they?”

      No one has a right to do this. Which is why this program is such an open secret.

      Have you ever watched the Presidential Commission On Bioethics and seen/heard the heartbreaking testimony of tortured TIs to that cold-blooded panel of elitist scum? Sobering stuff.

      I’ve gone back to some articles and videos and even though I’ve been AWARE I’m a TI for a little over one year, I am hearing and reading facts about OSEH with new eyes and ears having found some degree of experience with this disgusting program run by and enforced by mistakes of birth from literally every walk of life.

      • Plus she’s got a worthless brother living in another state making insulting comments about me. I’m not sure what’s going on here. The idiot girl would sit there with her ugly friend and make alll kinds of demeaning remarks about me. And when I called them both on on their bullshit, after hours, not in Subway, all of a sudden this supposed big tough girl got all scared. That’s the root of my being banned, see. And she’d have all these big elaborate stories about her “Step dad” spitting in her and her mom’s face, and how her ugly friend just happened to be living in the same house and beat him up. That dude was so ugly, tall, and weak-looking, I seriously doubt he could beat up a third grader. I know the stories were gaslighting in order to make me feel guilty. To make me feel as though I were the one spitting in her face, when I had no such intent. And she tells the general manager of the place and even a state cop who came in this “story”. She even called me “little bitch”. Well, most perps are like that, see. So big and tough, but when you finally had enough of their BS and call them on, they all of sudden have to run to the perps in charge on my harassment for “help” or to the cops with some fabricated tales of half-truths with lots of stuff left out in order to make me look like a violent troublemaker.

        And to the idiot girls waste of human flesh brother who made those threats: I want to make sure I have the right brother. He’s the retard living in a different state posting comments about me on his face book. Hey Mike: you think you’re tough, man? Meet me sometime for a nice face to face chat, bro. I’ll guarantee that neither you, your sister, or those cops or the perps you network with could take me. So just sit there and smoke your weed and waste your life getting high and writing insults about me, because you, Mike are a WASTE OF SPERM like many perps who should never have been born.

        There, now I feel better. You get angry with perps, and all of a sudden they get scared and have to go running to daddy.

      • Life-Long, I’m glad that you recognize gas lighting as these f–ks try to reinforce their “he’s crazy and violent” campaign against you with the community AND you using subliminal as they pulled with the Subway skit:

        (1) The girl provokes you probably for an extended period of time.

        (2) You eventually peacefully call her out on her bullshit after hours away from
        her job

        (3) You get banned from Subway in an attempt to both isolate you and try to
        make you feel guilty for getting “violent” with this trash as her equally
        worthless brother posts shit about you on Facebook because they
        KNOW you read it and like most or all TIs they PROBABLY implanted
        some triggers into your mind TO react to this moron bitch!

        Life-Long, have you considered cutting yourself from all online social networks (unless its a TI forum you get benefits from)? Facebook and the rest of the online social networks actually ISOLATE and OVERSTIMULATE people by making them go online alone, often comparing their lives and photos to other people they see online and people get overstimulated by Facebook because there’s a constant barrage of photos, posts and other data which overwhelm the senses and because we can only process so much at a time a lot of shit goes into our subconscious.

        Cutting out TV, video games and talk radio will also help you gain a perspective although you seem to have most of the perps bullshit figured out.

        Just trying to give advice based on my experience because between the flicker rate of the TV and computer monitor, the overstimulation of data, the subliminals and so on it can really do a number on the mind-It did to MINE a bit.

        As far as the whys and hows they get you so worked up they have every TI’s psych profile figured out and they ADJUST the triggers/types of perps based on how we react to the perping and sometimes introduce NEW types of perping to sensitize us, to shape or brainwash our minds even more.

        They DO use triggers subconsciously implanted using remote neural monitoring, neuro linguistic programming and other mind control shit and they DO set up perp skits to get a REACTION out of us based on the triggers they implant in us.

        Its a simple case of cause and effect and they have to be using some kind of hi-tech to implant the triggers and not only do they use the perps to get a reaction out of us but they use DE weapons to reinforce our reactions.

        I’ve had anxiety and anger appear out of NO WHERE even when a perp screws with me and my reaction is FAR out of proportion to the situation.

        These are not conclusions I’m just putting together from off the top of my head or half-assed guesses, Life-Long. My observations are based on what I’ve heard and read other TIs go through comparing my own experiences to them and reading up on what mind control techniques and “toys” they DO allow into the public domain and allow these fake whistle blowers such as Barrie Trower and others to freely discuss.

        So in other words, they brainwash us over a period of time, they mind control us using classical, operant and other conditioning and since the brain/mind has no protection or firewall from this horribly evil shit its up to US to do a DAILY evaluation of our mental state and know ourselves so well that when we have thoughts and behaviors TOTALLY contrary to who and what we are we KNOW we’ve been mind f—kd.

        And a HUGE part of our conditioning is the old “frog in the boiling pot of water” analogy in which the negative changes they cause in TIs happen over a LONG period of time so SLOW that we do not notice because if the change in our minds was SUDDEN we’d wake up and say “what the F==k was that?!” And make any necessary changes to our minds and behavior.

        But over a long period of time they GRADUALLY create phobias, making us terrified of certain colors, people, words, sounds and/or smells. Its all conditioning us as we’ve all been conditioned from infancy to adulthood by this highly controlled compartmentalized shitty “civilized” world.

        I’ll conclude this “short story” post by suggesting this to you and anyone else who may be reading this (even this piece of s–t perps who read this):

        On a piece of paper, in three separate columns at the top write:


        Then write things you used to do two and one year ago that you don’t do anymore and new behaviors you do.

        Write down things you avoid/things which upset and scare you compared to two and one year ago and you’ll see on paper how much you’ve changed. How limited your life is now (speaking for MYSELF) and how your beliefs and attitudes have been shaped against your will.

        You might be a helluva a lot more outgoing that I am, Life-Long.
        I have NO problem NOT engaging these assholes in conversation as there are maybe four people I trust a LITTLE bit.

        Sick of even hearing these sad, whiny stupid authority-kissing assholes blurt out their memorized skits when they see me using key words and phrases such as the bleach blonde at Premier Gourmet Foods here in Amherst who out of nowhere went into a short rant of “you can’t trust the government” after I ordered something at the deli as she tried to be an actress as her police handler/friend told her to talk about in order to get me to say something anti-government.

        Why would I say anything anti-government about a government I used to WORSHIP who with their shit-coward thug losers have been trying to murder me, drive me to suicide and so much more.

        Why would I peacefully criticize my government in a nation which brags about our freedom of speech, press, assembly and other non-existent bullshit.

        OK! I’m done ranting! Please consider my advice, Life-Long.

        Reading your posts you almost sound like a younger version of myself (I’m 52).

  6. I honestly don’t know why I let them get me so worked up. many of them are simply worthless human beings, and they (the perps in general) are just doing what they’ve always been doing for many years. The problem is why they have to be so prevalent? Oh yeah, the numbers, the banding together, the uniting with many others against one or a few targes is how they get their “strength”. The question is, who is pulling the strings, ultimately? Is it really a continuation of MK ULTRA mind control experimentation, or are there really that many sick assholes who need to network and spy on one person?

  7. To reply to Scott: I’ve noticed that I need to isolate myself from the internet and printed forms of media, especially after working my shift. I work a hard physical job, and at the end of my shift, they always have some asshole or something one of my “friends” commented on facebook to piss me off. It’s far more effective after I’m doing working.

    I’m going to stay away from all forms of media after I’m done with my shift. I’m probably way too worn out at that point to deal with any psyops BS they can throw out. Facebook is off limits from now on.

    I work at UPS, and I’m trying to hang in there until I get something better. Surprisingly, there haven’t been too many incidents of perping there. I’ve noticed that the less free time people have, and the harder they have to work, the less likely they are to perp me. Now Subway workers, and fast food idiots, they have lots of free time, and plenty of time to perp me.

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