Gang Stalking Testimonial

Published on May 14, 2014
We are victims of gang stalking and electronic harassment. We believe the only way to get things like this to stop is to make people aware of it and to stop participating in it. Thanks for watching.

11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking Testimonial

  1. Very heartfelt testimony. Down to earth and presented calmly and articulately.

    Some of these You Tube videos really break your heart when you hear the hateful shit decent people have been subjected to.

    Have you seen Lady Christian Targeted’s videos?
    She’s a “new” TI, very articulate, pretty insightful and is very sharp.

    Toi Toi’s videos are pretty good too.

    It boggles my mind that TIs who start websites, You Tube channels, blogs and/or radio shows because of their targeting are punished with MORE targeting because they were literally FORCED into telling people about the illegal, hateful, terrorist abuse they’ve been subjected to.

    Some TIs supposedly mail out flyers in their neighborhood describing gang stalking and the crimes it violates (as one of the major websites suggests).

    They try and try to trigger us and when we do react with even mild anger they try to use that against us as in the case of the s–t on the beach mimicking Stopogs a few weeks ago (as stated in this blog);When you provoke someone they usually react of course.

  2. Yes I have seen Lady Christian’s vids and I subscribe to her channel. The perps used to go through my make up the same way she describes. Her videos are good. I have to say I feel even more pity for African American TI’s who already have to deal with so much discrimination in the US based on their race. This program is like a machine and I can’t wait for it to self destruct, it’s already in overdrive.

  3. I have been a targeted individual for a long time.. how long? I don’t even remember exactly, but in the last past six months since I moved to a new apartment “country club towers” Miami, the gangstalking are on steroids now. They have taken it to a whole different level, bangging of my apartment walls, dragging of furnitures, barking dogs, especially late at night… would someone make this stop please

    • I didn’t realize what gangstalking was until I moved into my first apartment (sold house). I think apartment complexes are used as a perp training ground. Try to spot the handlers, and keep a camera set-up in your apartment would be my advice. My complex has the same time exit-exit-enter-etc., slamming of doors (enough to shake the frickin floor), people dressing up in medical gear (scrubs, don’t ask), forced coughing, and my personal favorite, the creep who constantly has to go through his storage space in front of my apartment door every hour or so just to rearrange s*** and create noise. Beware of apartments that welcome pets (dogs), they are used as cover for perps, I think.

      • It takes most victims by surprise that neighbors are often involved for months before they know they are victims.

        I used to live in Cape Town (South Africa) and every while (like 2-3 months) while sleeping I would just wake up from some kind of shock.

        Now looking back and knowing my neighbor was stalking on me, its a shock that I would not have had privacy.

        To top it off, right at the beginning I greet my other perpetrator in the same apartment building, talking like normal people, not knowing…

    • the apartment names sound Upscale, but Miami is Known on TV shows especially, to be a run down drug trading town or whatever…..The Country Club Apartments of low lives?!?!

  4. there are some Disinformation trolls on the Topix gang stalking forum named Phinneas J. Whoopie, And Siriaque Sekaryongo, who calls EVERY blogger (believing in gang) (stalking) a Kook And Delusional, Watch Out For Those trolls on Topix forums…..

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