First Responder Harassment March 2015


1032 am- Passed by CHP patrol SUV stopped on right shoulder w/ emergency lights on (“traffic stop”). SUV syncs pulling back onto freeway as I pass. 5 North at Palomar Airport Rd. (Carlsbad)

1257 pm- Passed by red Lifeguard pickup truck (driving South) while walking North from South Ponto State beach. Lifeguard pulls over and parks on far side of sand after passing me. (Carlsbad/ Leucadia)

110 pm- Passed by same red Lifeguard truck (driving North) while walking South from Stone Steps beach. Truck passes close to me, makes a U-turn right behind me and drives back South very slowly, making frequent stops to speak with beach-goers ahead of me. (Encinitas)

146 pm- Approached, detained, and questioned by three Carlsbad policemen at South Ponto beach. My ID was requested. Officers: Riggin (#5205), Zavala (#5297), Develasco (#5301) (Carlsbad)

221 pm- Passed White CA State Lifeguard truck parked on sand at South Ponto beach as I leave the beach in my car on 101 South. (Carlsbad)


1129 am- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car on Encinitas Bl. at Delphineum while stopped at red light/ exiting my neighborhood. (Encinitas)

1132 am- Passed by Encinitas Fire Dept. firetruck on Encinitas Bl. West at El Camino Real. (Encinitas)


903 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car at Encinitas Bl. East and Princehouse while walking West. (Encinitas)


945 pm- SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car syncs pulling into FedEx store lot immediately after I arrive. Patrol car U-turns and parks facing me with headlights on. Deputy gets out of car and stands in front of the business with 2 other deputies for 30 minutes while staring directly at my car. (Encinitas)

1010 pm- All 3 deputies leave the business. Deputy parked in front of me exits lot. The two other deputies walked behind the business and exited the lot in 2 separate patrol cars. I did not know these patrol cars were there until then. (Encinitas) Deputies: Ryan (#2620), Miller (#3922), Rayyan (#4916).


1046 am- CHP or SDPD traffic officer stopped at Plaza Str. and Acacia w/ emergency lights on for “traffic stop”. Syncs getting back on motorcycle as I pass. (Solana Beach).

12 pm- Passed by CA State Park Ranger white Lifeguard truck at Plaza Str. and Acacia. (Solana Beach)

1213 pm- Passed by 2 SD Sheriff Dept. SUV’s (bumper to bumper) at Encinitas Bl. West and Vulcan. (Encinitas)

202 pm- Passed by SDFD firetruck w/ emergency lights and sirens on Governor Dr. East at Via Lapiz. (San Diego/ University City)

203 pm- Passed by SDFD red ambulance w/ emergency lights/sirens on at Governor Dr. West at Lakewood (University City)

440 pm- Passed by red SDFD ambulance w/ emergency lights/sirens on at Genessee South and Scripps La Jolla Pkwy. (La Jolla/ UTC)

442 pm- Passed private ambulance/ AMR at Genessee South and 5 freeway ramp. (La Jolla)

457 pm- Passed SDPD patrol car parked at intersection of 101 North and 25th Str. (Del Mar)


320 am- Encinitas Fire Dept. ladder truck passes my home w/ emergency lights/sirens on. Leaves neighborhood x 20-30 minutes later. Rosebay Drive at Encinitas Bl. (Encinitas)


12 pm- White Lifeguard pickup truck syncs appearance at Fletcher Cove beach as I stand near cliff overlooking beach. (Solana Beach)

1210 pm- Passed by traffic officer (SDSD or CHP) on motorcycle at 101 South and Cardiff State Beach. (Cardiff By the Sea)

1239 pm- White CA State Lifeguard truck waiting on beach near shoreline as I approach South Ponto Beach jetty on foot while walking South. Lifeguard U-turns and leaves beach as I arrive at jetty. (Carlsbad)

208 pm- Passed by white SD Sheriff Dept. pickup truck w/ female driver on Encinitas Bl. West at Vulcan. (Carlsbad)

215 pm- Passed by white SD Sheriff Dept. volunteer patrol car as I exited Shell gas station on Encinitas Bl. (Encinitas)

220 pm- Same white SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car drives behind a business and syncs passing me again before I leave the shopping center parking lot on Encinitas Bl. (Encinitas)


440 pm- Passed by red SDFD ambulance w/ emergency lights/sirens on at Genessee South and Campus Pt. Dr. (La Jolla)

450 pm- Passed CA State Park Ranger patrol SUV (black and white) stopped at Torrey Pines Beach parking lot. Syncs appearance then drives South along parking area. (La Jolla)


610 pm- Passed by Encinitas Ranch security patrol car immediately after parking at trailhead off Quail Gardens Dr. (Encinitas)

624 pm- Pass same security patrol car parked on shoulder of street intersecting Encinitas Ranch trail. (Encinitas)


1250 pm- Passed SD Sheriff Dept. patrol SUV at Encinitas Bl. West and Westlake. (Encinitas)

120 pm- Passed SD Sheriff Dept. patrol cars x 2 parked in underground parking lot at SD County Administration Bldg. Ash Str. at Harbor Dr. (San Diego)

315 pm- Passed by red SDFD utility truck at First Str. and C Str. (San Diego)

540 pm- Passed by CA State Park Ranger or SDPD patrol SUV at Camino del Mar North and 15th Str. while sitting outside Starbucks. (Del Mar)


341 pm- Passed 1-2 SDPD or CHP patrol cars and traffic officer on motorcycle w/ emergency lights on at 5 South and 52 on ramp. “Traffic stop” or “accident”. (San Diego)

352 pm- Passed SDPD patrol car at Adams Ave. and 32nd Str. Car #6740. (San Diego)

513 pm- Passed by red ambulance on 805 South at Mesa College exit. (San Diego)

522 pm- Passed by red SD Fire Dept. Utility truck on % South near Carmel Valley exit. (San Diego)

525 pm- Passed by red SD Fire Dept. ambulance on 5 South at Via De La Valle. (Del Mar)

536 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff dept. patrol car on Vulcan North near Birmingham. (Encinitas)


1031 am- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. on Vulcan North near Santa Fe Dr. (Encinitas)

1035 am- Passed white CA State or Sheriff Dept. Lifeguard jeep parked in North parking lot at Cardiff State beach. (Cardiff by the Sea)

1230 pm- Passed Encinitas Fire Dept. red ambulance parked on shoulder of 101 South at Cliff Rd.

1245 pm- SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car passes me going opposite direction (South) on Manchester, immediately stops and U-turns as I pass and drives behind me near Santa Fe Rd. Patrol car vanishes before next light at Encinitas Bl. (Encinitas)


109 pm- Passed by SD Fire Dept. red firetruck on 101 North and 29th Str. (Del Mar)

122 pm- Passed private ambulance/transport at Genessee South and 5 South ramp. (la Jolla)

131 pm- Passed by private ambulance (AMR) at Genessee South and Esplanade Ct. (La Jolla/UTC)

139 pm- Passed by private ambulance at Genessee South and Esplanade Ct. (La Jolla/UTC)

145 pm- Passed by SDPD patrol car on Genessee North at Governor Dr. (University City)

344 pm- Passed by SDPD patrol SUV stopped on right shoulder of 5 North near Carmel valley exit. (San Diego)

351 pm- Passed by CHP motorcycle officer at 5 North near Del Mar Heights Bl. exit. (San Diego)

407 pm- Passed SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car on 101 South and Chesterfield.(Cardiff by the Sea)

433 pm- Passed red city Lifeguard pickup truck while walking North past beacon’s beach. Truck parked near shoreline w/passenger door open and 3-4 adult men standing next to it. As soon as I approach. lifeguard jumps into truck and turns on emergency lights and siren and repeats a loudspeaker announcement to kids in the water 3-4 times as I pass. (Leucadia)

458 pm- White CA State Lifeguard truck parked at lifeguard stand near jetty on South Ponto beach as I approach on foot. As soon as I pass, lifeguard stand is shuttered and truck drives off. (Carlsbad)


805 pm- Passed by Encinitas Fire dept. red ambulance w/ emergency lights/ sirens on while walking East on Encinitas Bl. at Princehouse. (Encinitas)

811 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff dept. patrol car while walking at Encinitas Bl. East at Cambria. (Encinitas)


114 pm- Passed by SDPD patrol SUV on 5 South and Garnet Ave. (San Diego)

1158 pm- Passed 2 SD Sheriff Dept. patrol cars stopped at Vulcan North and Encinitas Bl. Both patrol cars parked on right shoulder of Encinitas Bl. w/ emergency lights on for a “traffic stop”. (Encinitas)


1207 pm- Passed by CHP patrol car on 5 South at Seaworld Dr. Plate # CA 1352623. (San Diego)

1211 pm- Passed by CHP patrol car (same one?) at Old Town Ave. and 5 South on ramp. (San Diego)

1211 pm- Passed CHP patrol car stopped on 5 North on ramp at Old Town Ave. (San Diego)

136 pm- Passed by red SD Fire dept. ambulance w/ emergency lights/sirens on at North Rosecrans Ave. Starbucks while sitting outside. (Point Loma)

310 pm- White mall security pickup truck syncs passing me immediately after I enter the lot on foot as I exit the mall. (San Diego)

348 pm- Passed SDPD patrol SUV parked on right shoulder of Adams Ave. at Ohio Ave. w/ emergency lights on. (San Diego)


919 pm- Passed by Carlsbad PD patrol SUV at La Costa Bl. and 101 North. (Carlsbad)

9 thoughts on “First Responder Harassment March 2015

  1. Embarrassing. Cowardly . Pathetic. Unprofessional. Disgusting.

    Hypothetically speaking, were a targeted individual to take say six months worth of detailed emergency responder perping notes accompanied with video footage and/or still photographs-Its not a big stretch of the imagination that the proper authorities would casually dismiss your evidence as “they were just doing their job…” “Its your imagination…” “No one is harassing you…” “Are you on medication” or “Are you under a psychiatrists’ care?” (as they recently insulted you with)….”You might have a persecution complex.” “Do you have copies of this? Can we keep it for our investigation…”

    And ironically from what I’ve heard from other TIs is when you do lodge a complaint about overt harassment that harassment INCREASES.
    How many fires, crimes and medical emergencies have first responders been late to because they wasted time and money using their “look at me” cell phone app and computer program on a target as they casually drove by?
    They drive by with a shit-eating grin, sometimes laughing their ugly asses off or you’ll get the angry, menacing hateful look to make you feel intimidated. Threatened. To heighten whatever psychiatric condition you have.

    In my case ALL perps took FULL advantage of my obsessive compulsive disorder knowing that whatever guilt and fear they threw at me would be run over and over in my mind causing a heightened state of fear, depression and other negativity keeping me from ANY kind of positive progression and most importantly keeping me from seeing their psy ops hate mongering bullshit for what it is.

    I also recently learned that manipulators will guilt and/or shame someone because when you make a conscientious person feel guilty of some kind of crime or wrongdoing it leaves you psychologically vulnerable or open to ALL KINDS OF NEGATIVE ATTACKS wherein they can keep on filling the target’s mind with lies and deceit all to increase the angst, the trauma of both their ground stalking and whatever kind of energy weapons they use to obviously augment the psy ops.
    For YEARS these fuckers had me feeling GUILTY that I did SOMETHING wrong, some kind of crime, that I was SOME kind of threat and all the while the civilian and law enforcement perps were using complex brainwashing, mind control and conditioning on me taking full advantage as opportunistic cowards do so well.
    Now that I have admitted that I have been mind controlled and am more aware as to the extent they’ve used it on me over the last two decades or so I now understand the thousands of times in which I’ve had the seemingly “natural” feeling to look in a certain direction and there was some kind of trigger usually accompanied by an IMMEDIATE feeling of anxiety and/or an agitated physical state, anger or confusion as the emergency responder or civilian perp used there “look over here device” on me***.

    My two older brothers are in Buffalo, NY visiting for a few days. One of my brothers who just got in was approached by the pug-ugly wife of my next door neighbor;They’re among my oldest perps and she spoke innocently as if her eunuch husband and her ugly ass never caused me ANY kind of grief as they worked with the Buffalo District D police and other traitorous criminals in government to f–k with my mind.
    For money. For laughs. To bring the community closer. For bragging rights.

    And for THEIR sakes I do not plan on telling my brothers that I am in this program.

    I have been TOO humble and TOO nice most of my life and with what I now know about what they have done to me (and my Mom and Dad) during my twenty or so years of heavy gang stalking I can say without hesitation or guilt that in nearly every way I and all other TIs are superior to these shits. No contest. No debate. I could not imagine doing this to another human being INCLUDING the evil stupid assholes who have done this to me and other TIs driving many of us to suicide, mental hospitals, incarceration and so many other FULLY AVOIDABLE tragedies.

    ***I have no clue what they actually call the device or app which makes us look at our triggers with our own “free will” but now that I’ve painfully admitted that they have mind controlled the f—k out of me I can easily look back upon THOUSANDS of times over the last twenty or so years in which I turned to look at something and there was a trigger.

    And that m—-f—ng trigger was/IS usually accompanied by anxiety and/or agitation, panic or rage and perhaps increased confusion.

    Its also stupefyingly shocking that after YEARS of harassing us thanks to the terrorist, criminal surveillance and DE power these assholes wield
    that they take it for granted, they do not think twice about how they have invaded our lives, isolating us, brainwashing, mind controlling and conditioning us all against our will while these civilian and government perps have opportunities forever closed to us. While they get paid. WELL I’m sure. While they have bragging rights and laughs are our expense and while they make new fellow sick sadistic friends as the community becomes closer around their defenseless target;Scores if not over one hundred people against one person in say a given week or month and these motherf—rks have the audacity to walk around with their FAKE dignity, their FAKE “we’re good family people,” “good Americans,” “we’re patriots” and the rest of their horseshit?!

    They are so f—-kng drunk on their perverse power they’ve abused on targets for years that they just assume that they can pull our strings as though we were their puppets or toys in general because ALL bullies, thugs, ALL narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths see and feel no wrong in their crimes-Unless in the rare instance the shit gets caught and brought to trial.

    Classic examples are your contrite serial killer in court, head bowed before the judge saying how sorry they are to the family and the victim (which I am NOT).

    So imagine if a bunch of our perps were brought to trial and accused of conspiracy under the color of law, conspiracy (for civilians) and stalking in addition to a few dozen other major laws broken-Facing actual justice OUR perps would show what total, utter chickenshit cowardly losers they KNOW they are as they would cry, “I was under orders…” “I plead the fifth…” “But we were all told by the police that he/she was a pedophile, terrorist, rapist, ect.”

    I and I KNOW many, many other targets in this fake democracy and across the world been FORCED to accept things which are UNACCEPTABLE and the one of the many tragic things about gang stalking is that it is “just” one of MANY open secrets;Crimes which MANY know of and do NOTHING about (as in the ACLU for example).

    I would truly never wish this program against my own perps and believe me when I say that I would f—-ng love to see them face justice.

    • The perps employ a number of delivery methods to get to the target. At my work, in the break room, perps there always leave a newspaper there. The local newspaper here is the Post Gazette. What a joke. Can you believe that with all the people there are in the world, perps working at corporations, newspapers, TV stations, everywhere else, have to focus massive amount of efforts on ONE target? This time, they left the paper open to a photo in the Post Gazette. It was one of those psychologically harassing photos designed to convey how sick and cowardly they are. And three dudes were sitting outside harassing me after I left. I know one thing: I’m tired of letting this happen. I work hard, but the perps think they don’t need to. They think they deserve a life of luxury and having things handed to them, and they have their perps who carry out their work eating out of their hands.

      I actually get ridiculed at work for working hard and actually caring about my work. Perps there always point out how much I sweat. Hello, we all work at a plant doing hard labor. Why is that so surprising that I sweat a lot? And why don’t they sweat as much as me? Because they need to ridicule someone who puts more effort into heir work than they do. Same with perps. All they do is put massive amounts of effort into their BS with all their connectedness. They have connections to newspapers and everywhere else. And perps “working” there know it. They know stuff like the newspapers are going along with the harassment, and they purposely put them sitting out with the photo psyops. And I hear a lot of stuff in conversations implying that I am a “pussy” because they know I am tougher than they are.

      And not ALL workers at like this. Just the perps. Of course, perps never work hard, and all they do is make fun of targets. I wish I could do something to put them out of my life for good. One way is to not let them get to me. I get blamed for a lot of stuff that happens there, like belt jams. I get blamed for belt jams, and accused ot wildly throwing packages instead of gently placing them on the belts when everyone else is doing the same thing as me. But I get blamed for everything.

      Maybe it’s time that I show up at Teamsters Union meetings and start briging up the harassment. But wait, I’m sure the union is full of perps and organized crime types. Look at who the president is: Jimmy Hoffa’s son. The same Hoffa who nobody knows what happened to him. I can only assume the guy left the country and assumed a new identity in another country. No body has every been found, and there are 3 organized crime/Mafia idiots who tell completely different stories about what happened to him. Here’s the real story: he disappeared because he was being hounded by various entities, and the Mafia goons are making shit up because they believe they are somehow special because of all the stupid Hollywood movies that glofiry them when all the are is backstabbing, self-serving, money launderiing DIRTY criminals. Just like our perps.

      I guess harassing people and being a perp has taken the place of good honest hard work. I’m sure the perps want me at that job, because it’s tough physical labor, and they know I have two college degrees and deserve something easier and better. But I wanted to do it to show them that I am not afraid doing any hard work. That I can do this despite being well-educated. And that I will NOT under any circumstances quit just because I am getting blamed for things and made an example of on a daily basis.

      • Life-long target: Every sector of government, business and education is somehow related just as the “elite” clubs such as the Bilderbegs, Jesuits, CFR and the rest of these psychopathic control freaks and their Zionist masters are connected.

        People of lesser character, lazy assholes and generally people with low-self esteem and other petty issues tend to gang up and take their real and/or perceived deficiencies out on people they single out who they CAN gang up on SAFELY-And “safe” is one of the prime operative words for our cowardly perps who would never pull this shit one on one WITHOUT THE BACKUP THEY KNOW THEY POSSESS-Cult of cowards using hi-tech and illegally-obtained surveillance data that hey do.

        It sounds like the better you excel at work the more pissed off and inferior they feel at and to you, respectively-You were probably someone who strove for excellence BEFORE getting put on the list for this shitty criminal f—–ng program.

        Magnum TI: I fully agree that humans like other animals possess some kind of “sixth sense” but that’s something that I guarantee that using the super-hi technology, old and ancient knowledge the governments of the world and their “elite” masters have always held back from the “unwashed masses,” I’m positive that they figured out the “sixth sense”:What makes it work. They have reverse engineered and discovered things that would shock most of us I’m sure.

        But to more provable or probable things, Magnum, as much as I DO believe that many or most TIs have been conditioned and/or brainwashed and/or mind controlled into jumping at the sight or sound of a trigger in our environment they DO prompt us to look in a certain direction at a trigger using some kind of implant and signal to control us and make us look and/or listen.

        What better way to to REINFORCE the emotional response to the triggers they implant in us via RNM and classic conditioning than to use a device which perfectly mimics our own thoughts and actions making it APPEAR as though we just “happened to look ” in a certain direction for NO REASON-There is intuition and there is the ABUSE of high-tech by these low IQ freaks.

        You get to the point where coincidences become obvious manipulation, gas lighting, mimicry, street theater and the rest of the “games” these sick, sad, evil assholes play with us.

  2. Scott-
    The “look at me” app or device you’ve mentioned might actually be our own 6th sense warning us of danger. I’ve experienced that too and know what you’re talking about. Perhaps we might have dormant powers that we’re unaware of.

    Life-Long Target-
    It’s good to show up at union meetings to keep up appearances (and maybe to do some co-intel of your own), or your coworkers will start BSing about you. I was in a automotive union for a Ford dealership, not the friendliest bunch. Some of my harassment started right there, and that was also around the time of 9/11. As you’ve pointed out, there is a mafia connection to those organizations. There is also the Masonic connection that rules overall.

  3. My name is LeslieWilliamsLaJolla san diego county GangStalking Target Ive been on NationalRadioshows Im on google under tge title Learning Disabled.Woman as well Ive been isolated for years learning disability is related to dyslexia whould you like to met for SUPPORT reply by blog reply emails are rerouted 4/4/15

  4. MyName Leslie WilliamsLLaJ olla san diego 4/4/15 Ive been in National Radio shows Google Leslie Williams GangStalking and Learning Disabled.Woman and GangStalking I have a Learning Disability only in relation to Reading Whould you like to met for multual support Im Isolated and sick of it we can also act as witnesses if you want I stay in LaJolla Ca reply thriugh this blog my email accounts are hacked Stay strong and safe the holy Trinity is watching over us Targets

  5. Hello,
    I recently realized Ive been targeted along with my family for what seems like my entire life (33m here). Definitely a fraternal org. Connection to my extended family that played a part in this for me, and it started soon after birth Just wanted you to know my heart goes out to you. Ive pieced a lot of this together recently and it’s overwhelming. Seems like you have done a great job with your page here. I hope to be able to connect with you and share more about your situation. Take care, sending peace and love from up North.

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