More Perp Flashbacks: Part 2

More creepy perp flashbacks:

4.) Georgetown Univ. Roommates- Preppy Perps.

The summer after I graduated from Nursing school (1994), I lived in a group house next to campus with some rising sophomores. It was a wild summer with partying and the stress of studying for my board exam. I had a crush on my roommate’s boyfriend, S., it was a running joke. S. brought a friend to the house once, R. He was a football player from Fordham. I was very shy when he introduced himself. He asked if I was afraid of people and if I was schizophrenic. I thought this was a really strange thing to ask. It makes me now wonder if he knew what my future held. Towards the end of the night R. accidentally knocked me backwards out of a lawn chair. He apologized and we ended up in bed together. He said some insulting things to me that night but I shrugged it off as he was drunk. 2 years later a coworker invited me to dinner in Georgetown. Afterwards we went out into the cold night to get a cab. A man approached talking loudly to 2 women, but I did not look at him until he had passed. When I did look, he looked back at me at the same time, it was S.

The roommates did some weird things that summer. They made a pact with each other to be rude to everyone that called me on the house phone, even my Mom. I got yelled at by one of my supervisors at work because they were so rude to her. One roommate listened in on my phone conversations from her room in the basement. She later repeated something from one of my phone calls while she spoke to another roommate. At the end of the summer right after I moved out, they called and told me I had not paid them enough rent. I had prepaid my whole rent at the beginning of the summer, but I gave them the money. I visited the house soon after and they told me they had just gone on a big shopping trip at the market. I realized the rent story was BS and they just needed money. They also stole and broke some of my property while I was out of town for a week during the summer.

5.) Freeway Perps

Freeway driving is a big part of life in Southern California. I moved to San Diego 12 years ago. For at least the past 5-6 years, I would get chills up my spine when certain vehicles passed me. I drive in the second lane so faster cars can pass me on the left. It happens every few months, and it is invariably a male in a large pickup truck. Males in pickups are common for sure, esp. with so much military presence here. But every once in a while one will drive up on my left and, right before they pass, I will just get this strong, involuntary chill that goes right up my spine. I had no idea why this was happening until now. These guys were likely cold- blooded perps.

6.) Craigslist Perps

This is really a form of cyberstalking. Perps, who are likely neighbors, writing posts on CL ‘Rants and Raves’ section because they know I read it. The San Diego Rants and Raves section is full of smut, I’ll admit. It is a guilty pleasure. But every once in a while you will find a gem or an insightful post that makes it worthwhile. My perps caught on I was reading it and even knew what times I usually signed on.

-One night, right after I signed on, a neighborhood dog started barking loudly. A few minutes later there was a new post about a dog barking loudly.

-I was obviously under surveillance at the time (2004-2005) because my perps knew I drank a lot of tea, I ate a lot, I had cats, and I did not like President Bush. One night I read the following post: “I can’t sleep, I think I’ll put on a pot, watch the Food Network and talk to my cats, they don’t like Bush either.”

– There were also numerous repetitive posts with the heading “CRAZY RN”, which I believe were directed at me. Perps love name calling and menticide, these are their signature trademarks.

– There was also another weird post about drug use to the effect of  ” You must have a meth problem due to all of your late-night, loud, weird activity. You are pretty now but the meth will make all your teeth fall out and destroy your looks, etc.” This post came up right after I told one of my neighbors about a family member that had a drug problem. I am a night owl and my cats like to play at night, but I am 100% drug free.

-One night, soon after I wrote a post about tolerance on the CL philosophy forum, there were a couple of posts on ‘Rants and Raves’ about “Taller Aunts”, meant to ridicule me.

– One evening, right after I had changed into a wife beater tank to go to bed, there was a post titled “It’s Wife Beater Weather” re: women wearing wife beater tanks and who looks the best in them. This poster thought it was Alyssa Milano.

– Last spring I was depressed about my relationship with my Mother. I did some research online to see if there was any forums about other people who struggled with these feelings. Suddenly, there was a slew of posts on CL ‘Rants and Raves’ about people’s bad experiences with their Mother’s.

– There is still cyberstalking going on in this same arena. But now I know I am not paranoid. And I can tell when they are perping/baiting others as well. They are currently posting garbage about an attorney I recently consulted. I am currently using this same forum to expose Cointelpro Gang Stalking and contact other TI’s. We have come full circle 🙂

3 thoughts on “More Perp Flashbacks: Part 2

  1. Again, these are conspiracy bloggers. They do the same here hoping to turn it into southern California. They are usually tracked back to a military area where there is no talent, no incentives, and no belief in America or freedom at all. They just want to be the one to capture the “big one” so they’ll look like the super-duper mafia getter when they are collecting cash from the feds.

    As far as Craigslist. One around one of these bases set his wife up to be knifed to death.

    Freeway perps do the same here, often blocking off-ramp access and once crossing three lanes of traffic in order to predict which off ramp two women in an expensive car would exit. One followed me for more than 30 miles once, waiting for me after work. They wanted me to know fish food was good for canines.

  2. Meh…mother goes to al anon and some perp has been telling her bs for years…but shes supportive of me…just thinks her mental gyrations can sway me….your all wasting your time im afraid…wastes waaaaaaaaaaayntoo much of mine this last decade…madness….pure dumb evil misfit behavior….someone is probably giving her advice 🙂 cops stalk cl….ive seen the stuff….they gave me a dog…and she got run over…it hurt but lots of them get hiv aids like my friend…must makebsomeone unstable having… such an infection like hiv ….but their partners die i meant of AIDS

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