Some Random Harassment

10:00 am- Go to a neighborhood restaurant to meet a TI. As I look for her inside, I turn a corner and see a woman sitting alone in a booth, she starts rubbing her right chest with her left hand.

As I wait in the front of the restaurant, a young Hispanic family with one child enters after loudly pounding on the door. The Mom and the child pass me 4 times while I am there, the child making loud slapping sounds on the floor with her sandals each time. An elderly couple comes in and tells the host they need a table for 8 people.

While we are eating, 2 women and a child sit at the booth next to us. The older woman makes a straight-armed pointing gesture over the back of her booth for an extended period of time, pretending she is seeing something outside and pointing it out t0 the child. A large, loud party takes the booth behind me.

1:30 I arrive at my meditation class, a woman dressed in black and white walks into the building ahead of me. I have to use the restroom but go to the water fountain first. When I get to the 2 separate unisex bathrooms, one is occupied and the cleaning woman is blocking the other one. I watch 2 middle-aged men in the adjacent waiting area as I wait. One has a little smirk of anticipation on his face. After a minute he starts rubbing his right chest with his left hand. So gross. The other restroom opens up, the woman dressed in black and white exits.

A woman whispers loudly to the instructor through the first 10 minutes of meditation. I plug my ears with my fingers. During the lecture part of the class, the same drippy woman pulls her chair in front of me and mimics picking her nose.

5:25 pm- Stop at Petco. 2 Perps and an employee crowd and block the aisle I need to enter. When I exit the store there is a young girl standing on the sidewalk in front of my car. As I round the corner I see her Dad standing there behind her wearing shades and a cell phone to his ear. They loiter there and stare at me blankly until well after I load my trunk, get in my car, and drive away. The kid perps are so creepy. As I exit the shopping center, a car runs a red light and crosses in front of me well after my light turned green. It feels like a threat.

5:45pm- Go to the market for a few things. Male employee sees me and quickly rushes down an aisle while texting someone on his cell. “Wonder Perps Activate!” Usual market BS, blocking harassment, color harassment, stalking. As I head for the door a male employee zips out from behind me and passes right in front of me, almost hitting me. “Oh, sorry,” he says like it was an accident. “No you’re not,” I said. And he laughs like I am making a joke.

6:00 pm- I go to the FedEx store to make copies and send a fax. One employee immediately starts busying himself near me wherever I go in the store. When I go to the fax area, a perp in a bright turquoise button down comes in for a passport photo. He stands menacingly close behind me while he waits and I turn around and stare back. I ask him if he has a question. “No thanks, I’m being helped,” he said, and goes back to the counter. Another employee starts vacuuming. When I stare at her she starts picking her nose. My fax is complete but no confirmation sheet comes out, the paper tray is empty. I use the same fax machine every time and of course they know this, just sayin’.

10 thoughts on “Some Random Harassment

  1. Sorry you have to deal with this crap, day in, day out. Maybe, just for a change, try killing them with kindness and see what happens? Smile and wave. Shoot the breeze about the weather or a recent local news event. Compliment an article of clothing or hairstyle. Talk to their child. It serves two purposes. First, it takes the wind out of their sails–you are not reacting and being hostile as you are supposed to. Second, it highlights their sharply contrasting bad behavior to the non-involved people watching. Hang in there.

  2. The advise Anonymous gave above, it’s b.s. I’ve tried that and all they do is turn around and treat you like s–t. If they act nice at all, it is to get information so they can harass you some more about something you’ve said or done.

    • Yes I learned that the hard way with a perp neighbor. I can be cordial. But the knowledge that they have hurt my loved ones does not predispose me to be friendly, sorry. I cannot accept their criminal behavior and I choose make it known to a certain extent.

  3. Dont bother with kindnesses nor the “kill em with kindness” philosophy. Ive had perps try to be “my friend”. And gee they have the same interests as i do. Then before i realized this bizarre “game” they take whatever uve said – innocent conversation nothing earth shattering – and they harassed me with it. This harassment leavves one feeling depressed/drained/mentally raped. Do not try to be nice to them. Theyre paid or brainwashed or get a big kick out of doing this abuse to youu. Do not suicide nor isolate yourselves: this is the goal of this abuse.

  4. Ps – fedex i didnt know about. But EMTs/paramedics/doctors/shrinks nurses are in on this abuse. Firemen ive heard are HUGE on this abuse. Law enforcement probably is -the but if u go to them theyll suggest u see a shrink (perp doctor). There is btw a threat assessment professional group in washington dc. Makes me wonder if those folks have thes gangstalking lists.

  5. Maybe you misunderstand. I’m not recommending striking up friendships with these monsters, going out of your way to approach them, or sharing any personal information. I’m saying that when paths cross, which of course they will, and they do something nasty, you don’t sink to their level. There are still more good people than perps, and the good people are watching. Every time you react outwardly with anger or hostility, you are helping the perps recruit. So, I’ve had complete strangers walk up to me in public and curse me out. I just smile and say something like, you must be having a bad day; hope it gets better. And walk away. Believe me, these monsters have done horrible things to me and loved ones, and cost me dearly, but I’ll be damned if I play into their hand and make their evil work easier. Also, there probably is no hope for the brainwashed, coerced, and paid perps. But some TIs have reported success in getting the clueless and “civic duty” ones to see the light and stop participating. Of course, every TI has to figure out what works best for them, and there will absolutely be times when no engagement is best course of action. We need to continue to stick together, support each other, and share information and suggestions. Love to all my fellow TIs.

  6. I’ve had that happen. Some undercover meeting at the local pancake house goes south after you turn on the remote ignition to your vehicle just as military members are about to get into their vans. Everyone fans out, looking for the undercover agent about to bomb the piss out of them-like that happens everyday at the pancake house.

  7. Knowledge is power…be calm…all these folks are traitors to america…it could be like that movie…left behind….i was told by one to expect something like that.

  8. to never ending 1: NEVER TRUST ANYBODY, OR ANYONE! This Whole Life Is Just Bogus Bull $hit, And Always Has Been Bogus Bull $hit! Just DON’T TRUST ANYONE, OR ANYBODY, NOT EVER!

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