Sheriff/Fire Dept. Harassment Log 6/04/13

4:01 pm- Passed by Sheriff Dept. SUV while driving.

4:06 pm- Passed 2 Sheriff SUV’s stopped at staged “traffic stop”  at a business on the opposite side of the street.

4:51 pm- Passed by Sheriff dept. patrol car while waiting to exit a shopping center. He drives through the intersection in front of me and immediately makes a U-turn and puts his flashing lights on and drives the opposite direction.

4:55 pm- Passed by Firetruck while driving.

3 thoughts on “Sheriff/Fire Dept. Harassment Log 6/04/13

  1. They’re hacking your computer. I tried to leave a message and all the things you’ve looked at popped up.

    Oh, by the way, it looks like they’re putting up more lights. Is that near you? Every time I see the guys with those long poles, I get nervous. More lights to direct electricity toward me.

    • That’s weird, I’m not surprised they’re hacking but how would my search history come up through WordPress? I have noticed some weird stuff with my yahoo account.

      Do you mean street lights? No I haven’t noticed that. I have noticed people putting up more security lights. Including one right outside my front door with a motion sensor. It is a blessing and a curse. I feel safer with it but the perps like to play with it and make it come on right before I depart and arrive (for gaslighting).

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