As I write this, multiple large semi trucks, icluding one with a with a crane attached, have been idling outside my home for the past hour and 40 minutes with the engines roaring loud enough to make my floor vibrate. There has been a “staged” remodel occurring for the past 5-6 months at the house directly across the street strictly for the purpose of noise harassment. The previous owner was a perp who immediately went into foreclosure and sold the place right after my stalking went overt last summer and the whole neighborhood went berserk with gang stalking. A perp who lives 2-3 blocks away bought the house for his mother, a few months later a complete remodel ensued. I just went out and videotaped it , the fat slob perp owner came over and tried to talk to me while other random perps milled around in a synced fashion waiting for a big “show”. I wish these fucking losers would get a life.

As a target, you are made to feel like there is no escape from the noise, esp. those who are victimized by V2K. it is completely intrusive and invasive. The sources of noise vary to bigger than life to minute. As far as my residence, noise generates from the following sources:

Surrounding the neighborhood: Air harassment from helicopters and small planes (includes direct overhead flights and circling/hovering for extended periods of time). Loud traffic on the Blvd. 2 blocks away, constant First Responder sirens up and down the Blvd.

From the street in front of my home: Loud cars, trucks, motorcycles, commercial vehicles driving past, making U-turns, and/or idling in front of my home. Frequent First Responder vehicles w/ sirens. Loud construction vehicles/ sounds at remodel project directly in front of my home.

Up and down the driveway under my balcony: Loud cars, trucks, motorcycles, commercial vehicles entering/exiting and idling. Vehicles adjusted to make loud jarring vibration going over the speed bump under my balcony. Landscapers with loud leaf blowers and hedge clippers, often synced with my entrance/exit or when I sign on to my work computer.

Neighbors near my building: Louds cars idling, smashing glass, dragging dumpsters, loud parties/laughing/talking/music. Power tools/ landscaping equipment, construction noise, slamming doors, clapping, barking dogs. Children screaming/yelling/crying, riding skateboards/Big Wheels/scooters/bikes on the sidewalk and up and down my driveway.

From neighbors inside my building: Loud music/TV, talking, laughing, stomping. Slamming doors, windows, sliders. Random hammering, crashing, banging sounds near my walls. Synced bathroom use, loud plumbing. Sounds coming from inside the walls, sounds coming from inside the ceiling and the roof (I live on the top floor). Sounds near my front door like someone is pushing on it or turning the knob. Loud cars exiting/entering garage below my building (owned by perp neighbors).

From inside my home: Loud appliance noises (fridge, fans) , toilet “running” randomly for hours at a time, land line constantly ringing ( I only use it for my work computer), ADT security alarm randomly going off, cell phone alarm going off ( I did not set it). Random noises on my balcony ranging from rustling sounds to loud banging, repeated tapping sounds on my windows.

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