Coast To Coast AM Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment

Published on Feb 27, 2013
Coast To Coast AM Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment EDITED Only OGS EH Portion Of Interview

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Date: 02-14-13
Host: George Noory
Guests: Roger Tolces, Michael F. Bell, Jaimal Yogis

Private investigator specializing in electronic counter-measures Roger Tolces was joined by Michael F. Bell to discuss the unbelievable story of how Bell was tracked and tortured by a covert organization via implants and microwave harassment. Bell said the episodes began in 2005 when he started noticing small but noticeable damages in his apartment, as well as an unusual amount of car horns honking at him, and oncoming traffic flashing their lights at him as he drove during the day. By conducting Internet searches on his “symptoms” he began to realize that he was the victim of what is known as “organized stalking or gang stalking.”

Eventually the episodes escalated, culminating with an abduction from his apartment, where he believes he was drugged with scopolamine which has powerful hallucinogenic and amnesia-related properties. The abductors, who wore carnival masks, continued to drug him over a one-week period, and subjected him to mind control experiments, like in A Clockwork Orange, in which he was forced to view violent films and images. Bell said his dreams were infiltrated by the stalkers, and he suffered burns on his body from a directed energy microwave weapon. He also discovered a number of implants on his body, and had one of them removed– a bead-like object, about half the size of a BB.

Bell, who estimated that some 100,000 people in the US are being harassed in this fashion, concluded that the perpetrators are part of a covert or black ops government program, but has no idea why he was targeted. Tolces has dealt with 3,000 to 4,000 such cases, and has characterized the technology involved as a kind of weapons system development. Their goal is probably to determine what kind of manipulations are successful, he continued, whether turning someone into a Manchurian Candidate, or to silence individuals so they won’t speak out against the government. In aiding his clients, Tolces has developed types of electrostatic shielding that can protect people from directed energy.

Thanks to George Noory, Coast To Coast AM, Roger Tolces, Michael F. Bell for helping bring knowledge and awareness of this crime to the public!

Targeted Individuals

I still can’t believe how we are treated like animals in our own country.

I still can’t believe how we are held captive like political prisoners inside our own homes.

I still can’t believe how many people willingly participate in such a heinous crime.

I still can’t believe there are people out there who turn unknowing, and knowing, target’s lives into cinema. I still can’t fathom how sick these people have to be to do this and enjoy it.

I still can’t believe how I’ve been trafficked like a human slave in my own city, in my own country, in broad daylight. A magnifying glass and crosshairs trained on me and my every move. I may as well be a kidnapping victim trapped inside a glass room inside some psychopath’s basement, my screams silent from the outside.

I still can’t believe how many people have knowledge of or are involved in this crime. How many alleged “men”, some of whom claim to protect and serve citizens, I have told about this crime and will not lift a finger to help.

Mindlessness Class

I’m so glad I just spent hundreds on an 8 week mindfulness class at a local clinic so I can be guaranteed relentless harassment for 2.5 hrs. a week. In this class I am treated to:

Stalking by multiple people

Mimicking (picking nose, touching chest)

Gesture harassment (brushing hair, pointing)

Blocking harassment (blocking walkways, hallways, doorways, blocking my path inside and around the classroom, blocking my car in the parking lot on foot and by vehicle)

Vehicular harassment (Large trucks pulling into/ out of spaces facing classroom windows)

Air harassment (loud aircraft doing direct overhead flights)

Noise harassment (loud/squeaky shoes, loud talking, fake coughing, snoring/heavy breathing, opening/closing door repeatedly)

Color harassment (Purple, turquoise, red, blue, anything neon)

Turning a ceiling light on over me when room is supposed to be darkened for meditation.

This is our second class. I liked the teacher at first but she is heavy into the harassment this week, pretending to pick her nose like every 5 minutes. When I walked into the classroom today, she was standing next to a podium with a tall male with grey hair. He was standing with one hand under his chin and his pointer finger pressed up against his lips, pointing towards his right nostril. He stood this way for at least 15 seconds like he was deep in thought. This was a skit.

Last week during class I left a sweater coat in a cubby near the door. I got cold halfway through the class I and went to get it. Someone had dipped almost the whole right cuff in water. I also bought a paperback book with me that was in like new condition and left it in the cubby. After class the condition of the book look more like “used” and I wondered if it was swapped out during class.

Today they even pulled a “vanishing act”. I looked up at the teacher to see a male behind her walking out of the room. I don’t know where he came from and he did not return. They do the vanishing stuff a lot with me and that’s why I do believe they are messing around with invisibility cloaks or something in that vein.

Today a little Asian female blocked me as I left class. As I headed towards the glass double door exit, she appeared from a hallway on the right and exited ahead of me. She then changed her mind and decided to walk back in the same door I was exiting from. This was a skit. I opened the door forcefully and stood in front of her and said “move, asshole” and kept on walking. “What??? Oh my God that was so rude!!” she started to exclaim. I think she was actually having a nipple erection. This little dipshit looked like a hospital employee dressed in scrubs. My class is in the Integrative Health building. There are no inpatient or operating rooms in this building, it is separated from the main hospital by a large parking garage. This means the only reason this little c*nt was in there was to harass me.

It’s funny how the teacher starts the each class with a meditation saying “you are in a safe place now.” Really? I shouldn’t be surprised, I used to work at this hospital. When my stalking went overt last summer, I went back to find a friend I used to work with and there was a massive gaslighting campaign going on. They were expecting me and there was harassment and skits galore, complete with look-alikes. I am ashamed to belong to the same species as the “people” who commit this heinous abuse.

Police/Fire Dept./ Lifeguard Harassment log 5/11/13

7:30 am  – Passed Sheriff or CHP patrol car stopped on the side of the road one block from my home. Both officers were standing next to the car with a female civilian.

8:00 am –  Passed by Police patrol car.

3:19 pm  – Passed by a Police patrol car while driving.

3:28 pm – Passed Police patrol car parked right next to the road at a business.

4:35 pm  – Walking to the beach, passed by a firetruck and an ambulance with lights and sirens on. When I arrive at the beach, there is a red lifeguard truck, an ambulance, a firetruck, and a Sheriff patrol car all parked at the entrance. They are preparing to put a actor patient on a gurney.

9:36 pm – Passed a “traffic stop” in the turn lane, 2 Sheriff patrol cars, one with lights flashing.

I Eat Boogers.

In your head, in your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie,
Hey, hey, hey. What’s in your head,
In your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie?   – The Cranberries

Wow, I said it, how liberating. I feel like I am maturing and regressing at the exact same time. I also can’t believe I am having to write a post about something so incredibly infantile.

Perps want targets to feel deeply ashamed and disgusted by themselves. If you have a nasty habit and they mimic it back to you everywhere you go, you have no one to blame but yourself, right? Because you are the one who does this nasty thing in private. And if you didn’t do this nasty thing they wouldn’t be mimicking back to you in the first place. So we have shame, anger, guilt, disgust, humiliation, degradation, alienation, isolation, and self-loathing all packed into one punch. It’s not a joke, this same exact tactic was used by a foreign country to effectively break down American POW’s.

When a target commits a violent act and no one ever finds out why they did it, it is because they are too ashamed to say why. Ashamed of themselves and their own compulsive habits. Ashamed that they could become violent over such infantile behavior. Ashamed that their every thought, motivation, and flaw has been laid out on display for thousands of perps. If more targets would come out in the open with what their perps are really doing to them, the severe degree of cruelty and torture perps inflict would be better exposed.

But it is tough. The things perps mimic/repeat can be deeply embarrassing to TI’s and that is why perps do it. And to try to relate these things to other people is even more humiliating, and the perps know this. But TI’s have to bite the bullet and push through it. It is severe psychological abuse and needs to be exposed.

These are some things my perps mimic constantly that are deeply humiliating to me:

I pick my nose and eat it.

I fart a lot and loudly.

I rub lotion onto my breasts and thighs after I shower.

When I masturbate, I sometimes touch my breasts and jiggle them up and down.

I snack constantly at home. I overeat and I inhale my food. I rarely use a napkin.

I flush the toilet right before I urinate to hide the sound from my neighbors.

I sometimes get urine on the floor/bathroom rug because of this, causing an odor.

I don’t flush the toilet again after I go so the bowl often has paper/ urine left in it.

I read while I am on the toilet. I look at the Victoria’s Secret Catalog a lot.

When they were causing me to have severe constipation last spring, I would sometimes inspect my stools with a Q-tip.

At home, when the weather is warm, I wear white “wife beater” tank tops with no bra.

I frequently crack the knuckles in my hands.

I frequently pick at skin on the sides of my face, forehead, and upper back/shoulders.

I have hair around my nipples.

When my hair is dirty my scalp itches, when I scratch it I get dandruff under my fingernails. I have to scrape it out with another nail.

I’m not a good housekeeper.

I wear a pair of red fleece Christmas themed pajama pants throughout the year when I am cold.

I frequently spray saliva when I talk.

I save empty cardboard boxes in my storage unit.

I don’t always use the most appropriate word to describe something.

I lost so much weight from stress when my stalking went overt, my bras no longer fit and the straps kept falling down. Women would mimick me pulling up my bra straps. One elderly woman even did it at a traffic light. She was so theatrical about it she reminded me of a mime.

In addition to the above, they also have knowledge of when I have my periods and when I shave my genital area. They have made comments/innuendo about it in therapy and during classes.

Thousands of perps already know this information about me because I have been under illegal surveillance inside my home 24/7/365. Scrutinized to the extreme where “nothing is unimportant”. These behaviors have been mimicked repeatedly back to me physically, verbally, and non-verbally non-stop over the past 11 months by men, women, and children. By cops, attorneys, therapists, neighbors, city officials/employees, perps in group therapy, perps posing as TI’s, coworkers, at Church, at yoga, at traffic court, at City Council meetings, at the beach, at the market, at salons, at the vet, at restaurants, in classes, at bars, online, on the phone, in traffic, by complete strangers on the streets. It is the perps’ way of making the target feel freshly raped and assaulted each and every day, all day.

I am not proud of these habits, some of them are compulsive and I have no control over them. They are disgusting to me too and I still can’t believe that everywhere I go right now people are acting them out in front of me. When a target reveals these things they take the risk of feeling even more vulnerable and exposed, when we are already so raw from abuse. But I think it’s important that we reveal all the ugliness and bring it out into the light. None of these things I do are illegal or deviant, but they are socially unacceptable. That’s why they occur at home, not in public. I know I am not the only one who does these things, but our perception becomes extremely distorted as they are magnified and amplified by the perps. Up until last summer, I thought I was doing these things in the privacy of my own home. Before I found out I actually had an audience and my home was now a “fishbowl”.

So judge away, everyone. I may be a sweat hog but at least I am a nice/attractive one, who is really a good person. At least I’m not a toxic fucking mess and a zombie jihadist Nazi serial killer imbecile/sadistic psychopath, orgasming with a red white and blue DHS dildo up my ass.

Sheriff Dept. Harassment 5/08/13 and 5/09/13


4:25 pm – Passed by Sheriff patrol car.

4:30 pm- – Passed by Sheriff patrol car.

4:56 pm – Sheriff patrol car at intersection.

6:00 pm – Sheriff patrol car parked at City Hall.

6:01 pm – Deputy or fireman stationed inside City Hall.


8:15 pm – Passed by Sheriff Patrol car while walking.