Police/Fire/Sheriff Dept./Lifeguard/Ambulance Harassment Log 5/07/13

8:30 am  – Police patrol waiting at intersection after I pull out of parking lot, I end up in same lane right behind them.

9:34 am  – Sheriff patrol car passed me at intersection w/ gesture harassment/ arm out the window.

9:36 am  – Volunteer Sheriff patrol car waiting for me parked in Staples parking lot.

12:24 pm  – Passed by Police patrol car.

12:35 pm  – Passed by Highway Patrol police car on South freeway. He turns off ahead of me at my exit ramp, I end right behind them at the traffic light. Patrol car then crosses road and gets right back on Freeway going South. License plate # 1289130.

1:13 pm  – Passed “Traffic stop” in middle turn lane- Sheriff patrol car stopped w/ lights flashing.

1:14 pm  – Passed by private ambulance.

1:17 pm  – Passed “traffic accident” on South freeway: 1 Sheriff Patrol car, 1 Paramedic ambulance, 1 Firetruck.

1:18 pm  – Sheriff patrol car enters South freeway ahead of me, pulls over to the shoulder as soon as I pass.

4:15 pm  – Passed by private ambulance.

4:21 pm  – Passed Parking Officer on foot writing tickets at the beach.

5:00 pm – Passed by Lifeguard jeep.

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