Mindlessness Class

I’m so glad I just spent hundreds on an 8 week mindfulness class at a local clinic so I can be guaranteed relentless harassment for 2.5 hrs. a week. In this class I am treated to:

Stalking by multiple people

Mimicking (picking nose, touching chest)

Gesture harassment (brushing hair, pointing)

Blocking harassment (blocking walkways, hallways, doorways, blocking my path inside and around the classroom, blocking my car in the parking lot on foot and by vehicle)

Vehicular harassment (Large trucks pulling into/ out of spaces facing classroom windows)

Air harassment (loud aircraft doing direct overhead flights)

Noise harassment (loud/squeaky shoes, loud talking, fake coughing, snoring/heavy breathing, opening/closing door repeatedly)

Color harassment (Purple, turquoise, red, blue, anything neon)

Turning a ceiling light on over me when room is supposed to be darkened for meditation.

This is our second class. I liked the teacher at first but she is heavy into the harassment this week, pretending to pick her nose like every 5 minutes. When I walked into the classroom today, she was standing next to a podium with a tall male with grey hair. He was standing with one hand under his chin and his pointer finger pressed up against his lips, pointing towards his right nostril. He stood this way for at least 15 seconds like he was deep in thought. This was a skit.

Last week during class I left a sweater coat in a cubby near the door. I got cold halfway through the class I and went to get it. Someone had dipped almost the whole right cuff in water. I also bought a paperback book with me that was in like new condition and left it in the cubby. After class the condition of the book look more like “used” and I wondered if it was swapped out during class.

Today they even pulled a “vanishing act”. I looked up at the teacher to see a male behind her walking out of the room. I don’t know where he came from and he did not return. They do the vanishing stuff a lot with me and that’s why I do believe they are messing around with invisibility cloaks or something in that vein.

Today a little Asian female blocked me as I left class. As I headed towards the glass double door exit, she appeared from a hallway on the right and exited ahead of me. She then changed her mind and decided to walk back in the same door I was exiting from. This was a skit. I opened the door forcefully and stood in front of her and said “move, asshole” and kept on walking. “What??? Oh my God that was so rude!!” she started to exclaim. I think she was actually having a nipple erection. This little dipshit looked like a hospital employee dressed in scrubs. My class is in the Integrative Health building. There are no inpatient or operating rooms in this building, it is separated from the main hospital by a large parking garage. This means the only reason this little c*nt was in there was to harass me.

It’s funny how the teacher starts the each class with a meditation saying “you are in a safe place now.” Really? I shouldn’t be surprised, I used to work at this hospital. When my stalking went overt last summer, I went back to find a friend I used to work with and there was a massive gaslighting campaign going on. They were expecting me and there was harassment and skits galore, complete with look-alikes. I am ashamed to belong to the same species as the “people” who commit this heinous abuse.

3 thoughts on “Mindlessness Class

  1. You wrote about boogers, that’s why they’re all picking their noses. Yeah, the Asians are just as bad as every other group. I have to deal with a lot of Asians here in Las Vegas and they’re all bitches. Now, that I stated that about Asians, I can expect to see a lot more of them harassing me.

    • Yes the mimicking with the nose is everywhere I go. There are even archived videos online of city council members doing it during public meetings I attend. They even had Philip Rivers from the San Diego Chargers do it during a close up while I was watching the game at a bar last year.

      Yeah, I have nothing against Asians but that little girl was pretty aggro, even for a perp.

  2. Had the asian girl skit…pretty wild stories….all psychological warfare….i could be fred phelps nasty but i wont…i suspect fred phelps is a cop too…tsk tsk

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