Police/Fire Dept./ Lifeguard Harassment log 5/11/13

7:30 am  – Passed Sheriff or CHP patrol car stopped on the side of the road one block from my home. Both officers were standing next to the car with a female civilian.

8:00 am –  Passed by Police patrol car.

3:19 pm  – Passed by a Police patrol car while driving.

3:28 pm – Passed Police patrol car parked right next to the road at a business.

4:35 pm  – Walking to the beach, passed by a firetruck and an ambulance with lights and sirens on. When I arrive at the beach, there is a red lifeguard truck, an ambulance, a firetruck, and a Sheriff patrol car all parked at the entrance. They are preparing to put a actor patient on a gurney.

9:36 pm – Passed a “traffic stop” in the turn lane, 2 Sheriff patrol cars, one with lights flashing.

10 thoughts on “Police/Fire Dept./ Lifeguard Harassment log 5/11/13

  1. I need to start doing the same, again… My site became a news-station. I believe I can upload from my cell. They’re now known by advocates as Deliverers of Death — they refer to the sirens as ‘Death Sounds’ for we Gang Stalking victims. Even those gang stalkers with cells up to their ears following, swarming around us are now called ‘Cellphone Predators.’ Might as well add death… all of them are not worth it. Look at them next time your out. See them for what they are. All of them are treasonous traitors… a Nation of Traitors. Peace to you, fellow TI.

  2. PS…. The advise I received today about all of this is don’t even both to look at them, meaning ‘Don’t gaze your eyes upon them.’ Too many know of them now. They are not worth it. You are special and obviously know something. We can survive, long past those doing this for the NWO deliverers. Think of this in historic levels. You know what happened to the brownshirts. It will happen to them.

      • Good. We still have ‘HOPE!’ People are awakening… they know about all of this. What Webre speaks about:

        HAARP-Chemtrails WMD: Exposing a Spiritual, Mass Mind-Control & Planetary Assault with Alfred Webre

  3. Yes I do think things are coming together and people are starting to connect the dots. The way we “unknowns” are targeted is really no different than the way higher profile govt. figures are being targeted (Seal Team 6, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Secret Service prostitute scandal, Targeting by the IRS, DOJ tapping press phone lines, etc.).

    And btw, if someone approached you and said “you can do anything to this person without legal repercussion because no one cares about them and you will be protected.” Somewhere in the back of your head, wouldn’t you wonder if there are still people out there who care about this person and love them, and how monumentally f*cked you would be if they found out how badly you abused this person? Just a hypothetical question…I personally know one man who has my back no matter what ***JC***.

  4. Yeah…one night this state trooper came buzzing me while i made a right turn….the timing does suggest rnm….perps as emt became friends….talk alot trash STEAL DOZENS OF DVDS I BOUGHT U FAKE CHRISTIAN SOB LYING FBI SNITCHES….one feels bad he claims…not sure what hes trying to set me up for….already took me to an enraged drug dealer…thx….called putting a bad jacket on someone…..

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