Targeted Individuals

I still can’t believe how we are treated like animals in our own country.

I still can’t believe how we are held captive like political prisoners inside our own homes.

I still can’t believe how many people willingly participate in such a heinous crime.

I still can’t believe there are people out there who turn unknowing, and knowing, target’s lives into cinema. I still can’t fathom how sick these people have to be to do this and enjoy it.

I still can’t believe how I’ve been trafficked like a human slave in my own city, in my own country, in broad daylight. A magnifying glass and crosshairs trained on me and my every move. I may as well be a kidnapping victim trapped inside a glass room inside some psychopath’s basement, my screams silent from the outside.

I still can’t believe how many people have knowledge of or are involved in this crime. How many alleged “men”, some of whom claim to protect and serve citizens, I have told about this crime and will not lift a finger to help.

17 thoughts on “Targeted Individuals

  1. Did they see you take these photos? Every time I try this, everybody gets really crazy. What’s the name of the video camera you use? I’m looking for a camera that gets good photos, but I can hide.

    • They stream the meeting live online, I took them from my computer screen. They know when I am tuning in and do the mimicking even when I am not there. I just use my cellphone for pics/vids. But I recently got GoPro for my car, they are very compact and you can get a decent used one on craigslist. Brickhouse has a lot of good hidden spy cams you can wear.

    • Once in a while someone will ask me if I’m taking their pic and why. One time a perp followed me like 3-4 blocks down a dead end after I snapped his license plate. The dude in the second pic with the black car asked me if I took his pic. I just gave him a nasty look and kept walking.

  2. According to what I’ve been told by police, once someone is out in public, he has no right to privacy. You can tell them that. Once outside, no privacy. That’s why photographers can take pictures of movie stars. And tell them the police said so.

      • In the store, it’s private property, so they can tell you not to take video. They can have you arrested. But once you’re outside, like on the sidewalk, no one can stop you from video taping anyone.

      • Inside the store, it’s considered private property, so they can tell you to stop videotaping. They can have you arrested if they so choose. Once you’re outside, like on the sidewalk, you can videotape anyone.

  3. I just wanted to tell you I absolutely LOVED your “I Eat Boogers” post! Now I have the Cranberries stuck in my head every time some perp does something stupid…

    I hope I’m not out of line saying this, but you are a beautiful person, and gutsy as hell. I don’t even know you, but I like you! I wonder, when this OS shit is finally over with, if I will be able to date someone and actually trust them. It sucks being alone. I’m afraid if I meet a “nice” girl and make any advances, I’ll be framed for rape or something! They tried that on me, early on, but thankfully, my sixth sense told me something was very wrong! I avoided that, but got framed later for defending myself when a perp attacked me with an axe…

    I think I will only be able to relate to someone who has been through OS. Even people that seem to see that something is very wrong in our country appear to not give a shit. “You’re being relentlessly tortured? Oh…that sucks for you! Excuse me, American Idol is on…”

    Anyway, you’re doing an excellent job of documenting your torture regime and gathering evidence. I always look forward to reading new posts on your blog, and over at Neverending1’s (where I found your ‘”booger” post.) You and every victim are in my thoughts and prayers. Fighting back and spreading information is how we’ll defeat these scum. Stay strong!

  4. Thanks for the compliment, I’m glad you like the blog. Yes I think TI’s will have to start exposing themselves more in order to expose the perps. I think this can and will work. None of the things I posted in “I Eat Boogers” are worth hurting myself or anyone else over. I’m thinking of posting a close-up diagram of my vagina and anus next.

    In solidarity!

  5. Nice! That’s hilarious! Maybe if we all start revealing our innermost thoughts and desires, it will throw a wrench in their program.

    When I first realized I was being watched 24/7, my first instinct was to hide everything and be on my best behavior. Problem is, I’m not really weird or exceptional in any way, so I can’t imagine how anyone would get their kicks from watching me. Now, since this has been ongoing since 2011, I’ve reached a point where I don’t care. I do what I want, when I want, and if one of these pervert creeps doesn’t like it…oh well!!!

    I’m curious, do you think some of these perps are under some form of mind control? Or, do you think they are doing this willingly? There doesn’t seem to be a lot of consensus among victims of OS. I think one of the things hurting us is so many people stating their hypotheses as fact. I like how you avoid doing that, and that’s what makes your blog so outstanding.

    On the other hand, I’ve noticed a lot of blogs disappearing, and so forth. ‘Cracked Magazine’ even published a hit piece about Organized Stalking, calling us crazy, etc. Former CNN reporter Amber Lyon has stated that the government pays certain media to run articles that are nothing but lies, designed to make its “enemies” look bad. I think that may be the case with the Cracked article. It’s basically PSYOP being used against American civilians, which is very much illegal!

    My guess is that whomever is running this evil is beginning to feel the pressure from so many people speaking out. The victims of OS must number in the hundreds of thousands by now, globally speaking. I’m pretty sure these people are sociopaths, and that they are unable to stop torturing their victims. Their thirst for sadism and their arrogance will be their downfall!

    Thanks for your reply, and you are entirely welcome! I look forward to your next post.

    Link to the Cracked Magazine hit piece:

  6. This is sick organized organization.It amazes me the people the are brain washed into joining this sick worthless pointless meaningless operation.They must have a lot time to watch you nite and day all day.Hopefully more exposure to this meanless operation would help to get rid of it crazy some times annoying who cares what a indivual is doing every minute of the day or what there buying at the store or were there going crazy organizAtion.

  7. These are typically the conspiracy theorists that try to force others into their fake charities for gawd. They work for the spy rings in order to host the feds a super look big party or for the burglary rings that profit from the items they take.

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