The Replacements

I’m going to write some things in this post that a lot of people are not ready to hear, including other TI’s. It’s something I’ve wanted to write about since I started this blog but didn’t know how. I still really don’t, and a lot of it is hypothesis, but I feel compelled to put it out there before it’s too late for some people, or a lot of people. This topic is one of the most puzzling and horrifying parts of my harassment. I have only encountered about 4-5 other TI’s who know about it or have been exposed to it.

Perps like to gaslight targets, or change their perception of reality, turning it into a surreal, dream-like setting. There are lots of ways they do this. One of the ways is with look-alikes, or “replacements”. I have also heard them referred to as “surrogates”, “twins”, “imposters”, and “doubles”. One TI said there are even “triplets” sometimes. I just saw an awful story on Facebook about farmers skinning a Mom’s dead calf and placing the skin over another live calf like a jacket to fool her. I’m not sure what the purpose is, but this is extremely cruel and confusing to the Mom. Perps are doing a similar thing to people right now.  I was bombarded with look-alikes when my targeting became overt last summer. And they are still doing it consistently in one setting.

These are my thoughts/ observations on “replacements”:

– They are made to look very similar to the person they are impersonating. Some are almost identical while others are very obviously a “cheap knockoff”. The identical ones are often used to impersonate family members, they are the most terrifying. The shoddy impersonators are used at work, local businesses, dentist’s office, therapist’s office, sheriff dept., to impersonate your neighbors, etc. in order to agitate the target. These will be very obvious to you but the torture is not being able to bust them for it.

– I don’t know if they are using actual clones, cloning specific features, plastic surgery, and/or facial transplants for the identical replacements. They will try to pass these ones off as family members, and they will be very convincing as they will know a lot about your family, but they will make mistakes. And of course, they will exhibit behaviors from your harassment protocol.

– Replacements are used for both perps and targets. When a perp has a replacement, it is for the purpose of gaslighting. When a target has a replacement, I think it means the target is dead or otherwise completely neutralized ( see below). I am certain they had a replacement ready for me last summer. I think it’s possible they might also gaslight low-level perps with look-alikes of the target.

– When a target is replaced, I think it means one of three things: the original target is dead, in jail, or institutionalized. If they are in jail or institutionalized, the perps must be pretty confident they are not getting out if they have replaced them. I am wondering if this is where NDAA is coming into play. If you can now be detained indefinitely, for no just reason, without any family contact, who’s to say they aren’t putting people in FEMA camps already? If the people in camps have been “replaced” by identical people (perps) out in society, no one will know until it is way too late. The other advantage to perps is that these identical replacements will be programmed to terrorize the rest of us.

– If a target is imprisoned or institutionalized and “replaced” with a double in society, this actually constitutes a kidnapping and fraud.

– If a target is programmed for a self initiated execution i.e. suicide and “replaced” with a double in society, this constitutes a murder, or a conspiracy to murder and fraud.

– I recently read that in the US, suicide has surpassed motor vehicle accidents as the number one cause of death from injury. Because of the above, I think the suicide rate is MUCH higher than what we know. If the suicide can be hidden and swept under the rug so no one knows about it, the target can be replaced seamlessly. I think this also goes for targets who go in for surgeries/procedures and are possibly murdered and replaced while they under anesthesia. I am certain some targets are “getting help” dying after being admitted to hospitals for medical problems and surgeries. Not all are replaced, if they had serious health problems to begin with, they don’t have to make the effort.

– Some of this may tie into what has happened in Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Boston. Many are saying these people are crisis actors and frauds, with some of the same characters being used more than once. And a possible look-alike being used now for the Boston bombing victim who had both legs injured.

– Replacing targeted family members with identical perps may be the reason for the recent increase in family suicide-murders.

-Some targets who think they are dealing with perp family members harassing them may not realize they are actually dealing with “replacements.”

15 thoughts on “The Replacements

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  2. Medcial people are crap. Most of them are evil. And perps infest that profession. I sometimes wonder if it is true that HAARP works? May e w a computer and radio waves they can tranform perpetrators faces to make them contort to look evil? I went to a store that i did not frequent. The shopkkeeper right away looked at me so evil and stated what are you making ……. candy????? And smirked and took off. It struc me as odd b/c i WAS making that kind of candy. Id only discuussed that in my houuse.

  3. No, it’s the police waiting on the media to do their jobs for them if the citizens are so beat down and no longer believe in their “protect and serve” motto they wish everyone to believe in.

    Mostly conspiracy theorists who seek someone actually dumber than themselves so they can think themselves much smarter. They recruit them from the military bases and from the college campuses to do their drug running, stalking, terror, harassment, and murder for their “dog and pony” shows.

  4. in theory somehow the tech they use can make you see things ill give example if you ask…..but from what I noticed all I can see is a red light being pointed at me but im thinking it is to district me from finding out that a simple red light does nothing I assume. in the middle of this happening let me explain if I was watching a person. that person would have sparkling eyes or cat eyes and sharp vampire teeth I look again they don’t. but like I said I can explain the other stuff if you like but it is from what I have seen and experienced?

  5. ya its a frequency that make you see people like that. I noticed they always have better looking facial features for me. you can block it with sound block ear muffs but I assume it want help because im thinking frequency can get through your eyes or nose too. im not sure myself

  6. The thing with the cow is if a cow cannot feed her calf and another cow has lost her calf you can put the two together – except the cow will reject another calf if it doesn’t smell like her own . Gruesome but it gets the other calf fed.
    Another Target suggests the use of doubles is to assist defaming the target. Your behaviour might always be appropriate but to back up the lies they have told about you people who look like you and also people who look like your relatives have to be seen to be acting suspiciously. People who don’t know you well will think it is you.

  7. I have confirmed either that people (cloaked as other people is the term they use) are in your house. And you cant see them because of they hold a prism of mirrors and a daser light in your face I assume. I hope this is helpful information. would like to talk to someone who know more about the tech they use so I can no how to avoid and describe it please.

      • when I was little they flash light in my face then they gave a command said make it where I cant see the light and I couldn’t see the light anymore but it was still on me. they made me where I cant see colors of the rainbow well they dress up in those colors so I cant see them. every figured it out and now they dress up in colors that aren’t in the rainbow like the color of skin. can you explain how is it the government?

  8. it is infrasound and ultrasound. infrasound can mess with your head. and ultrasound can almost control you.

  9. Visit fight gang stalking dot com he is an online wiz…i cant expose the fakes like he can…every comment sounds. Little too crazy up here…ellen white another phony….

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