4 thoughts on “BDcoded Telepathic Mind Control with Jeremiah Ivie

  1. There’s more than just chemtrails. The government has nano or micro sensor computers that can be controlled for graphic design in a big main computer, a machine of sorts. Nature is being used as a human medium. They are much further along in weather control. I’ve been subject to gang stalking and Mental slavery since I lived in San Diego. My name is dominic friscia my email is dominicfriscia@yahoo.com. My ultimate belief is anarchist and I am being abused for my beliefs and when I am pushed in such a way as having my whole being invaded and abused, I will respond in such fashion. I am a practical person. I can respect other human constructions to a point. I live in Saugus, CA. This blog looks like it has some good research.

    • Thanks for reading my blog Dominic. I am just North of San Diego in Encinitas, CA. Yes this crime invades every part of us, body and soul. I will never get used to how awful these people are, never. I feel like I need sunglasses, headphones, and duct tape for my mouth every time I leave the house. And maybe even a leash soon. Can’t wait for the day when these mind war criminals will go to trial and be hung for their crimes. Document everything!

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