How ’bout them Neighbors?

When I was a child I honestly thought calling someone a neighbor was an insult. “You neighbor! “, I would say, frowning angrily. I have no idea where this came from but my family teased me about it for years. Who knows, maybe I was a target in my last life too. I currently live in a 50 unit condo complex which consists of 8 buildings. In my whole neighborhood I would guess 75% or more of the neighbors are perps, who already lived here or were relocated here to perp. This includes my complex. There are 8 units in my building, all 7 other units are involved in my harassment. 4 of the units are occupied by people who moved here specifically to perp.

I used to let my cats out at night by themselves. They stay close by and I left the door open. They would stay out for an hour or so. I no longer feel safe doing this. Lately I have started going outside with them. I read my book on top of my stairs while they explore the outdoors nearby. There is a ceiling light over my front landing that stays on 24 hrs. There is also a motion sensor light over the bottom stairs. It is super bright and can be described as a “gestapo light”. This light was installed after my targeting went overt last year, on the suggestion of the HOA president. This is the same president who denied anyone from the HOA was entering my home before my targeting went overt. He also made a strange comment that “We’re not sitting up there with voodoo dolls of people sticking needles into them”.

Had I known how bright the motion sensor light would be I would not have agreed to it. But I did not complain because I knew it would help keep the perps away from my door.  Now they just use it to gaslight me, running under it to set it off and  then vanishing right before I arrive and depart.

Last week I let my cats out and sat and read while they played outside. I was thinking about the ceiling light over my landing that stays on all night. For the past few years, every time it burns out I have changed the bulb myself. I was trying to remember when I last changed it, it was an energy saver bulb. It seemed like a long time ago that I had changed it. Obviously these thoughts were picked up with artificial telepathy.

Three nights ago I opened my front door to complete darkness. The ceiling light was out and the motion sensor light over the stairs was not activating. Last night I tried to change the bulb over the landing but was stopped by a huge spider that had set up a new web nearby. Not sure if he was planted there by the perps.

Today I returned from a walk around 6 pm. I walked through the garage under my building to get my mail. As I approached I heard loud male voices talking and prepared myself for a “skit”. There were 3 men standing near the middle of the garage. As I passed I heard one of them say “The lights…” and point, with his whole arm outstretched, to the back of the building. Two of the men were residents of my building. The other man was the HOA president who stood with his back to me. I just looked at them and rolled my eyes at how stupid they are. I have been sensitized to the same pointing gesture by thousands of perps. Talking about the lights was also “directed conversation” to make me think they are responsible for my lights going out, whether they really are or not. Like the terrorists they are, they always want credit for their work.

On the way back from the mailbox, the HOA president synchronized an exit from a walkway in front of me and waved as he walked by. The two other neighbors stood behind him on the walkway talking loudly. As I approached my front steps. I noticed a black Crown Victoria parked directly across the street from my front stairs. It was not there when I had returned from my walk 10 minutes prior. The car belongs to another male in my building who frequently harasses me. Normally he has the car parked next to our mailboxes for weeks at a time. I recognized it right away.

This “one act play” may not seem like much but it contained the following types of harassment:

– Stalking harassment: laying in wait/repeatedly/deliberately/with intent to cause fear and causing fear.

– Gesture harassment: pointing.

– Synchronized harassment, sensitization, PsyOps, street theater, color harassment.

– Noise harassment, directed conversation, gaslighting. HOA/neighborhood bullying.

The HOA president was involved to let me know that even though he is friendly and helpful to me at times he is still “one of them”.

It is likely the perps were involved in making the lights over my landing and stairs go out. If both lights are non-functioning, obviously someone pulled a fuse. There are multiple possible reasons for them doing this:

– To remind me that all of my thoughts can be read.

– To vandalize my property, make my life difficult, and compromise my physical safety.

– So I won’t be able to let my cats out at night and read on the stairs while they are outside. They do not want targets to do anything enjoyable, no matter how minute. Or they may want to keep me indoors at night so I can’t see something they are doing outside.

– To possibly allow perps to enter/exit my home undetected in the dark, probably when I am asleep, to accomplish some type of specific task.

– Because “they could”.  To create chaos and make the property seem more lawless overall. To impress each other and their cult “brothers” and bond over persistently harassing an innocent person they know nothing about….Who is being controlled again? I you are a man, wouldn’t you actually feel very emasculated by all of this?

Tonight someone on an OGS conference call stated the Illuminati is about “opposites” and I think this is very true. Perp leaders spin this cult to make it seem like a brotherhood, united in their hatred against everything that is good. It frequently reminds me of the movie “Fight Club”. Have you ever noticed when you insult a perp to their face they take it as a compliment? Then men are treated like little kings by their perp cult, when in reality they are actually being world class p*ssises. Their lives must be like a non- stop infomercial, all hype and control. I have witnessed some of the older male perps acting this way to the very young ones on multiple occasions. It truly is Satanic. Whether or not they eventually see through it is completely up to them.

Update 10/26/13: After 15 days with no exterior lights outside my front door, front stairs and garage, the lights have been turned back on. Outage was caused by a disconnected solar panel, delay was caused by our lone electrician conveniently being out of town for a whole week. Perps love to use the “vacation” excuse to cause delays and avoid TI’s, I have heard this used so many times.

4 thoughts on “How ’bout them Neighbors?

  1. and when I get in there face. I actually mad them mad enough to expose there hidden agenda. the women don’t take it as a compliment they want to get back at you so they told off on themselves. but that also made them intensify their harassing.

  2. They use delays a lot. It is a strategy for controlling a situation and they get a lot of mileage from it. They delayed my move into a new flat forcing me to pay an extra months rent at the old one. (£650 down). I’m a people avoider. Until recently I could whizz in and out of shops in a few minutes. But everywhere I am forced to wait even if there was no-one there when I first went in. They create the delay to put on their little theatrical productions. How else can you vilify someone that the person barely gets to meet. don’t go out much now. I resent being. Made to be an actor in their theatrical productions.

  3. Noah had neighbors like that…maybe all that nephilim stuff is demon possession….i reckon they are all brainwashed…you have yoga…try meditating….do some collage art…..i ignore it these days….ive no doubt an element of these folks are dangerous but 99 percent are obnoxious.

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