Police/Sheriff/Ambulance Harassment 11/07/12

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1:20 pm  Passed by private ambulance while driving south on freeway.

1:27 pm  Passed cop or sheriff car while driving south on freeway- parked on shoulder  w/ lights flashing making a “traffic stop”.

3:30 pm  Passed a cop parked at the 7-11.

3:52 pm  Passed by 2 cops on motorcycles while driving north on freeway.

4:20 pm  Passed by sheriff car while driving.

Had an appt. downtown today. When I returned to my car just over an hour later the above

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pics are what I found next to my car. I took pics of the young male perps watching the show in the background. One of them approached me and asked why I was taking their pics. I told him I was taking pics of the building, I’m an architect. Notice the UPS truck parked in the background in one pic. The Brown lives to perp. Was cut off twice aggressively on the way home on the freeway. When I honked my horn the second time the driver slammed on the breaks in front on me. These are EXTREMELY unstable people.

One thought on “Police/Sheriff/Ambulance Harassment 11/07/12

  1. Boy! They must be on you hard and heavy! To go to all that trouble to excavate near your car must be a hardship that is difficult to bear.

    All those cops passing you. What’s that all about?

    I’ve noticed they like to harass dog catchers in my area. Maybe they were burying a dog next to your car.

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