Perps: So Low, They are Looking up a Snake’s Asshole

My gang stalking became overt just over 4 months ago but I’m pretty sure I was being targeted since the late 90’s. There are so many people involved, in the hundreds at least.

Went to yoga last night. It was dark when I left. A tall blonde girl stood in the lobby and mimicked me by pretending to pick her nose. I sat in my car for several minutes before backing out to let all the little perps pull out first. I turned the ignition and lights on and slowly began to back out. As soon as I did a young couple walked behind my car. I later wondered how long they had been standing there in the shadows, waiting.

I am no longer scared or nervous for myself. What I am is angry and frustrated. They are so predatory and sick. What does scare me is the painstaking efforts they take to harass someone and/or convince them they are mentally ill. What scares me is how sick someone has to be to engage in this type of behavior and how dedicated they are to it. What scares me is how they have absolutely nothing better to do with their time for hours, days, months at a time. They enroll their parents, kids, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. All clinging to ignorance for dear life. My downstairs neighbor is blasting music as I write this. There have been little noises around my front door all afternoon like someone is pushing on it or trying to turn the knob. It scared my cats. Animals are very good detectors of what is real and what is artificial. EVERYTHING perps do is artificial.

I wanted to write about a perp skit that took place last week during my mindfulness class. I mentioned I’ve been cranky and the perps got on my nerves. I’ve been shopping at the same store a lot and they know what I buy now. So they go into the aisles and stand right in front of the items. When I get there they are blocking the items. This time an employee was invlolved. I turned the corner to pick up yogurt, as I got closer I realize he is intentionally planted right in front of it, pretending to have some reason to be there. I don’t excuse myself because they don’t deserve any respect. I picked the yogurt off the shelf and walked past him. As I got to the end of the aisle I intentionally knocked 2 big yellow blocks of cheese off the shelf and one fell on the floor.

Fast forward to mindfulness class at my therapist’s office later that day. As I waited in the lobby, I notice a perp from class, K. walk out of the therapist’s office and sit down. She had a bright orange shirt on. The therapist came out wearing an animal print blouse and called us to the class. I stood in the lobby waiting for her to unlock the door to class. As soon as I stepped forward to enter, a young girl in a bright green shirt dashed right in front of me on her way to the restroom on my right. Predatory…Her Mom was there and goes “Honey, that was rude!” But you know she probably praised her later and treated her to an ice cream cone (so the little girl will turn into an even bigger whale than she is now).

We go into class and sit in a circle. The therapist starts out by asking if we did anything nice for ourselves this week.

K. the perp said: “I bought myself a big block of cheese.”

Therapist: “Really?”

K: “Yes and it was expensive, almost 10 bucks.”

Therapist: “Oh, that’s nice. you splurged. What kind of cheese was it?”

K: “Cheddar”

Therapist: “And where did you buy it?”

K: (after pausing for a moment she said with a big smile): “Target”.

I now realize what K. was doing in the therapist’s office before class, they were rehearsing this skit. It was retaliation for what I did at the store earlier that day. When you consider the enormous amount of time, energy, and money invested in something so evil and completely destructive as gang stalking, it’s hard to believe there is anything good left in this world. And you wonder how much better the world would be if all those resources were poured into something good like education, healthcare, environmentalism, providing housing, preventing child abuse and drug addiction, more animal  shelters.

Amanda Todd is a teenager who recently commit suicide due to bullying. This is now called bullycide. She was isolated and alienated, just like a T.I. She made a video about her bullying and held up a sign that said “I have noone.” She had me, I will never perp or gang stalk. Amanda had me and I know I have people out there too.

8 thoughts on “Perps: So Low, They are Looking up a Snake’s Asshole

  1. Do you ever have perps drop things in front of you? I see them do that sometimes — I think it might mean that one of them has a deformity of some sort(?) Am I supposed to feel guilty because he is deformed and I’m not? Actually, I would never judge him for being deformed — just for being a gang stalker. Get a life, dorks! Aren’t they embarrassed to be doing what they’re told all the time?

  2. its satellite mind control they have deciphered human eeg’s and haven’t told the public about it, why would they?The world isnt the way you thought it was. You didnt just go crazy; actually, the computer talks to other people’s brains, bypassing the auditory cortex via silent sounds, first used in 1974. They are then mind controlled against you through subliminal suggestion. Dont see a psychiatrist, they will only smile before they commit you. Keep healthy and experiment with orgone and neodymium. Perps will always be there as you may further block your signals, but they havent blocked theirs and any suggestion that they are under mind control will have you labelled as a loon.

    • That’s right, you nailed it precisely. This is structured, institutionalized evil. It is evil so deep and rank it is metaphysical in its nature. In the context of the tech and methods you mentioned, it is metapsychological, and so it is outside the realm of normal discussion, especially if the topic of discussion is “normality”.

      Like you said, it “isn’t what anyone thinks it is”. But it IS WHAT it is. And when WHAT it IS is deciphered, that’s the beginning of REALITY.

  3. I know how the gang stalking began and by who and why. I have also been a T.I. since 2005. I’m even hearing voices as I write this. Like most T.I.’s my family have all turned against me, but unlike other T.I. stories, I know why they turned against me. I assume the reason my family turned against would be the same for other T.I.’s They don’t know what their a part of. Unlike most T.I. stories I was able to prove in court the reason my family turned against me which brought me to the conclusion the entire T.I. trend began with me and with my stolen quantum-nano research that I now am able to prove in court beyond a shadow of a doubt why I am a T.I. and believe it or not, I hate to say it, but the reason for the new T.I. trend is because I am a T.I. I currently have a case in court that will expose it all, though it is so serious it will lead to marshal law. I know from experience how paranoid the gangstalking can make a you. Stay logical and ignore what may be overwhelming worrying. Don’t let the gang stalking make you paranoid to the point where someone can discredit things you say. Speak only on what you know for a fact happened. The more we worry the more things make us worry. There are many perps on the web. I hope your’e not one. If you respond to me maybe we can work together with a trusted OGS organization. I have youtube videos that prove beyond doubt everything I’m saying. We all need help. Hit me back if you want to. May the universe continue to guide and protect you. Peace and Love.

  4. Isn’t it sad that the perps give us SO much power over every move they makes, everything they think and everything they say?

    They have claimed it is an experiment, but no sense would be had in repeating experiments that were done in the 1940’s and 50’s. If it is an experiment, I think they are the guinea pigs. Maybe to see how OCD they can make the perps.. how much crazier can one make the already crazy?

    I think that is the test!!!

  5. You know…we are pretty defenseless…on the other hand….its hard to be mad at robots under remote neural control…its pretty cool we cant be controlled…and the system is correcting us…it may all be a computer proper….sad she killed herself….to provide perspective…i spent alot of my youth quite suicidal myself…but id do stuff like entire bottle of aleve….heavens did that suck….anyway…whatevers bothering you will pass in a few years…im.achieving total sobriety due togangstalking….due to recently making some.changes…im feeling alot of closure about what happened to me…im sure it wont stop and i may be killed or framed but i just dont feel so bad…ive found jesus and got alot of good things going for me….its helped shatter the narcissism i did have as i can feel empathy for my other tis….rare i would care about others…and certainly not pray for them to be ok….gangstalking can be an oppurtunity to not become numb and cold hearted….good luck praying for your ultimate.victory. 🙂

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