Another Day In The Perp-hood

Gang Stalking brings increased noise, traffic, and crime to affected neighborhoods. The other night I went for a walk around my neighborhood. I saw 3 different men sleeping in their cars on 3 different blocks. On Halloween I called in a stolen car parked outside my apartment. It sat there parked at an angle with the hazards on for 9 hours before the alarm started going off. It went on and off for 30 minutes. I am the only one who called the Sheriff’s dept. about it. They showed up and said the plates didn’t match the VIN# and had it towed. That same night The apartment manager from the complex next door disappeared while trick or treating with his family. His wife went door to door looking for him. He was last seen at my neighbor’s house carrying a glass of vodka and trying to sell drugs. When my neighbor declined he asked if there was anyone else who wanted to buy drugs. This is what gang stalking does to a neighborhood. And everyone looks the other way.

I went for another walk tonight. As I crossed a driveway on the sidewalk a male driver backed into it, blocking me. I flipped him off and in his most innocent little perp voice he said, “M’am?” I said “Fuck you.” I think he’s going to go jerk off in Mommy’s basement now after he calls his team leader. That is if he is able to locate his miniscule dick.

This is mean but a lot of people who perp are people you normally wouldn’t give 2 shits about, which is precisely why they perp. They are ordinary. They jerk off to the power trip. I can’t wait to get back to not giving 2 shits about them.

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