My Body is a Temple

When my stalking became overt 4 months ago, the first TI I met told me, “You have to eat well.” And it’s so true. Over the past week, due to a combination of PMS, too much Halloween candy, and a little caffeine, I got really irritated with the perps. Now that most of that is out of my system, I am back to objectively watching them make fools of themselves. I’ll admit I did honk my horn at Suzy Satanic Soccer Mom this am when she cut me off at a 4 way stop, but otherwise remained calm. I guess she was in a hurry to drop off the dry cleaning before the next human sacrifice.

Went to 8 am mass this am. As soon as I exited the church, a big red firetruck passed by. No sirens this am! Got cut off at the intersection above and went to a shopping center to have something notarized at a mail store. There was one woman at the mail store dressed in a black polo when I entered, she said she could help me and I got my ID. While I waited, a young female employee in a bright turquoise polo appeared and started pacing around nervously like she was bored. She kept looking at me. As the woman notarized my papers the girl leaned against a counter and started picking at something on her face (mimicking). I ignored her but she made sure to walk right in front of me twice. As I paid she walked up to the counter and started moving things around for no reason. Typical perp behavior: agitate, agitate, stir the pot.

While I was in the mail store a big, white delivery truck pulled up and parked at the curb right in front of the store. I left the mail store and went to the Starbuck’s next door. I ordered a cocoa and a pastry. They weren’t too busy yet but I noticed this Starbuck’s, like many other businesses in my city, has recently been completely remodeled. Construction and remodeling are suddenly BOOMING in my city (in the business and private sector) and I wonder who’s paying for all of it in this struggling economy. As I waited for my order, a young female employee came out and started sweep, sweep, sweeping the floor near me, working her way closer and closer to my feet. I walked to the opposite side of the store to pick up my drink and when I turned around she was right in my path again with the

dustpan. I have experienced this specific type of harassment at a couple other places in town. I need to write a blog on street theater soon, which is another BIG part of Organized Gang Stalking. Street theater is very sychronized. Perps excel at it because they are extremely calculating people (“the devil is into details”). Their weakness is their complete lack of compassion and ability to feel joy.

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