Saturday night….Sunday am

Saturday 11/17/12

8pm   Went to pub w/ neighbor. Sexually harassed by friend of neighbor’s right after he received a text from someone. Male and female perps mimic me by rubbing their chest with one or both hands. This is gesture harassment and sexual harassment. The blonde bartender filled his glass up with wine immediately after he did it as a reward. He is an alcoholic, booze is more important to him than friendship.

An elderly couple also came up to us immediately after this harassment took place (everything’s synchronized). All smiles and chatty, saying goodnight. The man went over to my neighbor’s friend and patted him on the back. I’m sure he is the one who put him up to it. The man had a big round head and a crazed look in his eye like he could be Marshall Applewhite’s little brother. Don’t be fooled by the older perps, just as many of them are sick f*cks as the younger ones. I left and went home.

9pm- 12am  Neighbors blast loud music/ dvd downstairs, loud cars up and down street and up my apt. driveway, loud over the speed bump. Slamming doors and windows and the random loud noise. I wonder if they get bruises.

Sunday 11/18/12

7:30 am  Went to mass. Color harassment (Red, purple, turquoise), Noise harassment (coughing, jingling keys), Gesture harassment (stroking hair/back of neck), mimicking.

915 am Went for a walk on the trail near my house. Color harassment (purple, turquoise, red, neon colors), coughing, gesture harassment.

950 am A Mom with a bright yellow stroller and purple shorts runs in front of my car door just as I approach my car. She stops and talks to a blonde woman in an SUV who continues up the block, U-turns, and follows me to the next intersection. She didn’t like it when I snapped her pic.

10 am Drove home. They always have a car turn into my block ahead of me. There was one stopped at the light with one faded tail light. I snapped his plates. We both made a left onto my block. He slows and makes a U-turn in front of me as I try to turn right. I kept my sell phone on him. He pulls up next to me and asks why I am filming him. He has 2 young kids in the back of the car. I continue to my home and park, he follows me and idles next to my car and asks why I am filmimg him. WITH his kids in the back seat. I get ready to call the cops and he left.

1005 am A pickup truck with a very loud muffler comes roaring down the street and idles right in front of my apt. as I exit my car and enter my apt. He sits and revs the engine as I enter and shut the door.

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