Wednesday night…

Went to a City Council meeting last night. I headed for the restroom as soon as I arrived. A woman nervously beelined into the restroom right behind me, washed her hands, turned on the loud dryer and left.  There are 5 council members plus the city manager and the staff (engineers, financial, etc.). At some point, every one of them has participated in my harassment. This includes color harassment, mimicking, gesture harassment, and innuendo.

After I took my seat, a woman from several rows back got up and sat directly behind me. She proceeded to lightly kick the back of my chair throughout the whole meeting. 30 minutes into the meeting, 2 teens came in and sat behind me to my left. You can sometimes tell a perp right away because they act like they have an entire ant farm in their pants. They cannot sit still. The girl continuously stroked her hair and the boy began vigorously picking his nose. They made sure to amp it up every time I looked in their direction to listen to a speaker at the podium. Several council members also participated in color harassment, mimicking, and gesture harassment last night. And of course there was the obligatory fake coughing all over the chamber throughout the meeting.

After the meeting, the two teens behind me stood up and asked one of the council members to sign a paper for school credit. They actually got credit for showing up just to harass me. As I exited the building I could see 2 men and a woman standing outside talking. I am learning how things are staged now. One of them is always keeping a lookout and when they see me there is this excited “here she comes” moment between them. I hear them laughing as I exit. There was discussion in the meeting about a new telecommunications box giving off radiation. As I passed the group, I heard one of the men say, “Radiation…that was a good one, hit the target with radiation.” Right after I passed, the group dispersed and left.

I hit the market afterwards, just a couple of people in line ahead of me at the checkout. As I placed my items on the belt I looked up and saw a woman at the front of the line with her whole arm outstretched in the air, pointing in my direction. “There is a CVS pharmacy up the road in Carlsbad,” she said loudly to her companion and the clerk. LOL, staged. Pointing is gesture harassment, as well as stroking the hair and back of neck. There are many other gestures but I will do a whole entry on that later.

I then went to drop something off at my neighbor’s house, I was there for about 30 min. As I crossed the street to come home, A young hispanic male just happened to be walking down the sidewalk right in front of my apt., just in time to intersect with me. “Cough, cough, cough” as he passed right in front of me. I got on the sidewalk right behind him as he pulled out his all important cell phone. I walked loudly right up behind him and he looked back over his shoulder, startled. Pussy! 🙂

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