Thursday AM

Went to 8 o’clock mass this am. As I exited my front door, I see a large black truck idling on the corner across the street. I went back inside for a few moments, when I came back it was gone. As soon as I exited again a grey truck (see above pic) started it’s engine and idled on the street. It sat and idled until I got into my car and pulled off the curb. The truck pulled away the same time as me, driving ahead of me. There is some variation of this every single time I exit and enter my home. If it is not car stuff, it is random people or neighbors walking by or standing around.

A Sheriff patrol car exits the church lot just as I am entering. Ther usual fake coughing and sneezing inside church. Someone lets their cell phone ring tone go off twice without muting it. As I returned to my home and enter, someone drags a large plastic dumpster loudly across  the street.

Part of my harassment protocol is to drive a loud truck down my driveway every time I take off my shirt. Another part is to zoom a loud car down the street every time I pull down my pants to go to the bathroom. When I am in the shower, they have a loud car roar down the street so loud I can hear it inside my shower, inside my bathroom, with the water running. There is a very big chauvenistic, misogynistic element to organized stalking. The fact that so many single, educated, independent single women in the prime of their life are targeted is testament to this. The men who engage in organized stalking are NOT men. They are weak, abusive, and base. Many of them have drug and alcohol addictions and I suspect many of them were abused at some point. Many of them are gay, especially the younger ones. And I am certain many of the others are closeted gays.

Single women, loners, people who are timid, people who have little to no social network. These people are picked as targets because it is easy and the perps know they can get away with it. Just think of the same pussies who engage in “canned hunts” with animals. Because this is exactly what organized stalking is…only with humans as the subject.

I read that women who are married to perps are spied on as well. And many targets are divorced women targeted by their exes. They once smeared tiger balm on a maxi pad I left out in my bathroom. It burned so badly I had to remove it right away. This was done while I was out.

When you are a stalked (by one or by many) it is like being raped over and over and over again. When you are a TI, it is like being the only adult in the room, everywhere you go. When you a female TI, it is like being trapped in an abusive relationship with someone you don’t even know and never wanted anything to do with ever. Back in school, you only had to put up with bullies for part of a day. In organized stalking you put up with the bullies for the rest of your life, everywhere you go.

4 thoughts on “Thursday AM

  1. They comb the public records looking for “loners.” They also set up in Dr. Phils matchmaking service to send code, pump information that they may profit from, and let you know Bernardy Green is still around.

  2. Yeah the original night stalker knew victims names….probably have every citizen slave in a database and someone takes advantage of it…one ti is told she is pretty…and she is….thats the only reason shes being stalked.shes on youtube perplexed…..

  3. Yeah all the gays do it….i guess the shadowy elites find the low self esteem crowd….and alot of gays hate women…they may have developed psychopathy from abuse in foster care….and now they lash out in rage…its sad how the elites are using them….it probably feels good after being bullied themselves now the fbi cia gang accepts them….stalin tossed them all in gulags so did gay hitler….antichrist is another bull queer woman hater….pray the gays and mgtow mra types find jesus and get peace from demonic oppression of the bilderburg gang and demon possession of bdsm lifestyle…..come to jesus….life high his royal banner…come out of the brotherhood of death…repent….jesus will recieve u…..hell last more than some awkward moments innthose bookstores and parades…jesusnwont abuse you like the kgbt crowd has…praying for yoh gays tonfind jesus and repent of gangstalking and all your breakins and rapes

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