‘Artificial Intelligence is as dangerous as NUCLEAR WEAPONS’


Artificial intelligence has the potential to be as dangerous to mankind as nuclear weapons, a leading pioneer of the technology has claimed.
Professor Stuart Russell, a computer scientist who has lead research on artificial intelligence, fears humanity might be ‘driving off a cliff’ with the rapid development of AI.
He fears the technology could too easily be exploited for use by the military in weapons, putting them under the control of AI systems…

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11 thoughts on “‘Artificial Intelligence is as dangerous as NUCLEAR WEAPONS’

  1. Professor Russell is yet another fear mongering liar.

    The Zionist criminals who have funded the research into artificial intelligence and ALL major scientific fields which create and innovate technology for the sole purpose of furthering their goals of power would not even remotely risk AI “taking over” due to abuses from any of the militaries of the world (which are ALL under the control of these Zionist bastards).

    Keep in mind how they have continually spoon fed the public with just enough technology to suit their agenda(s) and to keep the masses entertained, distracted, diseased and killed off (from the EM frequencies interfering with our DNA causing all kinds of illnesses)-In other words, they have probably had artificial intelligence for a few decades if not longer.

    HAL from ‘2001 A Space Odyssey” was probably an inside joke to these sick assholes since that type of computer was most likely in existence before the movie was even filmed and this is not that great of a leap of guessing considering how often they encode false flags, “natural disasters,” super hi-tech under the guise of sci-fi, Gematria or numerology, sigils or symbols of all kinds and in their shitty films they push social agendas such as the feminization of males and they do most of this shit subliminally.

    There has been internet “gossip” that this Jade Helm military exercise or takeover whatever will be coordinated at the very top by some kind of artificial intelligence and that may very well be the case.

    Just keep in mind that what these ass slave scientists and doctors and other experts tell the public is what they are told to say and what they are allowed to say:Basically, from what I have heard I honestly believe that most of the “news” whether science, national or world news is scripted from the local to national levels;They do not lie about everything but there’s enough bullshit to keep people believing in the hoaxes and false flags being committed by “domestic” and foreign terrorists but a very conditioned, dumbed down and authority-trusting public eat up the crap they see and hear on the TV (which has a flicker rate that DOES put the viewer into an Alpha receptive state of mind FACT).

    And as targeted individuals we know all too well that these sick motherfuckers routinely employ super-advanced technology (compared to the things they CLAIM they’re “just beginning to research such as Obama announcing the “decade of the brain) on targeted individuals in the forms of vivid, super-realistic dreams, of obvious mind control and subliminal thought implantation and all kinds of other abuses of “science.”

    Its just this simple: The technology the Zionist fucks have utilized to achieve their goals (we’ve been in a NWO for centuries now) has only made people’s lives worse. Period. Just the exposure of EVERYONE (including shit perps) to the high frequencies put out by all of this “wonderful” tech from cell phones to lap tops to cordless phones, androids, IPhones and so on has ONLY made people sick. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and I’m “only” speaking of the energy-based shit.

    The chemtrails, the vaccines, the GM foods and the rest of the filth that is a product of “science” has ONLY taken AWAY the quality of life and happiness for people and has NOT fucking enriched and advanced it.

    We truly would be far, far better off in a self-sustaining, agrarian-based, small community society where everyone contributed what they could (not my idea of course!) without the hi tech and any psychopaths or sociopaths would be summarily banished (or just “disposed of”) because as targets we know full well what the abuses of technology have done to our lives.

    The hundreds of billions or more likely the trillion plus dollars spent (worldwide over time) on the hi-tech that has made our lives so much fun could have been spent on sane things.

    Better yet, no central banks, no Zionist psychopaths and people bartering and help each other instead of being turned into greedy, self-centered, tech-toy distracted dumb animals which they have effectively turned most of the populace into (in the westernized nations more it seems).

    Every now and then I have to vent a tiny bit.

    I can just picture these scheming predictive programming assholes patting each other on the back as they release this “cutting edge” apocalyptic “news” to the public.

    So many, many traitors, sellouts, liars, psychopaths and just selfish, lazy degenerate bastards this engineered-to-be-diseased world has produced.

  2. I think a lot of these studios going back decades have ties to the system. Walt Disney is one obvious one, as material for their movies has been alleged to have been stolen from writers who were targeted. I think Warner Brothers, too. An example is the young Chicken Hawk who says point blank that he is going to “eat” an adult male chicken. Pedo insinuations, and of course, child abuse (including sexual exploitation) has always been a part of it.

    So where did they get their future-predicting technologies from? I suspect that they’ve had this for decades. An example is the 9/11 references that keep cropping up in films. Back to the Future is on example. Steven Spielberg films, while I find them enjoyable, really have a lot of content in them that ties into what the Illuminati “know” and are doing behind the scenes. For example, Exorcist has hidden references to electroshock toture and remote rape/sexual abuse. The purpose of these movies is to show the people who are aware of what is going on behind the scenes what is going on and to also torment them, as they know they are smart enough to pick up on subliminals while the average movie-goer thinks they are watching the product of pure fantasy/imagination. In reality, there are Illuminati subliminals and content stolen from targeted writers. It is never pure fiction or fantasy in Hollywood. It was only recently that I realized that Twilight Zone episodes had such content. For example, watch “The Dummy”, and you can see an example of what happens when voice-to-skull tech. is used to make someone think they are “losing it”. It references the “voices” that some targets hear, as well as to make light of gaslighting techniques (the dummy appears to change position when he isn’t looking, a clear reference to gaslighting techniques). And the poor puppeteer cracks and loses it completely through the episode. And then, the storyline was actually stolen from an earlier film in the 40’s, I think. Nothing new or pure fantasy there. Just making fun of victims of V2K.

    At 1:25, the terrorists look strikingly like the 9/11 hijackers. “Twin Pines Mall”, a reference to the Twin Towers, the clock shows 1:16 AM, which reads “911” when you turn the scene upside down.

    At 1:55, it shows this. Interesting at 2:27, the two clocks show “119”, which not only reversed show 911, but I travelled US Route 119 quite a bit. Coincidence? At 8:49, 9-1-1 is spelled out again.

    Warner Bros. cartoons:

    At 0:24-0:28 “look, it’s the towers… they’re falling”

    At 0:18, pause it. Porkey Pig’s head and arm form a “9”, and the dog’s ears form the “11”. At first it looks like reading to much into this, but then he yells about “the towers falling” shortly later.

    The Twilight Zone episode:

    At 2:48-2:50 “Help, I’m being kidnapped”. Followed by ranting of finding a lawyer, etc. At 2:54, he puts his hand over the “dummy’s” mouth. The subliminal here is that he is a target threatening to expose his handler (the “call my lawyer” rant), and the handler is trying to shut him up.

    • Sorry, that Warner Bros. clip should have been this one:

      At 0:24-0:28 “look, it’s the towers… they’re falling”

      At 0:18, pause it. Porkey Pig’s head and arm form a “9”, and the dog’s ears form the “11”. At first it looks like reading to much into this, but then he yells about “the towers falling” shortly later.

  3. I’ve heard and read about a few theories as to why these sick assholes put so many hints and outright in your face truth through the fiction of movies, cartoons, books and more entertainment venues.

    Those who lean towards the more mystical think that they put these hints in as part of some kind of deal with the evil extradimensional beings who give them their power or as a necessary part of their magic, putting hints and symbols in the form of numerology and other ways to seal their pact.

    Then there is the more grounded belief that these demented freaks put these hints in movies mainly for predictive or subliminal programming to put the ideas of say the drones in the first ‘Terminator’ movie in people’s minds years before drones were announced to the world (meaning that fully advanced drones were in existence a long, long time ago depending on what you want to believe).

    Then there is the idea that these sick bastards put hints of their false flags, hoaxes, “natural” disasters, deaths of celebrities (such as Robin Williams) out of sheer arrogance and nothing more as those who run this planet not only believe that they are superior to “the unwashed masses” and “useless eaters” but these hateful “elites” and their transhumanist and other elitist beliefs clearly show that they consider themselves gods in some way.

    But it does not make a lot of sense just throwing hints of what they are going to do in the future (such as 9/11) in movies, cartoons and other “fiction” because if you think about it, not that many people watch Hollywood’s movies and TV’s bullshit shows relatively speaking although they are pimping domestic terrorism, drones, fear, suspicion, paranoia and all the other negative hateful shit these monsters pollute people’s minds with.

    Thanks for posting those examples, Life-Long Target.

    It seems that they’ve been doing this predictive programming and hints in fiction for a long time such as the novel that came out years before the Titanic sank, ‘The Wreck Of The Titan’ which closely matched the Titanic.

    From what I’ve learned about in the last few weeks (and what I have learned is not “written in stone” as law) the “new world order” has been here for centuries as all enemy nations (as an example) have been pals behind the cameras, the photographs, the “history” and other headlines and keep in mind that these evil fuck bankers HAVE had full or near full global power since the 1700’s or so.

    • The “predictive programming” is a very big part of their toolkit. For example, they’ve recently started bombarding me with spam about getting a divorce attorney and getting an attorney for my “custody battle” after my “divorce”. And they’ve been doing harassment from total losers and trashy types that I’m a “deadbeat dad”, despite not having fathered any children. I can tell what they’re on to here… they’re using predictive programming to “tell” me that when it “does” happen that I’m a father in the future, that I will be a “deadbeat dad”. This is very laughable, because I always report to work and actually have a job, despite my circumstances of being a target, which makes it all the harder to work. Meanwhile, the perps doing this “deadbeat” BS are pampered, and allowed to work as they please without any harassment or workplace bullying, and in fact get rewarded with jobs they don’t deserve, and they STILL don’t go to work.

      Our society rewards those with the “modern” (cult mentality) notions of “working hard”, which are going out and harassing targets and taking part in the hive. Becoming part of the hive and harassing targets is really being the the most lowly of deadbeats, and a lot of perps abuse their children, but their hive programming tells them they are worth something just because they “belong” and are worthwhile human beings because they are doing their “duty” of harassing targets like society wants them to.

      No doubt they are putting a damper on any marriage plans I may have in the future with their “divorce attorney” bullshit. I can only imagine what kind of woman would want to marry a perp, a handler, or one of the sick Elite who take part in designing the harassment, or what kind of dad they would make. They really are a laughable joke (all of the parties listed above), but their cult mindset makes them believe they are worthwhile excellent human beings when they are worthless.

      Funny how if you’re not part of the Cult, you have this ability to see reality and that perps are worthless deadbeats and that they really have this inflated false view of themselves and their cartoonish reality they live in.

  4. Typical, typical predictable hypocritical dumb, authority worshiping idiot asshole loser perps who are so in denial to their own NUMEROUS failings that they DARE to judge us in ADDITION to the other hateful filth they spread about us in their smear/gossip campaigns.

    NONE of my perps are even remotely “model parents” let alone “model people.”
    They ARE “good citizens’ ONLY if “good citizen” is a whore who for money and/or to feel part of a cult will work for and with the government to destroy a person and in the process break all kinds of laws along with idiot assholes in the government and NOT just the murdering fucks in “law” enforcement but those shits in the NSA, fusion centers, DHS and whatever other scumfucks are involved in spying on Americans to watch out for “domestic terrorists” which oddly enough EVERY SINGLE PERP AND HANLDER IS!

    Most of us are just people who made a list possibly after a panel reviews if we should become targets (a caller on Renata’s show said this recently) and/or some evil sad piece of crap had us put on this list due to their connections and that we were easy to isolate and/or had the necessary psych profile for their fear, terror, smear, hate, isolation and attempted breakdown of a human being campaign or military psy ops developed by the Nazis, East Germans/Stasi/KGB, the U.S. of course, Canada and a shitload of other evil nations/corporations that have played a part in this sick fuck torture that may have been going on for over a century as far as we know.

    From what I can gather only based on reading your posts, Life-Long, you sound pretty resilient and they will try ANY psy ops that they think might get through to you based on your psychological profile.

    Aside from the obvious goals of trying to get us to commit suicide or get put in a mental institution they also want us to:

    *Doubt ourselves including our core beliefs (one of the main brainwashing techniques)
    *Feel guilty, responsible
    *Second guess what we did or will do/undermine confidence
    *Hate ourselves or have very low self-esteem
    *Get angry, depressed, be impulsive and so on

    What emotions and behaviors they try to elicit from the target obviously varies a bit from TI to TI but seeing that we are all human, that the goals of this program are VERY clear and considering that people with FEELINGS have the same basic emotional responses (compared to the psychopaths fucks we deal with) its not hard to design a program to fuck with a person’s self of self.

    That being said, it sounds as though they are giving you subliminal suggestions to undermine any possible future happiness or dating.

    Please don’t give up on that, man (I know you did not state that at all).

    I have only since I’ve tried and courtesy of the rumors and that most people in Buffalo, NY are nosy intrusive gossping assholes regardless of targeting I will no longer waste my time but there are targets who have met significant others .

    Its really infuriating and sometimes a little painful when you realize that these physically, emotionally and yes, spiritually diseased, evil people have not only been paid to f–k with us but brag about it (its human nature) as bullies will do and are not limited as TIs are to some of life’s simplest pleasures.

    They have the nerve to judge you about being a parent when you’re not even one just in a childish attempt to piss you off and make you feel hopeless about that aspect of your future because thanks to the equally if not greater criminal authorities that empower them, our civilian perps pull this shit on us BECAUSE they have the backing of cowards with authority who act badass around OTHER cowards in authority;That fucking mob, gang, cult mentality.

    The things, people and chances ALL of us have loss to varying degrees is not something I allow to “eat away at me” but I sure as shit remember and I recall more than ever since I understand this program a LITTLE more (not THAT much as illegal shit in a fake democracy has to stay hidden from a trusting brainwashed and semi-mind controlled public).

    My Talkshoe call, Snitzer’s TI Contact Call will be on Saturdays 8 PM Eastern:

    Here’s the link: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=138602&cmd=tc

  5. Yeah, the very core of their hypocracy is that the cult teaches them they are good people. This is classic brainwashing, and is what creates terrorists. A good example are the 9/11 attacks: a lot of them were being brainwashed with the notion that if they die doing a “good cause” (killing innocent ‘evil’ Americans by Kamikazee-style bombing with a jet airliner) that they will be reuinited with Allah in the after life. All complete horseshit, of course, The existence of Allah is a very nice religious belief to have, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a CLASSIC example of using religion improperly to brainwash someone into committing a murderous act. A lot of those Middle-Eastern terrorists were actually decent citizens until some asshole handler brainwashed the hell out of them. Consider the ringleader of 9/11, his dad is so in denial over this, he can’t believe his son would actually take part in something like this. I believe him, but he obviously doesn’t know full well the power of brainwashing by powerful entities and what they can do. He and his cohorts were obvious worked on over time and broken down into believing BULLSHIT lies like a deity would want them to kill innocent people. There are two parts two this brainwashing: one, hammering the notion that the US is the ENEMY, and manipulating them with all kinds of lies to get them to hate us and presenting more lies to get them to hate us. The reality is that Middle Eastern citizens live here in the US, and they are perfectly welcome, unless they are targeted. In that case, they have plenty of asshole perps calling them stereotypical names we use over here. Over time, they become more and more hateful of US born peoples. I can imagine they were teaching them propaganda style lies to over time build resentment of Americans.

    Second, I’m not sure where in the Torah where it mentions killing innocent people in a suicdide terrorist attack is favorable to their God and would furthermore want them in the afterlife after committing such a heinous deed. The problem is, they needed to go back, read the damned thing, and see for themselves that Allah or whomever is their deity DOES NOT WANT HIS PEOPLE TO MASS MURDER OTHERS IN A SPECTACULAR SUICIDE ATTACK. Sometimes such people have enough flaws that makes them not question what handlers and cult leaders are feeding them. A good example is that fraud Jimmy Swaggart, convincing his sheep that they will go to Heaven if they could only send him money. I, too, fell for what these Holy Rollers were telling me when I was young. Yeah, rock music is the devil’s music. OK. Brainwashing. It’s not the genre that is dangerous; it’s the content of the music and the subliminals that makes it “devil’s music”. Him and his “sin causes ESCALATION”. He was so into railing against pornography, yet who was in the strip clubs incognito getting chair dances and possibly having sex with prostitutes? I’ll never forget that:

    dancer: “Hey, you’re Jimmy Swaggart!”

    Swaggart: “NO I’M NOT”

    So people using religion in brainwashing campaigns are very dangerous, because they are using their core believes to manipulate them into doing whatever they want.

  6. Hey gang…

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I inadvertently found out that my suspected perp handler in my apartment complex has a police scanner. I didn’t know that citizens could have one (even if he’s in on the cult). Take from that what you will. Take care you guys.

    • yeah, not surprising to me, though. One time, I yelled at a bunch of perps riding around, and the cops showed up questioning me about the yelling almost immediately. These civilian perps must work closely with the local law enforcement. So some of them must be given access to police equipment. I know it’s totally illegal, and they always give the WRONG types of people total access and free range to do stuff to targets who aren’t breaking the law.

      • The perps are overconfident cowardly thugs who act tough and overconfident because they have the backing of the corrupt, cowardly police who have the backing of the terrorist federal government who gives orders to and pay the police who work with and instruct the perps who f–k with us all because like a child testing the limits of what they can get away with, ALL perps go as far as they think its safe for them to without getting hurt or in trouble.

        Perps, whether they work for the government in an official capacity or unofficially as our civilian perps do are all demented children living in the bodies of adults.

        Never forget that you are better than every one of these criminals who hide behind each other and a shit criminal authority.

  7. I know the system is many layers deep. In the “local news” section of the news paper we get is where they love to launch their psychological attacks. In the latest newspaper, they had subliminal content attacking me. The subliminal content might be the names of the people they show. There was this high school kid, last name “Booher”, dressed up in a white bag like thing, holding a poster. He was protesting something. I know it was an attack on me, “just in case” I’d want to go holding a sign and protest what the system is doing with me. And he also looked like a popcorn kernel, with the white bag costume. Very funny psychological attack, referring to the fact that when you put popcorn into a Microwave oven, it pops. So the kid was supposed to be a TI who “popped” because of all the microwave radiation the perps were beaming at him.

    And I know perps think TI’s are “boring”. I know they do. They think they are smart and exciting, because they live for the thrill of not getting caught. Yeah, I suppose depicting a living person as a popcorn that popped because of all the microwave exposure is funny to them. It’s so fucked up how low they go to dehumanize targets, and all the while, all THEY are are a large mob of boring, uninteresting criminals. Yawn. Good one, perps. Too bad TI’s are tough and don’t have to do passive aggressive shit 24/7 to entertain themselves.

    They like to make believe they are tough. The one thinks she was a real bad ass in her HS days, but knowing perps and their made up stories, that they REALLY REALLY like to make shit up. How many retarded screw-ups have targets met claiming to be former military or FBI agents? Yeah right. A lot of them are plain fucked up in the head.

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