The Overt and Covert Intimidation of Brandy Vaughan

Ex-Merck employee turned anti-vaccine activist now terrorized by Big Pharma Black Ops branch

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Vaughan worked for Merck & Co. from 2001 to 2003, but resigned after learning that her employer falsified safety data on Vioxx, covering up the fact that it doubled the risk of heart attacks and stroke……

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Published on Jul 31, 2015
The intimidation Brandy Vaughan has suffered is quite disturbing and makes you wonder just how far some will go to intimidate, neutralize or discredit those who dare to speak the truth.



4 thoughts on “The Overt and Covert Intimidation of Brandy Vaughan

  1. I guarantee that most pharmaceutical representatives have a strong psychopathic streak as for the sake of a lot of money they bulllshit physicians with their sales pitch on the drugs they’re pimping.

    This lady has gone through all kinds of grief because she has a strong sense of conscience and I wonder if she’s even aware of targeted individuals or gang stalking.

    My guess is that although she’s been covertly harassed by cowardly law enforcement thugs using hi-tech surveillance equipment (the alarm company was in on it too) she is too well known of a public figure to get the “whole treatment” as most TIs do.

    I have the basic format down for my Talkshoe call now, Stopogs: Its just a matter of getting enough TIs to give me their phone numbers, email addresses, the city they live in and the type of gang stalking they get and when I have enough people signed up I will match TI buddies with other ones and probably with second and third TI friends to call to check up on each other on an agreed upon time, to just have someone you can relate to to talk to about gang stalking, to have a witness if you have to make a report to the terrorists-I mean police and so on.

    My Talkshoe call is: Snitzer1’s TI Contact Call on Saturdays at 7PM EST.
    Call number: EPISODE8 – Snitzer1’s TI Contact Call
    Call ID: 138602

    Of course my perping has picked up since I started this but after everything they have done to me, after all that I will never be able to do, after all of the grief, the trauma and misery they have put me and other TIs through in the past, if these cowardly shit stains expect me and other TIs to remain silent after they have CONTINUALLY gotten away with breaking a few dozen state and federal laws, they can literally choke.

    So thank you to the scumbag Buffalo cop in your black SUV who drove around the block five times while I was outside earlier, to the sad, old dog walker and your diseased ancient poodle, to the idiot coward in the red SUV who drove by staring me down.

    I am truly glad that Brandy Vaughan is out there helping people because she is giving them information they would NEVER have gotten from their brainwashed, selllout physicians or a very, very controlled mainstream media.

    Think of all of the bastard sellouts who COULD be telling the general public the TRUTH about not only medications and vaccines but ex-Monsanto or Dupont workers telling all about GM foods or industry insiders telling all about the deadly and disabling effects of Wi Fi, Cellphone, Gwen towers, ect-But do NOT tell all because of a paycheck.

    Every doctor, soldier, cop, scientist, psychiatrist and many other trusted authority figure “professionals” who have and continue to help make this world sicker are ruining it for themselves and those they care about.

    All of this evil shit we have to put up with as targets is “only” one tiny sliver or facet of the “divide and conquer” strategy they’ve wrought upon the human race for eons.

    They divide and conquer with US by turning an entire community and others against ONE individual using lies, half truths while omitting the truth as they make criminals out of the perps and victims (I am NOT of the victim mentality) out of innocent people, the same thing as sending troops from one nation to fight innocents from another nation, all beings manipulated for the psychopathic agenda(s) of a handful of things who never should have existed.

    But I do wonder if any of her friends or loyal followers have told Ms. Vaughan she may be a targeted individual?

    • Amazing how after 10 years, I still get idiots and their fake smiles. They are so very persisten, aren’t they? i’ve noticed their stalking/terror tactics seem rooted in a kind of mental disorder not too much unlike OCD. What kind of life does a person have, when they wake up and think, “oh yeah. I think I’ll do my fake smile (or other) BS?” I think a large portion of the US nowadays just doesn’t know how to live a proper life, I mean, really live a life. Lying in wait your entire life waiting for a target to pass so you can make him (or her) feel uncomfortable is not living a life.

      I’ve noticed the puerility and childishness showing through in certain commercials, too, esp. the ultra dumb Progressive commercials. Intelligence and creativity goes hand in hand with maturity, and it seems they use nepotism these days in selecting their personel for nearly everything, like writers of commercials and TV shows. Watch Two Broke Girls sometimes, for example. What do you see? Outdated stereotypes about Chinese people. And the root of this is that Hollywood goes for “their own kind” (i.e. perps who lack imagination, creativity). They select others who are “like them” instead of the right kind of people. That’s why society keeps getting worse and worse: perps hire other perps. And that’s why targets are so bored an unimpressed with the idiocy and cruelty as well as lack of intellect and maturity of nearly every aspect of our culture. We’re living in a perp-dominated, nepotistic trash culture.

      • With this fake democracy-No, with the entire world literally at the crossroads or precipice of the point of no return from all kinds of unholy shit, the perps and other criminals keep on following orders, making blood/terrorist/suffering money, honestly believing that selfish, criminal police will always have their backs and I am telling you right now that when the shit hits the fan or any other bad disaster the civilian perps will see their local, state, county and federal “friends” abandon or possibly punish their asses.

        As you’ve probably observed Life-Long, Stopogs and the rest of you TIs, our diseased culture has conditioned people to be self-centered, egotistical and shallow (yes, most is of their own free will) and so many people in our sad society are ALSO back stabbing fucks meaning they have repeatedly demonstrated how they turn on their own and that includes the perps and their pathetic, degenerate culture of the type of selfish immediate gratification.

        I am working on a simple TI buddy system on Talkshoe and with Renata whose show ‘Conversation And Support For TIs’ actually offers USEFUL advice for TIs (there’s a point here!) and there WAS A TIME in which I thought that the blitz in targeting I received a few days ago in a very short span of time was as direct result of doing my show but that’s what these shits WANT me to think:So much of this is keeping the TI confused, doubtful, second-guessing themselves wondering “what did I do wrong?” To which I offer a resounding “fuck you” to the perps who actually believe that they have the right to “punish me” let alone know my private shit! Their arrogance is beyond belief.

        This one ugly, low IQ, loser, cowardly asshole sick shit Buffalo police officer circled my house (with an equally ugly pig-faced Buffalo cop “woman” passenger) FIVE times as I sat in my car facing the street driving by in his $60,000 SUV which he did NOT fucking earn and “they” made sure that I noticed this piece of shit via MIND CONTROL-Not my conditioning but “subtle” mind control:Remember:You hear, see and feel (to a degree) what these COWARDS with computers want to hear, notice and at times feel.

        I had dog walkers, another few losers drive by in an SUV staring at me in their “shotgun” tactics hitting the target with as many things as possible to “see what sticks to the wall” as in hoping that one or more perping tactics will cause trauma.

        So I will fucking repeat here what I’ve said many a time in “private”:Any SUDDEN fear, anger, paranoia, depression, self-doubt or other emotions that are NOT normal for me or not in my normal baseline emotional state is their mind control and NOT ME. This is not me rationalizing, its just the truth.

        And every targeted individual must never forget that there are literally 100 plus assholes (over time), with unlimited funding, state of the art technology which includes mind control, surveillance, dream injection-They know full well what we will do in a minute, hour or day based on programming us and/or synthetic telepathy, they know are strengths and weaknesses, they have over a century of psychiatric, sociological, pharmacological, neurological;Neuroanatomy, physiological and computer (at least sixty years worth) and more research on everything that makes a human being “tick” and not “just” targeted individuals.
        And like any “good” scientific research its been SHARED WORLDWIDE for over one century by the sick fuck psychopathic, sociopathic, narcissistic scientists to further their agendas of inflicting mental and physical trauma, of mind control, of total domination and elimination of our species and not just targets;We are just one of the many beneficiaries of this sick fuck abuse.

        Think of it. Since the bankers and other “elite” shits planned, set up and funded the Nazis they shared and analyzed ALL the medical experiments done in the camps (and outside of them) before (including the torture of psych patients) and during the created war.

        The Stasi/KGB shared ALL data with the CIA and other intel agencies includilng the Brits on how to fuck with people-This is ALL data gathering and control.


        When you learn how the Russian “revolution” was engineered like the rest of these fake resistances, when you learn that EVERY nation including Iran has a Rothschild central bank, when you learn that there is a very real numerology behind ALL THEY DO, Gematria you realize that EVERYONE is being pitted against each other and themselves. No exceptions save those at the highest echelons of power.

        Think how EVERY and I mean EVERY single social network is a government creation for the purposes of data gathering, social influence and control (“subtle” manipulations of the public’s personal choices) mind control in general, brainwashing-Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and all the rest were NOT made for people’s pleasure and happiness:Anything which has had a benefit for the public was ONLY as a distraction or served some other purpose.

        Remember how shallow, cold-blooded and sadistic our civilian, “law” enforcement and other government perps are?
        They ARE using free will but like EVERYONE throughout history they are BEING MANIPULATED against their will for the sake of the people going up the pyramid of power.

        THINK are of our own will while they (perps) respond in their usual negative way in an attempt to reinforce shit they put in our minds to begin with and the reason
        I state this with such confidence is that I’ve had MANY, MANY incidents in which the dumb fuck perps KNEW what I was going to say and they had their responses ready.

        And for any ass slave loser fuck perps or other government traitors reading this, keep in mind: When you CONTINUALLY fuck with someone’s life, when you try to outright MURDER them and/or drive them to suicide (as you’ve tried with me and other TIs), when you irrevocably destroy their reps while your shitty criminal lives go on “normally,” when you implant dreams, thoughts and patterns of behavior in their minds, when you outright experiment on them without consent,
        when you forever RUIN their chances of having real close friends and of dating and so much, much more, do you honestly expect your “targets” to keep their fucking mouths shut?!!?

        All fuck loser cowards expect the object of their abuse to forever accept their crimes without protest, in silence. Sure. Of course.

        Sorry that I had to vent a bit, Life-Long, Stop Ogs and any other targets reading this,

        It would surely be sweet as hell if this former pharmaceutical rep could make gang stalking more well known but people are understandably more concerned with what she has to say about the dangers of vaccines and medications.

  2. That’s OK, Scott, your long rant was at least informative. Interesting when you mention the Nazis were funded and set up by bankers, now that makes sense: maybe the people in the concentration camps were simply used as research guinea pigs, and they were destroyed via incineration because the results of the experiments had to be destroyed. That is, they couldn’t release them, because soon the public would catch on that they were experimentation victims, and there would be a huge public outrage. So they destroyed them, and that also served the purpose of their carefully planned and engineered genocide. Remember what happened to Frank Olson: he just happened to fall out of a window after a bad trip. Or something. Or maybe the assholes attacked him, corned him, and threw him out the window. A lot of deaths are made to look accidental. The most famous examples I can think of are, #1, the “accidental” drowning death of Brian Jones in 1969. #2, the Jimi Hendryx “overdose”, where his girfriend waited a long time to call paramedics. #3, Kurt Cobain, allegedly shooting himself with a hunting rifle, when there are far better ways of offing yourself, and, he wasn’t exactly tall. The question is how he could be comfortable reaching for the trigger when his arms were just barely long enough to reach it. Fake crying act by Courtney Love, as well as the “suicide note” left by Cobain with two difference styles of handwriting. And believe me, a lot of people would benefit by Cobain’s death. Killing Cobain would kill Nirvana, which in turn would result in the death of the Grunge/Alternative movement, which in turn would allow hair bands and other musical atrocities to rise again. It’s all about the interests of a group vs. the interests of one human life, which certain parties find expendable.

    In Brian Jones’ case, interesting that he would accidentally drown so soon after being sacked from the Stones. Drug use was supposedly affecting his musical ability, yet Keith Richards could barely keep his eyes open because he was so strung out during that period. And Jones was owed a large severance by Stones’ management, so I wouldn’t be surprised if his death was a way out of paying his severance. I’ve heard a similar tale about Hendryx: his manager was crooked and had ties to organized crime. So it’s no surprise he “overdosed” at the hands of his evil bitch girlfriend who was in collusion with his insanely corrupt management company. These selfish cowards only care about their money and not getting caught. If you have talent that is priceless, like Henryx or Jones, then too fucking bad, because someone has to make money and protect their organized crime rackets.

    A lot of people think organized crime is dead just because the Mafia has been weakened, but people don’trealize that organized crime is way more than crooks with slicked back hair and funny Italian accents who eat pasta and wear ties. Organized crime is drug companies, military contractors, federal agencies out of control, and pedo rings by powerful elite who are too powerful to be brought down.

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