My Guiding Lights

My Guiding Lights

When the gang stalking was very heavy one day, I was hanging out at the glider port. It is located on a grassy cliff that overlooks the Pacific ocean. I liked the view and the wind and sun on my face and I sat there for hours and got some lunch at the concession stand. I wanted the perps to see me eat. They wanted me to lose my appetite and start vomiting. The perps clustered all around me, some of them even paragliding, it was very crowded. When I got up to buy lunch, a bunch of them immediately got in line in front of me. A man in a red shirt took my order, when I aksed what drinks they had, he named 2 and then stared off into space, distracted. When I got my order it was wrong, they did this to me for a while everywhere I went, even at drive thrus. The “competent” server, who took over right after I ordered and took extra special care of the perps in line behind me, apologized. I went back to my spot in the sun and ate my soup and 1/2 sandwich. A girl came up and made a comment about going to the unemployment office. Another woman came over on her cellphone and said “Oh she’s a go-getter. She very kind and gentle with animals, but not so good with people.” One man loudly made a comment about jumping off a cliff as he arrived at the port. A campus security guard on ATV drove up and stared for about 15 minutes. Many of the perps tried to discreetly pose in pics and videos with me. They will often make a pointing gesture in the pic. White, black, Asian, Hispanic, children, teens, adults. They were all involved in the stalking. I’ve heard many consider it a sport and get a “buzz” off of it. I’ve also heard many of the middle aged stalkers do it out of boredom. When they get home they have the best sex of their lives from the “buzz” they get from stalking.

I am a single female in my early 40’s, a college educated professional. I have a career, independent and supporting myself for the past 18 years. I have no criminal history, I have no history of alcohol or drug abuse. I have no history of mental illness and have never previously been admitted for any psychiatric problems. I do not now, nor have I ever, needed to take any medications. I am not promiscuous. I have never been married and I have no children. I have no family or close friends in the city I live in right now in Northern San Diego County.

On 6/28/12, I was tackled and handcuffed at my workplace by 2 male police officers. I was then placed on a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold and was not discharged until 7/06/12. I could write an almanac about the events that led up to this day and what has occurred since then; all in the name of an atrocity called organized gang stalking. The American public needs to be AWARE and EDUCATED about what this is. I did not learn what it is until it was too late.

The pic above is one of my daughters, “T.” Every day I come home and tell her she is the best thing in the world and that I will love her forever. I also have another daughter named “C.” Although I would prefer to have a MUCH larger cat who would rip my gang stalkers’ faces off every time they illegally enter my home and car, I will happily settle with these 2 beauties. They both vomited the night the stalkers invaded my neighborhood with non-stop loud trucks, cars, motorcycles, and helicopters. But they never lost their spirit. Since then they have slept next to me every single night, one right beside my pillow. They didn’t do this before the stalking got heavy. They are my angels and my guiding lights and God made them perfect….so unlike humans.

3 thoughts on “My Guiding Lights

  1. Cool…i got a new cat myself….drove to durango colorado where i met a perp saying i should move to san diego…i guess its real bad there…in bakersfield ca one stole my license tag covertly….i felt unsafe so i drove back to the east coast….quite a system they have…probably fbi adl cia…way too many perps to be some little cult….hell ask them their background…almost always military…they murdered millions of iraqis already…

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