First Responder Harassment Log: January 2015


928 pm- Passed Carlsbad PD patrol car at intersection of Carlsbad Village Dr. and Hwy. 101 North (Carlsbad).

933 pm- Passed by Oceanside PD patrol car on Wisconsin Blvd. at Coast Hwy. (my destination in Oceanside).

942 pm- After leaving my destination, there is an Oceanside PD patrol car ahead of me driving South on Coast Hwy.

943 pm- Same Oceanside PD patrol car turns emergency lights on and makes a traffic stop one block ahead of me at Coast Hwy. and Cassidy (Oceanside).


433 pm- Encinitas Ranch security vehicle syncs passing me at trail head as I walk on loop trail near Quail gardens Dr. (Encinitas)

342 pm- Red Rural/Metro ambulance (Big time perps) syncs driving ahead of me at Adams and Iowa (San Diego). Vehicle #64 196 plate CA 36315G1

519 pm- Passed a “traffic stop” on right shoulder of 805 North at Mesa College exit- San Diego PD patrol car w/ emergency lights on.  (San Diego)


1235 Passed Encinitas Fire Dept. Firetruck #F2312 on Encinitas Blvd. West at Smart and Final shopping center. (Encinitas)

114 pm- Passed by private ambulance while exiting Von’s shopping center on El Camino Real. (Encinitas)

220 pm- Passed by Encinitas Fire Dept. Firetruck at Encinitas Blvd. and Balour on way to Vet. appt. (Encinitas)


126 pm- Passed by red ambulance on 5 South Freeway near Birmingham exit (Encinitas). Ambulance was from Carlsbad Fire Dept. #2291 plate CA 1266142 w/ white male driver.

408 pm- Passed CA Park Ranger SUV parked on right shoulder of 101 South overlooking Torrey Pines State Beach. (Del Mar)

428 pm- San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car syncs driving ahead of me on 101 North near Marcheta as I drive North on Vulcan. (Leucadia)


1035- Passed by San Diego Sheriff Dept. driving on 101 North at Cardiff State Beach (South of Las Olas). (Cardiff by the Sea)

1228 pm- Passed by 2 San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol cars (back to back) driving on Vulcan South just North of Birmingham. (Encinitas)

1235 pm- Passed red ambulance from Encinitas Fire Dept. at the intersection of El Camino Real and Encinitas Blvd. (Encinitas)

1235 pm- Passed “motor vehicle accident” at Encinitas Blvd. east and Village Square Dr. Encinitas Fire Dept. firetruck w/ emergency lights on, traffic officer w/ motorcycle present, multiple first responders standing on side of road. Traffic backed up going opposite direction as me. (Encinitas)


353 pm- Passed red ambulance at Genessee North and 5 South on ramp. (La Jolla)

413 pm- Passed traffic officer at intersection of Lomas Santa Fe Dr. and 101 North. (Solana Beach). Officer turns onto 101 North behind me.

427 pm- Passed by (same?) traffic officer at intersection of Encinitas Blvd. East and Westlake. (Encinitas)


1230 pm- Passed by CA State Lifeguard white pickup truck. Syncs passing me as I park at the beach. (Carlsbad)

1236 pm- Same CA State Lifeguard pickup truck crosses jetty and parks  North of me in my path on South Ponto Beach before I walk over jetty bridge. (Carlsbad)

105 pm- Passed by CA State Lifeguard pickup truck while walking South on Beach. (Carlsbad)


904 pm- Passed by San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car while walking on Quail Gardens Dr. at Encinitas Bl. East. (Encinitas)


715 pm- I am standing on the side of the road in front of my house taking decibel readings of loud vehicles with a sound level meter and a flashlight. 2 San Diego Sheriff dept. patrols cars driving back to back pull up in front of my home on Rosebay drive followed by a black unmarked law enforcement SUV (with blacked out windows) revving it’s engine. Both patrol cars park on the street 1/2 block away from me and 2 deputies slowly walk towards me until they are standing approx. 12-20 feet away. Both officers then left without sating a word to me. After they left a thin man in a black suit with a very short haircut walked behind me and stood about 30 feet way with his back turned to me. He mad a loud cellphone call and vanished about 8-10 minutes later. I think he was the one driving the black SUV with the Sheriff Dept. He looked very out of place in my “blue collar” neighborhood.


142 pm- Passed San Diego Fire Dept. ladder truck at Governor Dr. East and Greenwich. (La Jolla/ UTC area)

357 pm- Passed private ambulance at Genessee North and Scripps Medical Center drwy. (la Jolla)


1044- San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car parked in intersection at Westlake  and Requeza watching traffic. (Encinitas)

1255 pm- Encinitas Fire Dept. in uniform syncs walking in front of me as I approach the checkout at Sprout’s on El Camino Real. He is eating in front of me which is mimicking harassment. (Encinitas)

103 pm- Passed by 3 San Diego patrol cars back to back as I wait to exit Ralph’s shopping center on El Camino Real. Car #20669 w/plate# CA 1213064 w/ female driver. Car #20953 w/plate# CA1257818. Car #20363. (Encinitas)

105 pm- Passed San Diego Sheriff Dept. Traffic officer on motorcycle at intersection of Via Molena and Encinitas Blvd. (Encinitas)

457 pm- Passed by Rural/Metro red ambulance at Encinitas Blvd. and Quail Gardens Dr. (Encinitas)

458 pm- Passed San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car on Encinitas Blvd. West just east of Quail Gardens Dr. (Encinitas)


805 pm- Passed by San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol car while walking on Encinitas Blvd. near Princehouse.






8 thoughts on “First Responder Harassment Log: January 2015

  1. I was just coming home from shopping, and the same police van drove by three times, and then another one was parked near my home. They had a street theater skit going with a few perps. I guess they’re stepping it up because they don’t like me exposing them in my blog.

    I’ve seen a top 10 list of the most popular professions for psychopaths, and police officer is number 7. Number one is of course CEO (and political leader).

    • Hi, I read your article and I got to admit it’s interesting, at least on a conceptual level. I don’t believe it’s literally like you say but the gang stalking phenomenon is very much about spiritual warfare. The demonic and possessed perpetrators are trying get the target’s soul. Targeted individuals tend to be free spirits who defy the Satanic system we’re being forced to live in.

  2. You’ve been synchronized in your own virtual dome. I experience this every day. You are in no danger and u r not being followed although it sure feels like it. This is supernatural. Just get used to it. Police etc are used as synchro points. God is orchestrating all this. There is no sinister plot or conspiracy. Study every single line in my blog. Please!!!!


    • Pay attention to the time when things occur. 933 pm and 433 pm both have 33 in them which is the number for Jesus. Jesus was 33 when he died. God uses double digits to communicate. Pay attention to license plates as well. I get messages everyday via personalized plates. These are just some of the methods God uses to communicate. Pay attention to everything and realize that all these crazy things we are experiencing are actually the many ways God is using to talk to us.


      • 100 means one direction and see as in see God. 00 means see. Like a pair of eyes. 11 means one direction. 22 means relax. 33 means Jesus. 44 means relax. 55 means talk to God as in hands Iin air worshipping or praying. 66 is in the number of books in the bible. 77 means to keep flying straight. 88 means keep going. 99 means see. Pay attention to anything that enters your field of vision even birds and chemtrails from planes.

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