Take Me To Church

In the early stages of my full on gangstalking campaign I visited a local monastery. It is a small but peaceful monastery at the end of a long residential street in San Diego. A large, white chapel adjoins the monastery along with a beautifully manicured rose garden. Several meetings followed this first meeting with a very nice nun who understood there is a spiritual war occurring. I value her spiritual guidance dearly. But at the same time I don’t think she or the other Sisters at the monastery are immune to the “campaign”. This was evident since my first visit with her and has only progressed.

Like everything else a TI touches, the gang stalking system rolls in like a slow fog, causing everything to crumble into dust. Suddenly there were home remodels taking place up and down the street, just like in my own neighborhood. On one occasion I took cell phone pictures of a car that was leading me towards the neighborhood. The perp then took the left turn onto the monastery’s street ahead of me, pulled over, waited for me to pass, and followed me all the way to the monastery. When I parked he got out and started screaming at me “Why are you following me?” “Why are you taking my picture?” I stayed in my car until he left, scared out of my wits. When I went inside to my appt. with the Sister, he came back and stole my cell phone out of my car.

Since I started visiting the Sister, there have been other strange happenings in her life and at the monastery. Sister’s mother passed. Months earlier, she had a bad fall at home while unattended. Another Sister became very ill. Sister’s cat escaped while she was out of town. He was found in the rose garden after she returned. The Sister she was visiting at the time also lost her pet and they had a very stressful time finding it. For an extended period, Sister was also called on to transfer to a monastery in the Boston area to fill in. From what she described after her return, they had a more rigid routine than the monastery her in California. It was also located in a very bad neighborhood in South Boston.

During one of my more recent visits, Sister told me there was remodeling planned in the monastery. Specifically the restrooms to accommodate the older Sisters. She seemed pleased and at that point I could tell the gangstalking system was becoming even more controlling over the monastery. Sister also does frequent gesture harassment during my visits. She also had some strange visitors since I started coming there. She described a woman coming to visit her that seemed to be in a trance. So much so she could barely function. She walked her back out to her truck and she left. Another man, appearing well dressed, visited repeatedly, requesting to borrow money to pay for a storage unit.

From the time of my first visit to the monastery, I wanted to start going to mass in their chapel on Sundays. During my first visit there, sister allowed me to visit the locked chapel. I went in and prayed and cried as the perps buzzed the chapel with a low flying chopper. Because of the PTSD, it took me over a year to start attending mass there. Just thought of driving there on a Sunday was too daunting. I have now been attending mass there 1-2 times a month for about 6-7 months.

There have been perps at mass there from the beginning. Coughing harassment, mimicking harassment, blocking, gesture harassment, synced harassment, color harassment, vehicle harassment, sexual harassment, crowding, directed conversation, rude/bizarre/ inappropriate behavior. Today a baby was so loud during the homily the priest had to stop and comment on it. One priest has already been transferred out to Japan with the US Navy. He told a joke about mental illness from the altar at the end of mass one day. One Sunday a perp from my previous church showed up to do the readings, grinning at me from the altar. After exiting the chapel a month ago, a man was waiting for me across the street with 2 large German shepherds who kept jumping up and down. He was waiting across the street and crossed over as soon as he saw me exit. I stayed where I was on the steps until he passed. At the same time a group of neighbors from the house across the street came outside and stood in their driveway staring at me. I wish I had recorded this.

Over the past 2-3 months I started noticing more and more people attending mass wearing brown scapulas. 12 inch brown felt squares over their abdomens and backs attached by 2 shoulder straps. They have been increasing in number each time I go and seemed to be getting more involved in running the masses. Today, after missing mass for a month, their role has increased significantly. They have taken over all the roles of the nuns during the mass, who stay hidden in a separate area during the whole mass.

The brown scapula-wearing people call themselves the 3rd order of the Discalced Carmelites. There is now a new sign behind the altar that states “The Sacred Order of the Discalced Carmelites.” The sign has a crest on it with 3 blue stars inside it and a sword above it. I do not know if this is an official crest of the Carmelites, but these symbols look disturbingly Satanic and Islamic to me. The sign is removed immediately after mass. Honestly, they look like/act like cult members to me. They wear name tags now. They have taken over the Sisters’ roles of the gospel readings during mass, and tidying up the chapel after mass. One male cult member blocked me twice while leaving the chapel while feigning busy work.

I miss seeing the Sisters during and after mass and I wonder if they really like all of these changes. I imagine favors like the remodels soften the blows. And the changes likely come from high up so they don’t really have a choice.

Yesterday on my way home from the beach there was a detour on the 101 driving South. Two San Diego Sheriff Dept. patrol cars had blocked off both lanes with their emergency lights on (more first responder harassment). I turned around and ended up stopping at a Circle K on the way home for a drink. The cashier’s name was Jesus. Not every detour is a bad thing. I wonder why more whites don’t name their sons Jesus. These people can change it up all they want my faith only grows bigger and stronger, just like the mustard tree.



11 thoughts on “Take Me To Church

  1. After reading your post I was stunned;Not shocked that this has been going on but stunned at the detailed, carefully scripted perping that occurred just before, during and after your visit to church, all the costly changes made to the monastery and the street, ect.

    Gang stalking not only shows people’s darkest, ugliest side but it shows how there is no limits to their pettiness;For those perps not mind controlled to get paid to glare at someone, cough loudly as you walk past them, walk by them with your dog, ride by them on your bike, ect you have to have NO dignity. NO sense of self or accountability and a LOT of self-loathing.

    You know how some movies have a “‘making of?” The behind the scenes of our individual perping, from the producers or budget, the U.S. government, the script, the actors rehearsing (training as perps), hiring set creators and workers (additions to the monastery), all of the details that go into your perping, coordination of emergency services, the use of DE weapons;Mind control, your tracking by satellite and/or drone, cell phone and/or implant tracking and boots on the ground stalkers and of course these sick fucks MUST record our perping on film and write a detailed report on how we react when a particular “episode” of perping (different types of harassment) is done.

    All this work and MORE to fuck with someone’s mind and body using mainly indirect (hard to prove) psy op tactics which are constantly updated and modified for each target’s individual “needs” and the resources allocated to each TI’s perping (not just money) is staggering.

    Its sadly obvious that no matter where you go to pray it would be just a matter of time before your new place of worship would become totally infiltrated and since they know all of our plans beforehand (telepathy, surveillance in general) perps would be waiting for you on your first visit to a new church.

    On ‘Conversation And Support For TIs’ on Talkshoe last night, the host Renata spoke about what you covered in your awesome blog entry of ‘Being A TI Is An Education (something like that!).

    Renata answered my comment on how there is no “meat and potatoes” documentaries on the web about gang stalking that explains the entire program in one hour or so.

    The reason for the lack of documentaries on gang stalking is due to the obvious: Gang stalking requires the resources of: Science;Neurology, neuroscience, computer science, anthropology, politics, psychiatry (NLP, conditioning, ect), history (Stasi’s tactics), corporations, ML Ultra, Monarch project, universities (research on DE for ex) and over one hundred other topics.

    All of this aggregated data;Research, linking together so many disparate fields of study for the sole purposes of causing a human being to self-destruct and to observe the behaviors of all perps involved in the target’s persecution.

    Mind boggling to say the least. Activists, whistle blowers, ex-wives and girlfriends of scum cowards in law enforcement or connected losers in general:People just trying to get through life trying to achieve the contentment and peace which is everyone’s birthright but all of that falls through the floor once some waste of flesh puts us on “the list.”

    I hope that a LOT of people read your super-informative and insightful entries, archives and links.

    Because your blog is a great way to give the middle finger to these sick fuck children in adult’s bodies following a script, smirking with those retarded, crooked grins on their dumbed down faces filled with illusory power.

    Under other circumstances I would pity these people.

    • There is a tremendous amount of work and effort that goes on behind the scenes. I wouldn’t be surprised if these people are being steadily supplied with legal and illegal stimulants to do this work. Everyone at my job who is involved in my workplace mobbing looks like they have aged 10 years with the past 2 years. They are all ugly, inside and out. There will never be any justification for what they are doing. It is straight up psychopathy.

    • Perps are so immature, but they don’t seem to care, as they are looking for a reaction, or approval from the other idiotic assholes in their group. They are embarassingly immature. If I stop to get gas, there’d be some girls coming out laughing loudly about something, but doing it in such a way as to let me know that I’m being stalked. As if I couldn’t have guesed. And of course, nothing special, as usual. I’ve always envisioned that there is some handler some where who really isn’t nearly the quality of a person that I am, but the person has a complete power trip over me, knowing my psych. “gangstalking ” profile, and is going to great pains to get me to react so he can get a good laugh at me expense. It follows logically that surveillance of me reacting is being used for the entertainment of other group members involved in the stalking. If you get laughed at by a person you’ve just met, then they had to have seen a film or record of you reacting to harassment or you doing something embarrasing in private. It’s like, they are exposing the private life of TI’s for their entertainment.

      TI’s strike me as the types that don’t have enough emotional intelligence to break free from the hive mentality. That’s one reason perps are so immature… low emotional intelligence. Hence. they need to participate in order to gain back whatever advantage they’ve lose from being borm inferior to targets. And second, people in today’s society are very peer-pressure about the need to fit in, but that they even succumb to peer pressure is more evidence of their low emotional intelligence. Intelligent mature people don’t worry about what a bunch of embarassingly immature grown adults think about them. And they hate the smart ones in today’s society. The fact that they need to come after targets in large connected mobs is proof this: if they can band together and make shit up about a target, they have the other hive members’ beliefs that the target is crazy or a rapist or whatever to make them feel better. So they do it anyways, knowing that they are completely wrong but they know that other like-minded idiots are agreeing to the same lies about the target and that makes them feel better about being inferior to the target.

      And they love to do the same tactics over and over and over again to targets. To this day,they are still doing things perps did 10 years ago. At work, if I get promoted to a differnet position, they up the harassment antics. I know they are afraid of me getting promoted and having enough power to fire them and their perp friends. So they need to harass me into reacting so I can be removed from the jpb site by security and I won’t be a threat to them in the future. They need to protect them and the other worthless perps.

      The latest joke tactic is shading me to be a murderer. And they are obviously jealous because I got the job they wanted. so the resort to being cowards and start harassing me. They want me to react so I can get fired and I won’t be a threat to them or their other perps in the future.

  2. I stopped going to church long ago when I realized going to church was just going to be a circus of perping. It is required for Christians to assemble with other Christians but I’m not gonna sit there and watch the idiots whisper and point and turn around. The changes at your church are creepy. The last church I attended started losing members and programs were discontinued. The pastor quit and an interim pastor was in place when I quit. A famous pastor visited the church and the collection plate was stolen. I spoke to a couple that day that said the wolves were eating the sheep.

    • I like going to the monasteries because they don’t have the circus-y feeling that the parishes do. But it is sad how infiltrated they still are. I also attend mass at a Benedictine monastery here that is infiltrated. They are putting the State before God. Nazism meant Nationalism. The monastery flies a huge American flag over one of it’s main buildings. The American flag has become the new “false flag” to let you know this territory has been claimed by the NWO or whoever the fuck is funding this massive campaign of deception and division. This mobile puppet army is all over now, and Isis is just one part of it. I just don’t understand who is pulling the strings. The gangstalking program may not be new but someone is definitely putting it into overdrive right now.

      • Hello my fellow TI. My name is Lucienne and I am also a TI in California. I beat PTSD and the Gang Stalking problem. First everywhere you go wear red. Then smile and sing the praises of Jesus. One I like is “Jesus is my handler, who handles you?”
        You can find a lot of the who, what, where and how, here:
        http://www.newworldwar.org/ Always remember you have the power to defeat them through the power of prayer in Jesus name. Good luck.

      • They are upping my gs too. Big ol’ flags give me the creeps now. Before I knew I was a target I taped up a flag in my apt. but took it down 3 years later when they did not find Bin Laden and then a year later I found out about gs. I’m Protestant and the church I belonged to had to put on this big old show before services. Bread and circuses.

      • Just from one Talkshoe show I follow there has been an increase in everyone’s targeting but if you look at things from a broader perspective things appear to be getting worse for a lot of people, not just TIs although its obvious from the slanted “news” reports, the TV shows like Dr. Phil and many of the websites and You Tube channels that targeted individuals are being made out to look dangerous and fuck nuts as they’ve told our civilian perps in many cases.

        The fact that for YEARS in some cases just SPEAKING ti a mental health professional about the government following you by satellite and/or drone, getting attacked by DE weapons and followed and fucked with by sick, stupid sadistic scumfucks can land you a psychiatric diagnosis of delusional disorder or Schizophrenia: I honestly believe that gang stalking has gotten so out of control and so widespread that its GOING TO BECOME MAINSTREAM but the media and the ass-slaves in government are going to ensure that every person who claims to be a TI is fuck nuts.

        Think of how many other atrocities have gotten so big over the years but the mainstream downplayed it BIG TIME.

        The fuck degenerate mad scientists and other traitors to humanity “just” from MK Ultra were PARDONED and the Church commite hearings did not accomplish ANYTHING as so many other high (and low) ranking criminals got away with serious felonies.

        It just makes sense in a sick way that targeting is increasing as more and more news stories about the government spying on everyone breaks the news, as more stories about drones and other hi-tech things to “keep us safe” break the news and remember as TIs we are a “barometer” of sorts in which through our experience(es) we can see and remember how bad things have been and are getting.

        As far as the church cooperating with the state think of how they preached blind government compliance in Nazi Germany using that bible chapter from Romans which they’ve been doing and/or have been instructed to use int he U.S. and Canada too (assuming).

        I saw a You Tube video today which made me want to puke. It was in a huge church with a few storm trooper police (who are helping poison this world for themselves, their family and friends) standing by with a brainwashed woman repeating that everyone should kiss the police ass in terms of working with NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH GROUPS which were PLANNED from the fucking start to be used to spy on people, turning large cult-driven groups against one person.

        As if the state ever gave two shits about the public’s welfare! Its all power, control, sadism, perversion, murder and torment (a relative term) and nothing more.

        I’m not devout but it must be painful to see the infiltration of churches over a period of time by not only perps but other sick fucks with an agenda and statistically speaking, each church depending on its size has more than one target and for all you know the perps take turns with different TIs at church and everywhere else.

        I KNOW that in my case at least SOME of my neighbor scum perps do not just perp me-They’ve been trained by our traitor govt who although wasteful will not waste human “talent”:In other words, Stopogs, some of our perps perp other TIs during a given day or week.

        Its obvious as hell that the more well trained perps rotate over time going from one church, supermarket, dept. store, university, ect to another screwing with one TI then another as per their handler’s directions and at this point I am convinced that at least SOME of our updated targeting is done courtesy of some kind of super computer’s program giving a basic outline to our tailor-made targeting based on our ever-changing mental and physical data they monitor (a HUGE guess on my part).

      • Huge flag at church? Weird. I just stay away from all the hypocritical freaks. They can genuflect, cry, sing, whatever…most people today are garbage…mind controlled evil little children.

    • They had one priest here at our local church who was very outstanding. He was very caring, down to earth, and his sermons were practical and useful. The other priest here was like a big bag of wind. His sermons were so mechanical, as though he really only enjoyed listening to himself talk. This priest was generally caring and cared about others not listening to himself talk. His sermons were practical and useful. This other priest used to blabber about Charlie Brown and make it seem as though he were trying to deliver a life’s lesson. But it was yet another long-winded monolog that he constructed just because he knew he needed to “get it done” and fulfil his job requirements.

      Ah, but now is where it gets bad. There were some decades-old allegations about him messing around with this one student of his when he was younger when he taught. Stuff that happened many years ago. And I believe he was very wrong for committing those acts, but this was very fishy. He was banned from priesthood from this Bishop here in his Diocese. And it did leave a bad taste in our mouths, but it’s so funny how this one kid waited all these years to bring about the allegations. I know kids don’t know any better and don’t like to admit to being fondled or molested, but this seemed like a planned deliberate act to get him banned from the church for life. I’m klnd of split on this one. Yes, if he did engage in inappropriate acts with a kid or kids, then he should pay the price. On the other hand, why all of a sudden bring this up now? I think the real reason is because his sermons were useful and he was really helping people. But the perps don’t like people in a leadship role helping others. They like to get their cronies in leadership roles or someone who isn’t really going to be a help to others but a harmless bag of wind like the other priest. The thing is, he did something bad and it cost him. But the asshole perps are obvious child molesters, and they have their armies of passive aggressive childish morons flaunting it openly, as though they can’t be brought down. And nobody does anything to ban them from society. Instead, it is we targets who get banned, shunned, victimized, marginalized.

      Sounds similar to Pete Rose’s story. he did something stupid, and got banned from life in baseball. Yet, a lot of games seem to be fixed, and the perps involved (making bad calls etc.) never get punished or fined, because they do in on a level that mimicks incompetence or bad judgement.

      • Perps lie about sexual crimes. It was probably a lie about your priest. They have very vivid and lurid imaginations. I would not trust a pedo priest or pastor though. Where there is smoke there is fire. If that priest really was a pedo. I don’t think the condition is curable.

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