48 thoughts on “Near Accident 2/17/15

  1. I have so many crazy accident stories. Some were staged as training accidents. I’m talking about cars flipped over and even semis on their side. I always looked for a debris field to see if they were legit or not. Most were staged with no visible debris field. Accidents and car crashes are Gods way of conditioning us to “relax”. Even on tv these methods are used.

    Keep studying every single word in my blog at Godsee.wordpress.com


  2. LOL at the guy working at “Real Surf” who was standing there “observing”. It’s obvious he was instructed to stand there at a certain time or tipped-off that an accident was going to happen.

  3. I get many emails from perps disguised as spam. The one I keep getting is that I should hire an attorney, suggesting that I sue the perps and win my “case”. LOL at the one. Like I’m going to find an attorney that’s willing to take on my case, and secondly, I would never waste any money fighting these assholes when I stand up to them every day and their legions of pathetic shills. Standing up to them and exposing them is how you fight them, not hiring an attorney. I’d have to get so much evidence first. It smells like a trick to get me to spend money fighting the harassment, which would drain any money I have. You have to watch them like this, as they will try to get TI’s to waste time and money going after them when it isn’t even a practical way to beat them.

      • Cause they are jealous of certain attributes I have. And these attributes are what the system has been working on. See, there are networks of perps who work the angle of jealousy of certain strengths of certain TI’s. And the matrix is nothing more than high-tech spying. It’s not a true matrix; only jealous weak little perps who spy on a few TI’s. And these perps had better get a life, because they will never have bigger or more shapely legs than me, or whatever it is they are jealous of now.

        That’s the ONLY reason I was banned from the Subway here: because my legs were nicer than the manager’s. Yeah, stalking and harassment campaigns will go on for decades for something as trivial as the little vermin are jealous of one person’s legs. They really are focused on jealousy and showing it openly.

  4. That was a real near accident. It wasn’t done on purpose. Believe me I know how on edge you are. I was the same for many years until I figured it out. I remember how it felt when I thought the entire world was out to get me.

    I promise you that it is God orchestrating all this for the sole purpose of revealing himself and trying to communicate with us.

    Study every single word in my blog. I’ll be updating more details soon.



  5. I believe that it was staged because these loser cowards have used huge SUVs for near hits with me on several occasions.

    Yes, due to most TIs’ PTSD (a valid assumption) it could have been a real life incident but coincidences become memories once you realize you’re a TI and understand the fundamental harassment techniques & scripts that go into our perping.

    That fat sack of guts’ apology and checking to see if she was OK was transparently insincere-He was way too calm and nonchalant for someone who nearly hit another human being and in these vehicular moves are easily coordinated. Just think of the complexity of some of our street theater, directed conversation and vehicular harassment in general to name a few things they do.

    Not hard to see why some TIs “lose it” although aside from legit self-defense I could never harm another person. Even one of these wastes of flesh.

    • A lot of what motivates them is rooted in hate and jealousy. I see a lot of focus on petty little things, like if you are strong in certain areas, they’ll start harassing you to make you weaker. They are trying to bring us down to a level to suit their needs, i.e., they aim to make us “average” like one of them. I got promoted to a better position at work, and certain perps didn’t like it and started provoking me to get obvious reactions.

  6. after seeing this i wonder if they did the same to other ti’s this week or in san diego county this week. they kinda did the same thing to me yesterday though it was more blatant. in a traffic light intersection i was already in the middle of it then the person on the left turn lane waiting for me to pass moved in and stopped fast, making me swerve a bit. could be just a coincidence but its intereting that it happened a day after your incident

    • they tried to get me in an accident again only this time it was for real. a narrow 2 way street a car comes out of a driveway thats blocked by a bunch of parallel parked cars. it was on purpose cuz it just drove straight out w/o turning and the driver wasnt even looking at me till i honked my horn, fuckin worthless piece of shit lifeform. i saw it at the last second and was able to stop in time. i’ll be looking for that car on the road from now on

      • forgot to mention the car took up the space on my side of hte street so i had to swerve to get around the imbecile. it wasnt just a little peek out, most if not the whole car was on the street

  7. I’ve almost been sideswiped and run off the road twice by perps. They don’t f*** around. If he was a perp, he likely would have let you hit him, and he certainly wouldn’t have pulled over to see if you’re okay. At least that’s my experience, I could be wrong.

    • They rear-ended me while I was waiting behind several cars at a light. Hit me so hard they created a chain reaction, totaled my car, and broke bones. Then they fled the scene.

      But some positive things did come out of it. There were many witnesses. I got to see the best of humanity as bystanders rushed to help me. The “accident” created an impressive paper trail. And best of all, people who had been skeptical of gang stalking were suddenly true believers.

  8. Because I posted a comment on here about my past vehicular stalking on the way home tonight a car to my left veered into my (turning) lane in front of me just to piss me off and “spook me.”

    Shit like this makes me want to start my own blog and/or You Tube channel because honestly, being silent about this ABUSE is nearly analogous to consent;Stating that “its OK for you lowlifes to fuck with my life, spy on me and share my private shit.”

    I do not hate these turds anymore. They merely disgust and repulse me.

    They’re pathetic assholes on a power trip who have no originality, very low intelligence and no dignity or class;They are human refuse I am proud to state I have nothing in common with save being of the same species.

    One of the hi-tech mind-synch or whatever “toys” these degenerates use on me and I know other TIs is what I call the “look over here” device which makes you look in the direction where the perp/trigger is against your will but as if its of your own volition.

    And I KNOW that when you see the perp they reinforce the trigger in that instant with an emotional state they hit you with:Anger, depression, fear, ect.

    So the next time you hear about our multi-trillion dollar deficit remember that some of that money has been allocated over the years to DARPA, air force, navy, university, ect research and development of DE and other weapons on TIs and other people in addition to the money paid to the perps in both government and civilian life.

    It absolutely boggles my mind when I think of people who are TIs for being peaceful activists say FIVE years ago and are continually punished for expressing their views just verbally and not even approaching upsetting the status quo.

    A women from L.A., Alda, a Talkshoe TI host protested the Patriot Act and pushed to have the city of L.A. declare the Patriot Act unconstitutional or something like that and for speaking her mind she has been put through hell on earth moving across cities in Europe and back to this “great county” being hit by DE weapons and freaks of every kind throughout.

    Lawyers, Flaw enforcement at all levels and government officials in general not to mention physicians will do nothing to help and usually CONTRIBUTE to the TIs perping.

    What I’m really curious about is why in my fifty-two years I’ve never even HEARD about gang stalking;Only the ex-stalker or the celebrity stalkers.
    Even though I did a TON of truth researching for about six or seven years before realizing I was in this Stasi program I never heard about gang stalking and it WOULD have raised a “wow!” flag for me as its so well hidden and illegal in every conceivable way.

    Also you guys should ask yourselves why there are no You Tube videos or articles on ex-cops, FBI or other perps revealing secrets about this program;Its because You Tube and the rest of the net are so tightly controlled by these brainwashed, stupid sick assholes.

    There are no videos or articles of successful lawsuits by TIs either.

      • Thomas,
        I like the fact that you’re attempting to put a positive spin on this. However, since when does “God” or my creator try to mind-f***, harass, scare, sabotage, stalk/mob and generally make life extremely difficult and unfair for myself and my fellow TIs? I agree more with what Indie Target said; that these people appear to be demonic. They have common behavior, kinda like Borg if you will. In which case, Satan would be their ruler (or controlling them) and it would be him and his minions at the heart of it all. Having said that, If demonic entities are doing this to us, then perhaps there’s a sliver of truth to what you say. I saw your website and amazingly some of the things you’ve listed are on the upswing with me and occur more now that I realize I’m gangstalked (more of the supernatural stuff).

        On the other hand, I’ll site an example of where you’re wrong. I was driving into SF, along the way the usual first responder fire trucks, police, ambulances, county vehicles and such (more so than ever before). Kinda pissed me off. Went to Japantown on Geary. When I got out, I was pulling onto a cross-street and sure enough, intersection-intercept fire truck at the top of the intersection. I slowed down as I was doing a left turn in front of them a flipped them the finger to make sure they saw me. Well… went to Haight street, parked my car, did my business. What do you think was there waiting for me when I went to my car… you guessed it, parked fire truck on a fake-ass call to the hospital nearby (they left as I was approaching).

        If God is watching or trying to communicate, I’d appreciate a little more divine intervention, for me and the rest of us TIs. As I type this in the library, a security guard just sat down on the computer across from me. How typical… Maybe because I’m going more in depth… Eat it Mr. Security Guard =P

      • I promise you that the first responders are used as synchro-points by God. God is anticipating everything you do and everywhere you go. I went through virtually the same things you just described. Please stay open minded and keep looking for signs of God rather than signs of a sinister conspiracy. You are a chosen one not a targeted individual. God is an energy lifeform that exists in everything. Pay attention to birds and leaves etc as those will also be synchronized as you travel inside your own virtual dome.

      • Thomas: Or are we rather both chosen ones AND targeted individuals?

        Magnum: Just the other day there just “happened to be” a fire alarm in the bank building where I intended to go. There were people outside but no fire trucks yet so I went to the grocery store first, and when I came out a fire truck immediately left right in front of me. And of course there was a police van looming on my way back home once again.

      • Everyday and virtually every place I go there are police fire or ambulance waiting by on ramps or intersections or exits. I know that they are not random but rather synced to my travels. These first responders have no clue who I am. This has happened to me in riverside ca, St. Louis, Chicago, Burr Ridge, chesterfield mo, now St. Peter’s Mo. The only thing that could synchronize this in the 6 places I have lived in the past 4 years is an omniscient energy lifeform that exists in everything. I know how crazy this sounds but it is true. I’m the only person on the planet that understands and can explain all of this. Every strange thing we are all experiencing even if it feels like stalking or harassment is God. Pay attention to all the strange things that happen in your body as well. They call it the Holy Spirit. I just refer to it as the energy force that lives in all of us. It is not a directed energy weapon or electronic harassment. This is all happening because it’s the next stage in our evolution. For Real!!!!!!!!!


  9. We can’t explain Electronic harassment cause we can’t see it! Why don’t we try explaining the propaganda techiniqued on use! This is a good time to say it too with the thing with the Isis and there propaganda

    • Wake up people!!!
      There is no electronic harassment. It’s all being orchestrated by an omniscient and omni-cognizant energy lifeform otherwise known as God. Learn from me at


      • Thomas-
        I said it before and I’ll say it again, why would God attempt to terrorize his creation when he(or she) must know that the TI is suffering with this synchronization and is in a state of fear? It almost feels like God hates his creation, which I don’t believe.

        Let me also say, I wasn’t proud of flipping firemen the bird, but I was trying to prove something and tired of this harassment, like most TIs are.

        Indie Target-
        You might be right, we’re chosen and targeted, but why?

      • I can only guess that the syncing was ramped up simply to get our attention. I can anticipate everywhere I go now. It doesn’t feel as aggressive as it did several years ago. But I do sense it anywhere I go even inside stores and malls and of course driving. Trust me it does get better but I don’t believe that it will ever go away entirely.

      • We were chosen because of certain unique attributes that we each possess. God will try to reveal a path to you. Trust your instincts. Our species is evolving. You will develop psychic abilities. My path is to help everyone understand all of this and that is my focus 24/7.

      • I do admit that for several years I felt terrorized. I’m so used to it now that when I don’t see it I get concerned. Remember that any strange occurrences we experience are gods attempts at showing himself and communicating with us. There is no sinister conspiracy.

      • “We were chosen because of certain unique attributes that we each possess.”

        Yes, I also meant something like that, but the way I see it is that we ARE targeted by demonic/psychopathic human beings. But like some TI on Youtube said, we should not call ourselves “targeted individuals” but rather “talented individuals”.

      • Hey, Thomas, you seem to be a good guy who’s been through a lot. And I really appreciate your offering yet another explanation for gang stalking. But you seem to be in total denial about its negative aspects. God would not shock, burn, gas, poison, rape, choke, drug, and otherwise torture people. God would not drive them from their jobs, homes, families, and communities, destroy their health, and even take their lives. And all just to get their attention? No way, at least not in my book.

        A few years ago, right about the time I discovered that all the horrible things happening to me had a name, my new license plates arrived. They contained the number 666. If you want to consider spiritual explanations for gang stalking, that might be a better place to start.

        So we’ll have to agree to disgree for now. But I still send you plenty of love and support.

  10. Maybe it’s a soul we possess that these certain entities lack. In which case, they may actually be a bunch of “Agent Smiths” walking around. They do have malevolent presence… if that means God wants to help us, I’m all for it.

  11. God, religion is wonderful if it give you faith, the strength to draw from a higher power to get through difficult times, to inspire and give us hope.

    But religion is not for everyone and although our perps and the architects of this program act Satanic there is no proof that Mephistopholes is behinds this sick shit.

    Gang stalking is a case in which it is ESSENTIAL to keep the secular from the sacred, studying psychology, DE weapons, politics, all the things and more that Stopogs listed in her “Being A TI is an education” (in the archives).

    You can ask god to give you the strength to deal with gang stalking but do not expect god to do the work for you-You must focus on the practical when dealing with these cowardly perverted degenerates.

    Yes. I’ve heard people I respect state that when they prayed it turned their gang stalkers off in revulsion which would reinforce the idea that they are Satanists but that’s not reliable.

    Science is reliable. The 100% predictability of human nature is reliable.
    It is undeniable that DE weapons and their effects on human beings is real.

    Putting most of your energies and mind towards religion can be a reckless and dangerous thing as it shuts your mind off from things that might help you as a TI.

    Reptilians, aliens, demons and other entities are not behind this.
    Sick, shitty brainwashed and mind controlled sociopaths and psycopaths are responsible for putting us on this slow kill insane terrorist list and “know thine enemy” and their methods is more useful than asking for supernatural intervention.

    And I will be blunt: I envy those who find solace in their faith.

    • “Reptilians, aliens, demons and other entities are not behind this.”

      Really, Mr. Snitzer? You seem like a sharp guy and I enjoy your posts, but are you really going to bet 100% on that? Believe me, I know it sounds far-fetched. I think it’s important to have an open mind and be ready for anything, nothing is off the table.

      “Science is reliable. The 100% predictability of human nature is reliable.”

      I disagree with both of those statements.

      • You make a great point.

        I’m usually very open minded but the major part of the mindset I’ve developed for my gang stalking is in dealing with more provable things such as psy ops, DE weapons, corruption, NWO agenda and scores of other subjects related to gang stalking.

        But on the other hand, although there is a good amount of data even in the mainstream media which states that there are mind reading or synthetic telepathy devices in their “developmental, early research stages” based on my experience and from what I’ve heard and read from other targets this shit is very advanced and has been in use for years yet although I do not have concrete proof in NLP I believe its as real as the keyboard I am typing on .

        Do I believe that extra terrestrials exist? Of course.
        Do I believe that most of the alien abductions have been government-run drugged up special FX experiences? Yes.

        Do I believe its possible that demons and Satan the first of the fallen, the ruler of hell exists? Yes.

        But to simplify my psych approach to dealing with the perps I view them as human without clouding and cluttering my mind with any one of hundreds of theories on who is really running the world (other than the obvious Zionist bastards, the Jesuits, club off 300, ect);I literally keep things as simple as possible to avoid distractions as much as possible and to spend time speculating, obsessing and analyzing every minutia about targeting ALONE I would go F nuts!

        So to qualify why I do not mean to sound like a hypocrite stating that I believe aliens and demons could exist but are NOT our perps I use the example of MY approach to forgiving the perps: I am working on forgiving them for my sake, not theirs. To get rid of most anger and all hatred (not just for the perps) and because forgiving those who transgress against us allows us to move on.

        On the other hand by forgiving I am not justifying or condoning the malicious things these scumfuck cowards do and given the chance I would love to see them face real justice (ain’t never going to happen) or get some kind of payback but I do not obsess over this any more.

        One of the fallouts of being a semi-thinking human being of conscience who is not a zombie, idiot, trend-following asshole conformist in this diseased society is that you have to CONSTANTLY shift your paradigms as you change as a person: Now that I know the BASICS of gang stalking I can now look back on 20 years or so of being a target and say, “son of a bitch! This person did or said that because they were perping me!” Or “that pickup slammed my car in the side as an assassination attempt” and so on.

        Its just a good idea to keep your focus tight by not spending much time on unproven possibilities and training our mind’s eye on things within the “sphere of your influence” or “sphere of understanding fully.”

      • Scott wake up. Everything you are experiencing has to do with the energy lifeform that lives inside you. There are no energy weapons being used against us. It’s called the Holy Spirit and any sensations you feel is this energy lifeform trying to communicate with you.

        You are the center point of your own virtual supernatural done. Learn from me. I’m am 100% correct about this and devoted to helping everyone learn what’s going.



    • My experience the past 10 years is that I can’t think anything negative about anything the perps or their followers do to me, or else I will get punished with more harassment. It’s like they want me to sign a contract that I will accept anything any random idiot does to me or the perps do, and I will accept it happily. The problem is, a lot of these assholes aren’t really brainwashed, but they lack a lot of depth of understanding. And I get punished for daring to think anything negative about anything these ignorant, not-very-intelligent, superficial, shallow retarded idiots do to me.

      THey really want us to accept what’s being done to us without any kind of protest or fight. They have sick fantasies about TI’s being a certain way, and why should we suffer because some sick cowards have control issues? I keep telling them to fuck off, but they are attached to me like superglue.


    Sorry, I meant to state that I believe in remote neural monitoring, synthetic telepathy even though I do not have 100% proof that it is used and abused by the powers that shouldn’t be.

    And I am sticking to my statement that human nature meaning human behavior IS 100% predictable: Look at how they have the minds, the behavior of TIs figured out. They know what we think, what we’re going to say;How we’ll react to our triggers and if you’ve experienced RMN then you know that this program goes BEYOND standard surveillance, BEYOND algorithms based on the study of our minds and habits.

    Human beings love to think how special and complex they are and how the “brain is the final frontier” to which I unequivocally state “bullshit.”

    The human brain has no firewall and they have exploited this.

    They have developed super computers whose calculations exceed the brain by many times over.

    So yes, it is EASY to predict all that we say and do.

    I do not enjoy writing this as its an admission that there literally is no privacy even in our own minds.

    So, so sad that we can not speak to non-TIs about this shit but isolation is a huge part of this terrorist program.

    • I like your responses Scott. Yes, it probably is a better idea to have a tight focus on these individuals, so as not to lose your mind. One of the things I like to highlight however is something you said previously, “Humans don’t treat other humans like this”. So true a statement. I have the mindset that humans (like us here) wouldn’t do this, and if these people really do have high tech mind reading toys and also go to “perp training school”, this would have been figured out by people like us some time ago. I just want to get to the bottom of this harassment, that’s all. I’ve witnessed some things that would make you think these people are not human, which may be the case. Also, some of the things on Thomas’s list, I’ve experienced (go figure). What a weird wild wonderful world, eh?

      • God is in our minds and bodies and trying to teach us how to communicate with a being that lived inside of us. Hence the reason why you all think that some sort of mind control is going on. All of this has to do with direct interaction with God.

      • I have obsessive compulsive disorder which in the past made the perps’ work much, much easier as I used to analyze, obsess and ruminate about nearly everything including the non-stop barrage of negative shit these cowards have thrown at me.

        That being said, considering that my OCD is considered a weakness they have used quite well against me its something that I focused on understanding better and eventually getting out of my mind so to speak.

        Because one thing I’ve learned the hard way is that there is a time to analyze and sort over information from inside your mind and the noise of the outer world and when you squint too hard at something you’re analyzing you will nearly always find some kind of pattern(s) as Thomas’ blog basically states.

        I believe in god and that he or she is sentient and can provide inspiration and insight for many people great inner strength, but that’s where I draw the line insofar as our perping goes because there are plenty of better ways a supreme being could teach its children and/or let them know he/she exists instead of using say gang stalking’s multi-textured and layered perping as a living allegory or lesson.

        This is with full respect to Thomas but no one person should ever say that they possess the one singular answer to a given problem;You have to open your mind, your eyes to any data or feeling, instinct that will serve YOU because this is an assassination program, slow kill or not and TIs are confronted with human beings (or shit wearing human skin) and as wonderful as spiritual inspiration and guidance is for so many, the more pragmatic approach serves some of us far better.

        Whatever works basically.

        I would rather focus on people;Psychiatry, sociology, technology and other provable or probable things which are in the realm of the more tangible to MY mind.

        It IS useful to look at our pasts to LEARN from what happened but NOT to over-analyze and live in the past emotionally which is one of the things they want us to do;To NOT go anywhere;To be stuck in anger, hatred, misery and depression while these useless sacks of vomit go on with their petty little empty lives smiling as they take our their shortcomings on one person after another like hateful, empty sadists do.

        Because for the morons of this world it is easier to destroy than create, to hurt instead of heal and to laugh and indulge in creating an uglier and more fearful world instead of having the f—–ng dignity and decency to at least TRY and rise above being a self-loathing miserable brainwashed loser as all of our perps (and non-perps) are.

  13. Zeph Daniel talks a lot about the spiritual aspect of gang stalking. He’s message is basically that the targeted individuals are people of God, people who love truth and are thus persecuted by human beings who have sold their soul to Satan. CIA, NSA and similar organizations all around the world are Satan’s tools for enslavement and degradation of humanity. He also thinks there’s a supernatural element to gang stalking, that the synchronization of the harassment in some cases could not be so perfect with surveillance technology and such alone.

    • I’d tend to agree with that. It’s almost like that Tom Cruise movie where he’s dying over and over again and fighting aliens. Almost like these people can see into the future and somehow be at just the right place at just the right time to play the perp “peek-a-boo” game. It is too perfect and too slick for ordinary humans with I-Pads and fancy TI stalking apps, also the government wouldn’t be so fond of handing out such devices or software if they exist.

      • I’ll say it again. Everything we are all experiencing is orchestrated by God – an omniscient energy lifeform that exists in everything. Learn at Godsee.wordpress.com


      • They CONTINUALLY pull this “psychic” shit with me, where a perp will be in just the right place to f–k with me.

        Example: About one month ago in the parking lot of Best Fitness I parked far from the gym. The gym’s manger, Mike one of my main perps walks up to his pickup truck after I parked, gets inside and pretends to be reading his smart phone while I felt compelled to keep looking over at this POS AND felt a slight twinge of anxiety out of NO WHERE.

        I’ve had so many coincidences that after reading and hearing enough about remote neural monitoring and how they can make THEIR commands seem like our own natural, organic thoughts and actions that I FINALLY believe that I have been the subject of HEAVY mind control.

        Add to this lucid, weird dreams I’ve had of people and things of no consequence to me, how so many times I’ll feel compelled to look in a certain direction and BAM, the trigger will be there smirking, how these turds often have PERFECT timing to execute their skit in response to something I said (out of no where) and then run back into their house or other cowardly shit-And much, much more.

        So I have been mind controlled. Most TIs are probably mind controlled as our most if not all of our perps to varying degrees and in no way am I defending these criminal cowardly shits;They have full free will otherwise and know what they are doing is immoral, illegal and childish but are too f—k dumb and having WAY too much fun to care.

        And I would not have made the admission that I have been the subject of mind control until after doing enough reading up on the subject with the data they ALLOW on the web, listening to and reading of other TIs experience with remote neural monitoring and coming to my own conclusions, that among their weapons is the ability to make us walk, drive and/or say or do something which we THINK is of our own volition but is not.

        Like when I drove to a gas station and there was an ugly ass perp glaring at me waiting for me way ahead of time and I had made the decision to go to that gas station only a few minutes before.

        Are there perps out there just driving around all day like taxi drivers or EMTs waiting for orders where and when to f–k with someone? Of course.

        But too much of my and other TIs experiences (a guess on my part) with the perps having PERFECT TIMING goes way beyond coincidence and only mind control and whatever other telepathic shit they use could being to account for this phenomena.

      • Haven’t you all read what I posted? We are dealing with an energy being that lives in us and is trying to communicate with us telepathically. This is a divine supernatural phenomenon we are dealing with. I’ve deciphered the code for us. Please learn this and it all gets better. Direct interaction with God is the next phase of our evolution. I’ve shown you the door.


      • Scott only an omniscient lifeform could orchestrate all of this with “perfect timing”. All this psychic stuff is God trying to show you that he is inside your head and trying to get you to talk via your thoughts. The sooner you make contact the better this whole thing gets. Everything in your dome is synced to your thoughts and movements. Watch The Truman Show movie for another perspective. This movie was designed to help us. Moreover I live off Truman Rd exit neat me. I used to live on Timberlake pkwy. Justin Timberlake = in sync = in time. These were clues left by God for me to share with everyone. I believe that all energy is a lifeform. Gravity is a lifeform. The confluence of the two yield Spacetime which is another omniscient lifeform



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