Myron May Testimony: “Real Politik” with Dr. James Tracy – Interview 34: Myron May 01-25-2014

Published on Jan 25, 2015
On this episode the last words of Attorney Myron May are broadcast to an international audience for the first time. A few days before going on a shooting spree at the Strozier Library on the Florida State University campus in Tallahassee, May calmly and knowledgeably video-recorded his observations and insights regarding what he argued was an organized campaign of electronic harassment, stalking and surveillance he was subject to. Under a sophisticated program of continual harassment, May hoped that an extreme act could draw attention to the plight of targeted individuals. In this vein he challenged elected officials and mainstream media to address the event and issue rather than explain them away as matters of mental illness.

A 2005 graduate of Florida State who went on to complete law school at Texas Tech University, may was an unlikely profile for a mass shooter. However, analysis of police reports and related documentation obtained by the Tallahassee Police Department alongside personal communications from those familiar with May’s termperment and situation suggest that his observations, at the very least, deserve our attention and consideration.

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Audio Material is used with a permission from Dr. James F. Tracy.

2 thoughts on “Myron May Testimony: “Real Politik” with Dr. James Tracy – Interview 34: Myron May 01-25-2014

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  2. For a lawyer who is supposed to exhaustively research their presentations May’s coverage of gang stalking was very, very vague.

    He also barely mentioned the government’s involvement in it aside from how people (who he did not specify) should contact the FBI and other agencies:NOTHING about FOIA requests or how to gather evidence on stalkers, NOTHING on how the government is infiltrated, NOTHING about brainwashing, mind control or conditioning and mentioning MK-Ultra does not even begin to count.

    Taking the lives of innocents (I’m convinced most of this was staged)
    to gain publicity for gang stalking does not even APPROACH a smart way to get publicity as Myron May could have taken over a TV station and broadcast about gang stalking (an EXTREME but honest example).

    May mentioned just enough details about some people he knew such as their names to have some credibility but he had NO anger, regret, fear or exhaustion in his voice and I have heard some version or combination of that in nearly every TI I’ve heard and read who I believe is the real thing.

    The police released this file and not only are they are a big part of gang stalking and I noticed that Mr. May said nothing about these cowards although I think he mentioned firemen perping him once.

    May’s claims that he was sane were like the rest of his statements rehearsed and scripted-Scripted as in working on his statements with some government piece of shit because this was just another incident to justify calling those claiming government harassment as “insane” and “dangerous” as you’ve noticed how nearly every TI who tells a mental health professional, “law” enforcement or other authority figure is labeled as delusional.

    As more and more people get on You Tube and/or start blogs, get on TV shows such as Dr. Phil they HAVE TO BE DISCRETED by the government/media.

    It only makes sense in a sick, shitty way.

    Myron May like Derrick Robinson is/was a government ass puppet and both have done nothing to help TIs out.

    And notice how May and I think one or two other national TI stories contacted FFCHs and its not just because they’re the most well known name in gang stalking activism (which they barely do).

    This was a psy op. May’s recording was just a part of it and I truly feel bad for any TIs who believe this full story;There are far too many discrepancies.

    This is not just me being my usual cynical, untrusting self;To ME at least, this is a common-sense, transparently misleading multi-layered bit of government smear and propaganda, nothing more. Nothing less.

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