The Roots of Gang Stalking

There are obvious parallels between organized stalking and human trafficking, just as there between perps and pedophiles. Considering perps’ need for control and to invade every inch of our privacy, I did research to see if pedophiles have those same characteristics. Bullseye. In this Plebius Press article “The Roots of Pedophilia” you will find a complete psychological profile that matches that of perps exactly. The CIA, DOD, DOJ, etc. are nothing more than a bunch of serial pedo masturbators. They must think they are God and we are all their children.

The Roots of Pedophilia

18 thoughts on “The Roots of Gang Stalking

  1. Makes perfect sense:They’re basically control freaks projecting their own deficiencies on their victims. They have shitty interpersonal skills even though they put on a great ACT of getting along with other adults including dating and marriage and the very act itself, preying on an absolutely vulnerable human being is the ultimate cowardice and when you have a cast scores to over 1000 perps (over time) who have every conceivable strategic, technological and psychological advantage over the TI you have a gang of cowards.

    Its is almost common knowledge that that the higher up the chain of power you go the more sick perverted assholes indulge their abominations or criminal whims and politicians, police at the local to federal levels, teachers, step fathers (anyone in authority) are well known to commit and usually get away with degeneracy of all kinds.

    The comparison of a pedophile and a perp’s connection to the victim (I don’t call myself a victim) is a little fuzzy for me insofar as the part where so many pedophiles think they’re doing a favor or being nice to the poor kids.

    The “adrenaline” rush or “thrill” of doing an illegal act as in the case of the pedophile EASILY translates to gang stalking (among many other crimes) because these sick, sad, stupid, ugly, paid, trained by the state, loser, pieces of crap DO get addicted to the power over another human being which of course DIRECTLY shows how helpless they think or know THEY are so when any one of my dozen plus perps just on my street gave me the “stare,” drove by the house extra slowly or stopped for a minute (ooooooooooooooh! Scary!), said key words and other shit and got a REACTION out of me I know that they got a short-lived high.
    I KNOW that they bragged about fucking with my mind to each other, friends and family because this is human nature at its lowest:Cowardly predators.

    The corpulent crap lady perp who sat down next to you in Qi Gong joked and bragged about getting paid to do this to you later on. I know it.

    This was of course before I figured out much of how perping is SCRIPTED, a lot of behind the scenes work, using cellphones to not only communicate with their handlers but to probably press a certain key to make me look at their sad, ugly asses while they stare or do some other humiliating shit.

    Yes. These DELUSIONAL assholes who get basic to THOROUGH training from the local, state and federal traitor police and probably some civilian handlers have “power” over TIs thanks to decades or more of research into mind control techniques, using both machines and proven and time -honored ways to condition people to fear and become aware of shit they’d ordinarily not even think of thus the PTSD that I suspect MOST TIs have.

    I believe that all perps (including the traitors cops and politicians who swore an oath) are mind controlled to a DEGREE but are otherwise fully cognizant that they are committing crimes and getting away with them which brings that cheap thrill.

    Our perpetrators share the same basic personality traits as pedophiles making them far, far more psychologically damaged than I’d ever imagined making them even MORE mentally ill and the TIs they so often call “crazy” SANER than ever!

    And 1/10 of pedophiles are women yet I’ve heard (Talkshoe shows) and read of women who state that part of their smear campaign is being a pedophile. Any fucking evil rotten lie to make the TI look as bad as possible in this cult of cowardly sadists.

    Quick comment: In the last few weeks of You Tube surfing I’ve found a lot of credible TIs posting some great videos;They’ve passed my perp acid test for what that’s worth!

    If you’d like me to send you links to these new (and older) TI videos please let me know.

    • Yes there are quite a few good new testimony videos out on Youtube. This is encouraging and I might try to make one too this year. Thanks for your feedback, I always enjoy reading your comments.

  2. It’s in itself extremely perverted to watch someone secretly in his home with hidden cameras or through wall technology. I mean, watching the target taking a shower for example, how incredibly sick is that. I wouldn’t be surprised if they literally masturbated watching the surveillance footage of the targets.

    The perps are everything that they claim the target to be, and on the other hand, they lack what the targets have, that is, human decency and moral courage.

    I don’t claim that the targets are angels or perfect but they are essentially the opposite of the perps – targets are empaths, perps sociopaths. Most people fall between these two groups, and they are often enabling the sociopaths with silent approval or even cooperation because they have the herd mentality and lack the moral courage to stand up against evil.

    • I have lived with this Gang Stalking and use of electronic weapon against me for almost 20 years now. The police agency that took a sworn oath to protect me and my children sat in dark corners and watched apparently unable or unwilling to stop it.I have lost my career , the man I love , friends and family who in reality truely simply fear for them selves and their own families. I simply started browsing the internet looking for answers when I ran across your it really possible we live in the Unitef States of America and there is no way of stopping or exposing these criminals that put on uniforms and badges . I am truely scared for my life and safety but I refuse to run and hide . Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.

      • Cops and security guards have little to do a lot of times, and will be big players in on harassment of targets. I get cops and security types just parading around nonchalantly, or stop their patrol car and “question” me about something minor, like flipping some loser perp the bird, when a) they already know the person was in fact a perp looking for trouble b) they know it’s constitutionally protected expression of free speech and c) I wasn’t committing a violent crime.

        I realize that a lot of these players are complicit out of fear of being targeted themselves if they don’t comply, but the vast majority seem to enjoy it and get off by doing it like true cowards, not someone scared into being targeted.

  3. A little note to the Control Freak Master Keepers: I Don’t Really Think Of Myself, As Being That Attractive Of A chick to begin with, at all! I am mostly from the mid west originally, and I think of myself as just another boring, plain faced, mid western chick, who doesn’t even care much, about make up, not really! I think make up is boring, as a plain faced, boring mid western chick, and I don’t know How Any people, could Ever see me, as being Attractive at all! I’m about five foot ten or whatever, at like, one hundred and seventy something pounds, with dark brownish hair, and dark brownish eyes, or whatever, and I think I’m actually ugly looking! I think of myself as more of being a duty, and not a beauty! I am Not a beauty, I am a duty!

    • But at least you’ve got some size, and a lot of guys like women like that. And the whole beauty thing is just a one-dimensionally biased way of categorizing people and things. How good of a companion are you? Do you cheat on your boyfriends? If you have good qualities, your man will live with your looks and even start to think you’re beautiful. Looks fade, but the other good qualities last much much longer.

  4. Watching Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Hour lately. I’ve noticed some strange coincidences in certain episodes. This one Hitcock short film, it’s interesting, because a couple episodes seemed to incorporate certain elements of my life and personality in the characters. And that would conventionally be impossible, but there are unofficial accounts of the Naval Research Labs conducting experiments in mind control, teleportation, time travel, etc., in the late 50’s. Basically, Hitchcock is big on the “psycho” themes, delusional characters who murder their victims and talk to them as though they were alive. It could just be a ploy to play on the psyche of certain TI’s, like for example, a lot of TI’s don’t really date but construct “imaginary” girlfriends as a defense mechanism. And having the delusional “schizo” character talk to their dead victims could be to target the TI who “talks” to their imaginary “in their mind” friends.

    In one Hitchcock short, a 48 min. film, a guy calls up the main character and threatens to kill him. Note the parallels here where I threatened to do the same to certain perps. And when the guy breaks in, the perp calls the guy “Chrissie” when his name is “Chris”. Odd because I had a perp who used to engage me all the time named “Chris” and I used to call him “Chrissie” because I hated him and thought he was a coward. Interesting, because the Hitchcock and Twilight Zone episodes come years before I was even born. Yet, they seem to incorporate elements of my life, things that happened to me, or even take direct quotes from me out of context. There has to be a way that certain factions of mind control people could see into a target’s future and snoop in on his life years before he’s born. But the tech. wasn’t all that advanced back in the early 60’s. Yet I believe classified behind closed doors research produced some sophisticated, Nazi-like unbelievable technology and mind control toys that were never disclosed to the public.

    I think Hitchcock and Serling were working for the mind control people. They are so big on delusions, schizophrenia, and neither Serling nor Hitchcock seemed like the types who would be into these “areas”. But the mind control perps, of course, would have. Hence, I believe they were simply two psyops producers/writers working for the system.

  5. There are many accounts of TI’s who contact the FBI or other intelligence agencies, yet their targeting seems to get much worse. I’m not sure the FBI would be doing it directly. I believe certain military contractors are responsible. Funny, because I had a girl friend one time who worked for Lockheed and she seemed to know all this stuff about me. She would tell me about this friend of hers who had premonition dreams, nothing really big, but they “came true” nonetheless. And now she doesn’t answer my emails.

    And there is a perp commenting in here imitiating a real person from the midwest. The bad writing style always gives them away.

  6. I’ve gotten the impression from certain perps that they’re doing this against their will, whether it be mind control or something else entirely. Only they would know. Perhaps it’s better to be a TI because we have free will, even if these A-holes get certain kickbacks and incentives. I’ve also gotten the impression that certain first responders aren’t really enjoying this (some are really into it, however), they know it’s wrong and distinctly un-American. Maybe their higher-ups hands are all tied, and the police and fire departments themselves are being watched to make sure they follow through with the harassment of TIs (has to be through satellite and/or drone tracking, amongst other tracking techniques). A small light at the end of the tunnel, I just wished they’d all speak out more. It seems we’re all TIs to some degree or another.

  7. Hi. It’s quite an informative article you link here. You should read more of psychology and sociology and things like that rather than just limit yourself to gang-stalking materials.

  8. Old, ugly men…. Who work with pedophiles….

    It is what they do foebfun, on the side besides human trafficking.


    Oh, and they were working with you know who.

  9. Erie Pennsylvania is a VERY BIG small town and I feel like THAT has allowed it to be a perfect breeding ground for gang stalking early on. My mother has been dealing with these sick jealous frackers since the early 70’s. The difference between when my trouble started and when I “noticed” it, only they know.
    In the beginning, my attorney J. Sxxxxtt, a complete unknown, put extremely graphic pornos up on his computer screen during my appointment. Then “took my case file” with him when he was hired at the firm representing the guy who hit me! When I picked my file up, he told me I ought to hurry up finding an attorney becuz he never filed the paperwork and I had 3 days till the statute of limitations ran out! Two ruptured discs and years later, I was broke and suffering. Not one attorney in the entire phonebook would take my case (which was cut and dry not my fault with stacked coverage so 3 policies to sue, A LAWYERS DREAM!) he was rewarded by having his name thrown in for mayor! and winning! A completely unknown man… prior.
    Some time after, while at an inspection station picking up a friends car, I walked in a bathroom to a Erie police officer squatted down and shooting up drugs…. his EriePD Harley parked on the side. He was given some award in the paper, and on the news!!
    I have been the victim of 35 auto accidents, lost everything in two house fires, had 5 cars and my Harley stolen (and denied so much as a police report for 4 of them) Lieutenant S. Frxxklin took the credit for the auto theft ring I busted! He impounded my MINT condition ’91 Firebird for 5 months! Long enough for Bizzaro’s junkyard to pick it dry! Motor and all! (when i found it… b4 the impound, it was still in one piece and MINT)
    As with all of u…if I wrote everything, I’d be here for years!
    Since summer i am currently at 28 break-ins (that I am aware of!) since STARTING COUNT . Yet the police have done NOTHING to help, even after I caught a neighbor on video, but rather chose to “302” me (sending a psych evaluator with the power to lock me up for up to 90 days in a psych ward) I was my usual calm and gathered together self giving him no reason to make that call unless like Ive suspected, it was the only way for them to get their hands on the video

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