Eleanor White Discusses Organized Stalking and Technological Harassment With Victim Sueann Campbell


Published on Oct 5, 2012
Eleanor White Discusses Organized Stalking and Technological Harassment With Target and Victim Sueann Campbell

5 thoughts on “Eleanor White Discusses Organized Stalking and Technological Harassment With Victim Sueann Campbell

  1. I can relate to the one point, where the goal seems to make TI’s penniless. They seem to have me on an internal blacklist of some sort. If I have this right, I believe that they have people telling the hiring managers to not let me have the job. I applied to so many jobs, I’d get the interview, do very well, and for some odd reason, not get the job. It’s so unreal. Right now, I’m going to go all out on my job search to get something. I’ve been unemployed since last May. I’m pretty sure they want my debts to pile up until I get desperate and go running to them for “employment”. They’ve been reducing my courseload where I taught at the Community College here steadily since 2012, giving me fewer and fewer course credits to teach, meaning less income. And this semester, they gave me nothing.

    And since 2003 perps would say things along the lines of “garbage can”, which means the employer threw my application in the trash. And it’s funny, because this one company I interviewed for, the one hiring guy was fat and creepy, and thoughts of him being a wife beater or woman abuser kept flashing through my head. And after the interview was complete and I got up to walk out, he said “garbage can” out loud. I can tell he was in on it, that he was telling me my application was going into the garbage can. It seems like all of them are abusers, like wife beaters, or they protect other abusers. I like to call it a system run by idiots and assholes FOR idiots and asssholes.

    They are taking measures to make sure I fail at any attempt I make to make a living.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been unemployed since June. I was a victim of workplace mobbing/harassment. So I said to myself “**** it then” and decided to take an extended hiatus, mostly to show how pissed I am. Pretty sure when I get back into the workforce, I’ll be surrounded by dumbass perps. Don’t lose hope, you’re not alone. We just have to roll with it and watch our backs, for the moment.

    • Even when I was working, there were perps there doing low-level harassment. I had one job where I was all of a sudden told that “this will be your last day here” by one of the owners. I received no severance, no explanation. I believe my perps did this for me. Really, I hated it there anyways, so in this case, I think my perps did this as a favor. I would actually thank my perps for this one. I don’t think I could survive in a job like that, where you’re a slave from 8-5 and the work just sucks. I seriously think the perps enjoy working as slaves, but the perks they get outweigh the conditions of their enslavement.

  3. Why did Eleanor White stop activism? I found a smallish site of hers that had articles on wildlife/vaccines/chemtrails, etc…but nothing about gangstalking and electronic harassment. Was she threatened out of activism, or just got sick of it?

  4. Dear Eleanor, Thank You for being “The VOICES …of TIs”, in these “GANGSTALKINGS-WARS…” As your Fellow TI, living in the state of Connecticut, one of the “MEANEST…and NASTY ” state in America. This is a “WAR” being fought by THOSE low-life dogs out there against “GOD’S PEOPLE, THE RIGHTEOUS, THE BEAUTIFUL, THE SMART, THE HUMBLE, …AND THE WARRIORS out there—through out the world.

    Because We keep to ourselves,…those disgusting…DEMON POSSESSED …CRIMINAL-STALKERS, OBVIOUSLY BELIEVE THAT, WE are easy “TARGETS” that they can pick on, harass, torment, stalk 24/7, and persecute.

    They think that We are “NOBOBY” with “NO-ONE” to come yo our aid…BOY—BOY-BOY! How much those low-life dogs are “WRONG”. That , despite all the EVIL…and CRIMES that, they have been forever inflicted on us—-INNOCENT…PEOPLE—-FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, that, they will NOT be “HELD ACCOUNTABLE ” for them all. THE ALMIGHTY GOD—OUR CREATOR,” has ALL THE PROVES….AND EVIDENCE ” recorded against those devilish-CRIMINAL-LOW-LIFE-STALKERS. And it is “THE ALMIGHTY GOD WILL TRUELY BRING FORTH JUSTICE, JUDGMENT…AND VICTORY FOR US TIs.

    Those disgusting…and demon POSSESSED low-life CRIMINAL-STALKERS, ARE GREATLY “NUMBERED”, those stinky…monsters-COWARDS will be brutality “DESTROY…” VERY SOON.

    Thank You again Miss Eleanor—Our -Fellow TIs , for FIGHTING ON…and Our voices against those human-DEVILS…

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