“Nefarious Jobs”

Here is an actual website for a company that gang stalks. The CEO “John Winters” is a private investigator and former law enforcement. There are multiple “revenge” packages available on the website designed to help ruin the subject’s life. He claims it’s all “legal” because they never physically touch the subject. Oh yeah, and he claims they never follow people and they don’t target people under 30 years old, both of which we know are BS (and yes gang stalkers do touch and assault people). He claims they got started exposing businessmen who went over to Thailand to “pop off”. I know the American government was involved in operations in Thailand trying to track visiting pedophiles who engaged in child prostitution there. It would make sense that at least some of the owners/employees of “Nefarious Jobs” are either current, former, and/or contracted government employees. They claim their harassment is justified because it’s based on “truths”. They know it just takes one seed of truth to blossom into a bouquet of lies. Nothing more than murder-for-hire, right here on the internet.

Go to the Catalog page and click on the box that says “Revenge”:


41 thoughts on ““Nefarious Jobs”

  1. Of course they don’t do a background check to see if the person “deserves it.”

    I wonder about the legal ramifications of this site as far as if a victim of their tactics finds out about this evil fuck service and can directly point to their program being responsible for their suffering as carried out by someone seeking revenge.

    Then again, like the government and most civilian pieces of shit involved in gang stalking they must have some kind of plausible deniability being the ex-government traitors they are knowing all of the “tricks of the trade” of gang stalking.

    I CAN understand the need for payback as can every targeted individual but this service is open for widespread abuse by any asshole with enough money to get back at someone for a real or imagined slight meaning that like with organized stalking an innocent person goes through pure misery because an immature, low IQ sadist has the money to waste on this equally immature sadistic revenge service.

    If the motherfucking legal system, the “justice’ system or JUST US (rich & powerful, connected) did its job like its fucking criminal traitor local, federal and state enforcers did their fucking jobs this kind of sick website (and so many others) would not even exist.

    As you know, Stoporg, if the evil shits who sell revenge plans and the buyers went through organized gang stalking and EH like TIs most of these sick, weak, diseased, self-important, egotistical criminal motherfuckers would LOSE IT hurting THEIR perps and/or themselves because most TIs (my opinion) are harmless, decent people who want to live in peace.

    It WOULD be interesting if perping insider secret tactics could be found in the files of these psychopaths.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Just when I think that I’ve seen how bad people truly are, this kind of demented shit pops out of our diseased and shallow pop culture basically announcing that they’ll get justice for people who have been wronged when they’re just OPENLY targeting people and I don’t give a flying fuck what kind of legal loopholes these bastards have.

    • Scott, I share your outrage regarding this site. This is an interview this scumbag did with a news station in San Francisco http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2014/02/04/getting-even-bay-area-website-offers-revenge-for-sale/. His fake name and refusal to show his face on camera begs the question: If it’s all legal then why do you need to hide your identity? Why don’t these people get some “nefarious” jobs growing the f*ck up and being real men and women? The insanity of having to deal with their epic stupidity and the situations they create..

      • It isn’t legal, and they know it, from top to bottom. Remember that one guy here posting, saying he was involved in targeting of certain people, saying he couldn’t do his own blog for various reasons. Then he had this hidden message of “oh please please please don’t go to the FBI and tell on us please”. The problem is the FBI and other govt. agencies have perps there covering for everyone else, and the complaint would get dropped or denied or the office people would deny anyone is stalking them. Meanwhile, FBI personnel DO in fact participate in gangstalking. Everything is denied that deals with gangstalking. If ever complained about it to any officer, I get the “why would anyone stalk you”, as in “well everyone is going about their own business, so why would complete strangers care about your business”? Yet, I routinely hear complete strangers mention things about my personal life, and they appear to be ordinary shoppers at the mall with a family that would not care about my business.

        It’s because everyone has a sort of compartmentalized programming where they are going along with this at a subliminal level, and they somehow are getting information about the target’s life. I hear all kinds of stuff that strangers should not know about me. That cop is definitely hiding something, and probably covering for other of his coworker officers that probably did something illegal and are using gangstalking as a way of getting out of getting thrown off the force or arrested by state or other police and charged with something.

        And of course, girlfriends/boyfriends could be hooked into this system as a way of keeping their own boyfriends/girlfriends in line (handcuffed).

        I’ve got a person who is going along with this, and she is using this as a way of “whipping” me and keeping me at her side. The system lets her know if I “cheat” on her.

      • Mine is named Producer Lindsay Show…..Might of been some (person) who Used to Know me in Seattle, Washington, Many years ago…..maybe, maybe not! Producer Lindsay Show At Yahoo……

  2. I have the bad feeling this totally supported by law enforcement and the government. That website isn’t a joke, right? Perhaps they could be “investigated”.

    • Well my program started of as a combination of “the works” and “total annihilation”, I think it’s also known as “dynamic targeting”. Yes the government and law enforcement are without a doubt involved and the costs go way above and beyond what are listed on the website. They basically bought out and bribed my whole city, and yes it can be done. I have also wondered, as the site states, if people wager on how long we will last. many of these people became enslaved because of addiction problems, manic/over the top gambling would just be one more on the list, esp. for wealthy/more “elite” perps.

      • Mine Started Out With The Question: Are You The Elise Gingrich Who Used To Live In Seattle, Washington, by a cyber stalker named Producer Lindsay Show, a few years ago, and has Never Really Stopped, nope! (was probably going on Well Before That Time And Place too, no probably about it!) Who Is This Producer Lindsay Show though??

    • Law enforcement is just one part of the pie. They definitely have a supporting rule, at least passively. If there are neutral law enforcement, they are told lies about the target anyways via the faceless mob. It looks like the sheep at the lower level get bonuses if they can sell out others on their lies via their “profiles” on the target. For example, if a target frequents a library or any other place regularly, the people working there could gang up on the target by going to the police and telling them lies, like the target was harassing them and making them feel uncomfortable. The head perps then probably shell out bonuses to the low-level perps for getting this “score” (having them banned from their usual place). Of course, the liars come across like victims of some brutal crime the target committed against them. They are such victims, you see. They turn the tables on the target by harassing the target and making the target feel like complete shit, and then they add insult to injury by going to the police with their false victim complaints that the target did something.

      If the target does get banned with an order to stay out of say, a library he or she frequents, it was because the the main handlers overseeing the actual targeting ordered them to do it. It’s a lot like Nazi Germany, where innocent people were the victims of false and malicious slander campaigns, where snitches sell you out by making the target out to be a troublemaker when he or she was just sitting there at the library minding his or her own business. Meanwhile, there were perps there causing all kinds of misery for the target, and they get a free pass to do whatever they want.

      • Mine is named Producer Lindsay Show, who also goes by the name of Lindsay Collins…..also: Brian_Cummings, And Calgary Centre too……

  3. The first thing I noticed is the extensive use of black and red — supposedly Satanic colors, which some targets allude to as a part of gangstalking. Satanism is supposedly a part of this somewhere, but really, it isn’t Satanic or Christian in nature…. just a part of the well-oiled machine that runs and gets rid of any dissidents in the way of the upcoming NWO. In Revelation, anyone not excepting the “mark of the beast” gets destroyed. It’s very applicable, but it’s not clear whether or not Revelation was actually a way of referring to evil rulers of the times in which it was written without getting caught. For example, it’s been said that “666” was the numerical value of the letters of Nero’s full name (in Greek). But mark of the beast is very appropriate here. If you’ve noticed, there is plenty of black and red combinations being featured, and I’ve noticed a lot of dumb celebrities doing “the horns”. Satanism could just be another way of scaring the public into falling in line with the NWO cult.

    I think in most of our cases, it isn’t revenge for anything we’ve done, but simply we are falling victim to the NWO cults, which everyone wants to be a part of. Not me… it’s so lame. Who wants to act like every other non-productive asshole in society who spends more time harassing co-workers than doing their jobs? At my first day at UPS, there were two asshole perps working there in that upstairs conference room where I was getting training. I tuned out the assholes, and paid attention to the videos and the instructor instead. They were being loud and rude and disrupting the entire class.

    • That color combo also reminds of the dress Michelle Obama wore after the 2008 election. The dress had a design that looks like an hourglass, some people associated it with a “black widow”. Yes I wouldn’t be surprised if Satanism was just a tool for the NWO to control people. And it’s working for them like a charm. If you look at the headlines on Drudge today, exorcisms are on the rise and priests have noticed a “fascination with the occult”. But one thing I have learned from this is that the devil is real. The silver lining is that if he is real, so is God. And God will prevail as always. NWO is like a runaway freight train, just get out of the way and let it go off the rails and crash. It will never work. And yes I have had similar experiences with harassment during training sessions, classes, meetings, etc. They don’t care who else they disturb in the process.

      • It’s like when they have their perps on highways, the perp in the passing lane who refuses to pass anyone and who rides alongside the vehicle on the right at the exact speed so the target can’t pass. They don’t care if they hold up traffic trying to pass. It’s frustrating. It looks like the goal is to incite a road-rage related accident or to get the target frustrated.

        And sometimes perps throw junk out out windows at me. Most of the time, it’s lit cigarettes. The lit cigs land on the road, leaving behind a trail of sparks as it bounces off the ground. This is insanely dangerous. I always flash my beams at the perp to let them know they can’t do this. I’m sure if a state cop witnessed this, he’d pull me over for flashing my beams at the perp.

  4. Since you guys brought up the Satanic connection, in my personal experience, it is somewhat valid. These people are not human, they’re very drone-like and have a common behavior. AND they somehow know you (or they think they do). It’s supernatural in nature, to the point where this might be an extraterrestrial invasion and/or a simulated reality. I’m sure you know what I mean. Take care…

    • I’d like to know where they get their “secret information” about us. If I post comments and they aren’t actually getting posted, the perps know about them anyways. There has to be a secret place perps go to to get access to information about us as well as instructions. There has to be a secret number they text to and get text responses back on what to do when they see us. It may be a server the perps running the campaigns have set up that contains info about us. And some people I used to know know all about comments I’m posting here, and then they try to harass me into believing that I’m stalking them. LOL.

      • I often Wonder Where all of those Posts go, that Never seem to Post, but the Posts Are Posting……just not anywhere or anyplace where We will Ever see those Posts Ever Again, or Ever Before either!

    • But it isn’t supernatural in nature. There is a bunch of secret servers set up or facebook accounts they go to where the main experimenters have a feed going. I can only surmise how they’re getting this info, or how it’s set up. But I think the “experimenters” have all kinds of data accessable only to perps posted there for the multitude of perps to access. How else do they know all this stuff about TI’s? What I’d like to know is why they are making private info about us to such a large number of people. It’s illegal, and should make them vulnerable to prosecution.

      No supernatural or Gods or Godesses here… just humans with high-level access who think they are gods but aren’t and never will be.

  5. Sorry, I must beg to differ. I’ve seen “humans” with reptillian pupils and other things first hand. They may have secret servers and what not, but I believe somehow your personal info is “beamed-in” to their head somehow. Like they’re on some telepathic “grapevine”. Using Droids, Ipads, (while may be true) to locate and harass a TI would leave a trail and would risk exposure to someone who isn’t on the inside. Yes, they’re a criminal cult of sociopaths who rule through fear, but they still have to interact with the general public and hide their tendencies.

    • like genetic lab created reptilians? When You Play Around With Life, You Never Know What You’re Going To Get, And Most Of Us (humans) Play Around With Each Other Too, Mixing All Of Our Goo Into And Onto Other (humans) Too! that’s interesting about a (telepathic grapevine) but Don’t Tell The Troll Nay Sayers That, They Will Just Call You A Kook is all……

  6. Sorry, didn’t mean to lose you guys here. What I’m saying is that these people are TOO slick and synchronized to be just regular humans tracking TIs on electrical devices. The Satanic idolatry has always been there, something of a giveaway.

  7. Hello, this is John Winters. I thank you for your “interest” in our company however I think you will find at the end of the day that both myself and my teams function with a high degree of professionalism. We turn down MANY cases of persons with stalker tendencies and have been forced to report more than a few to law enforcement if we felt the subjects of our investigations were in danger from them. As far as our “satanic” logo, we took a page early on from the Napster logo, but had it tweeked to fit our own business model. About the work we do: our services are no different than countless PI firms all over this country, we are just not hypocrites about it. If you really want to see some hatchet jobs, take a look at the media and tabloids, they do far more nasty stuff than we could ever come up with.

    Posters: Stopog- Checked you out, never heard of you, never ran an operation on you. Sounds like paranoid delusions, get help.

    Magnum TI- NWO? Beamed in Telepath, Cults? Trust me TI, your small change, no one is trying to get in your brain or steal your “Secrets”. You need psyche help, Prozac and maybe a tin foil hat.

    Scott- Actually we do background checks on everyone affiliated with the case, that includes the client. If we get the stalker vibe we close the case prior to any action being taken. – Don’t make assumptions about things you don’t understand, why not just ask? If not you come off sounding like one of the tin foil hat committee which have posted to this entry.

    Best of luck to all of you

    John Winters
    Nefarious Jobs

    • Whatever You Say, Siriaque Sekaryongo from the Topix Gang Stalking And Psychological Harassment Forum, you sure do seem to get around the internet, and You must have More than One name, silly net troll, You’re Not Fooling Anyone Or Anybody online! Stick With The Topix forums, You Belong There The Most, troll, You And Your Own Kind, like your special little (friend) Phinneas J. Whoopie, (your Other split personality?!?!)

      • Hello Elise, your kinda nuts! Never heard of these people you are mentioning or sites you are citing. We have never heard of you, strongly advise you get some help. Having someone to talk to like a licensed psychiatrist is no sign of weakness, but an acknowledgement of your own personal strength. Please get help, or you might spend your life angry and fearful, that would be a true waste.


        Aaron Davis

    • winters udumb fucking idot yalls fucking stalkers gotta fuck up ppl better then u yall got no life and are pussy cowards they do shit to ppl to make ur self feel better butno worries ur days coming all u fucking stal;kers shit talk all u want but im better then u and all yall infact and will always no that yall are the reason for mass shooting and shit gone wrong these days itll end soon dumb ass

  8. Going through this now non stop smear campaign gangstalked Mk ultra voice to skulled to point of near suicide think theyre using energy weapons on me too think they got plans to sell or torture me pretty sure its a satanic cult

  9. Hi Nathaniel, you need some counseling. You have included, MK Ultra, Voice to Skull, Suicide, Energy Weapons, Slavery, Torture, and Satanism in a four line paragraph. Please get help, the life you save might be your own.

    • Could well be mk ultra and the witchcraft go hand in hand no one cares about it as the govermentbor shadow goverment set it up

    • Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.

    • John winters, I really need you to contact me about a child abuse/dv case. Certainly you have ethics and could help protect.

  10. Magnus TI is correct. I started off thinking it was humans organizing for some unknown reason using advanced secret technology, but as the stalking progressed it became clear they are a hive mind and not completely human. Maybe it’s a mixture of both but it isn’t solely organized humans. Some humans would go along but not 50-80 percent.

    • It might be partly human however some of the stuff “they” do is too coordinated to be just technology. Not lapses of time not gaps. I think Satan runs this world. I used to not be religious. I found a church that wasn’t just parroting words off a page – one that gossip wasn’t valued a church that is small. I pray as often as possible. I thank Jesus that I am alive and those people are not terrorising me. From time to time I see odd behaviors from people. I believe this is the end times. Look up Russ Dizdar, look up LA Marzulli, nephilim. I read about the nephilim as a kid in school. I used to think those were just stories of ignorant people or something like mythology What I think is happening is this is an ancient evil and it is coming back. I don’t believe the history of the human race is as we’ve been taught in school. Nor even religious schools. Gangstalking is a living death. It’s worse than death. I think it’s possessed people like the movie fallen. Or ‘They Live’. The ancient stories are real. Not just ignorant people carving on walls. I believe too gangstalking is a precursor for worse things to come. And gangstalking is pure evil itself. Look at the stalkers eyes. Does THAT seem HUMAN to you? Don’t the eyes look like SOMETHING ELSE is talking to you THROUGH the person?

  11. I dont have a comment on the company featured in this article, but want to contribute my thoughts on the topic of gangstalking. This phenomenon that few are able to see will dissolve soon, but we must let it go and take on a positive perspective as hard as it is. Look at this as a glitch. Technology is young, and everything has been out of sorts for some time. From my experience, the more I worry over my negative experiences, the more of a detrimental impact it becomes. On the flip side, I have experimented by taking on positive energy, building that within, then channeling it out to my surrounding environment. I focus on the happiness in others around me and am training myself to view it as something to be grateful for.

    Through the centuries changes occurred and people either survived through it or not. We became so sheltered and convinced life will always be as we planned it to be. I’m not attempting to bring anyone down nor ignore the fact some happen to discover haunting parallels that run along this realm. It’s weird science and we’ve only just begun. Just live your life as if none of the strange has effect on you. The energy will loose interest soon and find another to tag along and play with. It’s a new little brat, immature behavior remains if you feed it. Give it a time out, make it clear and firm you have the upper hand. This “monster” can be raised to live among us civilly or it will eventually run away once it realizes we don’t tolerate its behavior in this house. My suggestions are obviously not an immediately one size fits all solution. There isn’t one, but a process that will evolve fluidly over time. Changes are occurring on the grand scale of the multiverse and technology has helped us to become more aware of things beyond first hand level. The mind aligns with whatever it is focused on. Don’t focus on the wacky too long. Allow a few ignorant days to experience a break in bliss. We can learn to balance this out.

  12. I have heard they stopped other people from harassing and destroying their client’s lives, just saying.

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