First Responder Harassment- 10/21/14

Last week I reported a man who scared me at the beach. It was intentional. He ran up behind me very fast and yelled “Hey!” really loud and aggressively like he was about to do something violent to me. When I turned around the man apologized and said he was just yelling at his dog. I cursed at him as he ran past me. I have seen him here multiple times in the past few months. He runs but does not look athletic at all, just a skinny, overly tanned tweaker with long dirty hair. I am supposed to take notice of him always appearing about the same time during my walk, running towards me too fast in pastel plaid shorts. This man is a perp who intentionally startled me and the reaction was strong. If he were any closer I would have acted out in self-defense and he would have been injured. I reported it to the lifeguard because he is creating a dangerous situation for himself and others. My former best friend, also in her early 40’s, has a serious heart condition. He could cause a serious cardiac event by scaring someone with her condition. I reported him and told the lifeguard I have had PTSD since 2012 and he scared me badly. He asked me for his description and said they would look out for him. He also asked me if I had reported him to the Sheriff dept. I said no and he told me to report it to them if he did it again.

This is the first time I have told any non-TI that I have PTSD. I have almost every symptom. Months of therapy in 2012 and not a single provider mentioned PTSD as a diagnosis or suggested any treatment for it. That is serious negligence on their part. Not only did they not try to recognize it or treat it, they went out of their way to exacerbate and trigger it.

Today I went for a walk at the beach. I have been walking this same route weekly for over 10 years. Because of the report I called in to the lifeguard last week I got extra harassment today. Including a State Lifeguard who blocked my path with his tuck then got out, walked up to me and stared at me. It was intimidation, stalking, crowding, and harassment. Now that I admitted to them I have PTSD they are going to try to treat me like they treat the vets. Stigmatize them, treat them like they are a threat, while constantly provoking and triggering them at the same time. Hoping for any chance to arrest, subdue, or kill them and play the big “hero”.

4:07 pm- Passed by Encinitas Lifeguard in red pickup truck driving South of Beacon’s Beach. Blonde lifeguard in passenger seat hangs arm out window which is sensitization.

4:25 pm- State Lifeguard in white pickup truck #JG arrives at North end of South Ponto Beach just as I am arriving to the jetty, where the perps know I stop and turn back. Male lifeguard pulls up next to lifeguard station as I pass. As I get closer he drives South, U-turns and loops back, stopping directly in front of me to block my path. He then sits for an extended time as I rest on the jetty, getting in and out of the vehicle once to walk around. He then drives over to the jetty and stops near where I sit. Gets out of the vehicle and walks on to the jetty and stands and stares at me. Busied himself with some other lifeguard stations there, lingers some more, gets back in the truck and leaves, passing me again on the road. Sooperdoosh 🙂

5:10 pm- Passed again by sam red Encinitas Lifeguard truck driving North towards Beacon’s Beach as I walk South.

5:36 pm- Passed by Encinitas ladder firetruck at intersection of Balour and Encinitas Blvd. East after I leave the beach.

I am now seeking treatment specifically for PTSD. These people are now consciously agreeing to persistently trigger and torture a person with known symptoms of PTSD that they initiated in 2012. They are, without question, acting with purely malicious intent.




17 thoughts on “First Responder Harassment- 10/21/14

  1. Targeted individuals have Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Its Chronic PTSD because its inflicted over a protracted period of time opposed to a one or two-time sudden scare;Chronic PTSD is worse than “regular” PTSD which is WHY these fucking loser cowards try and keep the pressure on TIs as much as possible with physical stalking AND DE weapons as to keep us in a perpetual state of hypervigilance.

    Its also possible that this faggot’s handlers are hoping you’ll hurt this degenerate so they can try and charge you for something but if you have witnesses and you are assaulted all bets are off as far as self-dense goes.

    But in a normal world. In a REAL or ideal democracy where you’re supposed to be left in peace there would be no need to be on your guard everywhere.

    On Renata’s Talkshoe show, Conversation And Support For TIs, we’ve talked about how even if gang stalking and work place mobbing stopped TOMORROW-Permanently, we would STILL have irreversible psychological damage due to the years (or decades) of non-stop harassment;We’d still have be on the guard everywhere just as so many veterans (ignored by this shit government) are.

    From what I’ve learned on Alda’s Talkshoe podcasts, they can fuck with our minds just before and during sleep altering our dreams and planting triggers which are activated by our perps in our waking state during the day giving these sad fucks a feeling of power over us even though most of the “work” on our minds has been done over a long period of time making it easy to trigger us causing the desired emotional reaction (anchored)-Its all NLP shit.

    Which is why this filthy scum at the beach keeps the pressure on you when you’re there: To keep you in a high-stress state including the hate you have towards this waste of flesh and space, this fucking cowardly loser.

    The lifeguards that are harassing you, like the honest, good, moral, brave police know what gang stalking is to some degree;When you’re told to harass certain people at certain times, a tactical approach to screwing with a total stranger’s mind you know that you’re doing something illegal but I and most other TIs are WAAAAY past trusting authority figures.

    And for nearly every single grinning, sick stupid asshole first responder fucking with TIs, they have no special abilities or gift for fucking with people:

    We are a NAME and/or FACE on their motherfucking computer and/or I-Phone, Android screen tracked by satellite or some other hi-tech evil shit but there is nothing mysterious about how they follow us.

    Yet they clearly get a power rush even though they’re
    illegally using technology a trained monkey could learn-Probably better as every nearly every single perp I’ve identified (through ugly experience) is absolutely fuck dumb and of the hive or group mindset as opposed to bothering to have an original thought in their sadistic lazy ass brains.

    Please give Renata’s and Alda’s Talkshoe shows a listen to if you have the chance-I’ve spent a few thousand hours on the web wasting time listening to OSI, FFCHs, a couple hundred of You Tube videos (most controlled opposition) and these two shows are the real thing.

    • Thanks for the support Scott. I think I have both forms of PTSD. And you’re right, even if the harassment stopped tomorrow, the symptoms wouldn’t stop. I hear they are actually using drones to track us and assault us. “Joint targeting” all done by DOD and DOJ per whistleblower Darlene Miles from the DOD.

    • They really believe the world belongs to them, and that innocent victims like you and other TI’s are trespassing on “their land”.

      I’d be willing to bet that the lifeguards all know about this guy, and will do absolutely nothing if he does it again. But if you try something to retaliate, they will be on your ass.

      You know how it is… the handlers all think they and their whores they send after us are physically imposing hulks, like they all think they’re Hercules or something like deities.

      • With regards to PTSD, the sheer idea of action of reacting or noticing harassment from where it’s coming from does not mean you have a huge PTSD ordeal going on. It could be you are annoyed by it.

        The best thing is to not react to it, so to not develop a pattern of panic or fear. Fear, panic, control is where they want you to be and remain. Please don’t give these devils that pleasure.

        I have some pictures of folks sticking out satanic signs at me to get them to pay them mind, but see I have resolved to not do such a thing, reversing the psych effect they expect to draw out of me, thus their attacks and triggering, to the trash. Working on not paying them too much mind, while turning yourself into your own police, just grabbing evidence in pictures, witnesses, and to write it out in your blogs or draw it out otherwise. For me it’s praying, trusting God to do what I can not do for myself.

        It’s difficult, this whole evil is difficult, but making the culprits think that they are mighty and have us completely clueless as to options we indeed have to fence for ourselves, is already throwing the towel. Do not throw the towel, legally, physically, morally, spiritually, unless you are actually dead.

        Please refrain from also using the labels, and diagnoses in that DSM; the majority of the godless people who wrote that drew their analysis and theories from Nazi Germany psychiatric research, covert and gruesome studies on holocaust victims and others, slaves, and so forth. I doubt that the psychological and psychiatric along with their pharmaceutical buddies out for profits, and stolen controlled genome sequences and bodies to conduct research and their diagnoses should be entirely trusted.

        Psychologists do torture and kill too. Same as some of them, are not well themselves, as once the degrees are given out, who is out there do you think these days in age, to follow up close and hold accountable those supposedly working hard in our community centers and packed up ER and behavioral departments. It is not a perfect science. They’re not perfect people, or unfallible. They are humans, and all it is is trial and error and gambling. Right now we have quite a few hiding in the woodworks doing just that with the lives of targeted folks all over this country, and now it seems Canada, and other places more rampant ly soon. Unless we put our heads together.

        Check out the small investigation page on our webby. See if there is anything there that grasp your attention as far as plan of action and let me know what you did b4, what you do now, if anything, and how you can be put to work on behalf of all while we gather evidence, of stalking surveillance and Electromagnetic assaults_Non consensual research and experiments.



      • go to 8 abbotsburyway lowerham Plymouth devon pl22hs uk ,csis mi6 tortures em sound and stops mail calls to family helpme ne505944b Canadian sin 725514236,joan crcokatt mp lied to me 403-2441880 for csis here in Calgary help me ,ears,eyes,spine,brain,skin,all painful.

  2. I believe it is a goal to get us arrested via some setup like you’ve described, to get us in jail, where guards and other inmates can abuse us. But if that guy did try to assault you, I’d bet they wouldn’t charge him, or they will be ultra-lenient with him. Remember, he is working for THEM. If you try to retaliate in any way, they’d find an excuse to arrest you. In this scenario, you can’t win. IMO the best you can do is make note of the troublemakers and the perps who bother you like this, and alter your routine to make sure you don’t cross paths. Because it seems like they are trying to have you arrested.

    • They been provoking me for years and trying to escalate situations. They have only succeeded once, when I got the 5150 in July 2012. Even before I knew I was a TI they were harassing me. I remember coming out of a local Starbuck’s one night to find a Sheriff’s Dept. patrol car parked in the spot behind me. The deputy was standing behind my car talking with a woman. They acted completely oblivious and wouldn’t move until well after I started my car. They can all s*ck my d*ck. If it’s so funny and cool, why don’t they go do it to their own family members?

      • It could be something that’s been happening a lot longer than you originally thought. It’s just that, by the time you finally start putting the pieces of the puzzle together, sh&t it’s already been happening for years, and then decades, and then you find out maybe since after you were born. They’re already taking a huge interest in my supposed offspring that is going to happen in the future (according to them). Now that’s interesting, because it shows that targets may be selected well before birth. Most targets internalize everything, so it because oblivious since they were young that those bad breaks and little acts of selfish jealousy that the other classmates were doing to you weren’t random, but possibly were the result of being selected as a target before you were born.

        It could have been a family member that sold you out to this. In my family, certain members have become suddenly oblivious to me as though I don’t exist. Immediate family is still supportive, but in denial about what is going on. I can’t talk about harassment, gangstalking, because they start the borderline mental illness BS. So I can’t talk about it to them.

  3. My point with all that I ranted about, by the way, In one sentence is, just because one person or a group of people in agreement say that you have a disorder or something wrong with you, doesn’t mean that it’s true. It could be that that is the exact behavioral end result they are fighting for you to be stuck in for research purposes. In other words, they may also very well organizing all they do to get each and every person they target to really look crazy and and out of control. Let’s not give in to such a dark, unsafe, and devilish game/manufacturing.

    Not all Tis should say they have PTSD even to their own layman understanding of the symptoms. Don’t hug that nasty tree.

    • Good point stating that “not all TIs should say they have PTSD” but given the combination of physical stalking and DE attacks which include putting triggers into our mind as we sleep-Given that combination over years and human nature being what it is it seems inevitable that anyone subjected to years worth of stress will develop Chronic PTSD.

      The reason I accept some DSM-V psychiatric diagnoses is because they do accurately define certain disorders such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, panic disorder and PTSD-I do not agree with most psychiatric labels as they’re an excuse for the mental health profession to put people on medications which only make them sick, mentally and physically.

      To the TI who stated that we got our psychiatric labels from Nazi scientists, I believe it.

      But the intentionally stressful, cruel, competitive and petty nature of Western society in addition to the neurotoxins and other crap in our food, water and air its only “normal” for people to develop mental disorders as coping mechanism;To try and survive.

      Its amazing how being a TI makes you realize how nearly everything we were taught about America, authority figures and human nature in general is an absolute lie, that the world we thought was real and genuine is a lie and to be honest, organized gang stalking and workplace mobbing is just one small slice of the s–t pie that is reality.

      • Wonderful! Well put, Scott. I should have said something in the sense of ” lets not be so quick to embrace any diagnosis, unless of course our own observations and symptoms corroborate the DSM or that of the physician. But, Like you, as we’ve both possibly brushed up a bit with the contents of the DSM, I am aware that certain disorders can be validated. I am just weary, with good reasons, of psychology and psychiatry in general, because of the black market military funded non-consensual selective research/experimental pools these avenues have become in most cities throughout the US, especially with a govt thats not paying attention and in more ways than one, are welcoming the chaotic aspect of it all (research in: bioethics neuroscience genome contracts and partnerships–these things are not done without human subjects in mind these days—and how do we think and know for fact where do you think they acquire these subjects, not only from the zoo). Also, as you might already know from looking at our website under construction, it is a market where the most vulnerable, some of which we represent, unfortunately, or may have very well represented at one point or another, are the preys/subjects.

        I like the last point also about what being a politically or medically targeted individual makes one realize about the state of America, may be just these days and where we are headed, or perhaps what it’s been and where it’s been headed for a long time–all before our eyes. Someone alluded to the US of America as USA Inc in a pdf I read not long ago. I think that’s where we are, what we are slowly realizing, and where we might very well be going.

  4. Looks like my one post had some errors. The text entry box under “Leave a reply” was acting very screwy, and my cursor was getting stuck and then jumping to random locations. I suppose IE isn’t exactly the best browser to be using…. it’s too prone to hacker attacks. Of course, the govt. is saying that in order to fight terrorism, we need backdoors in our software, computers, and smart phones.

    • That’s why I’m weary of all the efforts and sweat spent in net neutrality and privacy especially. We can try to stall them, but unless there is an alternative, a more secure internet, or something like it called something different, the military and the in vetted ones they and the federal alphabet soup agencies give IT security clearance to, will always have entry points, backdoors…it’s a fact. All pc purchased in this country and the world have backdoors. Anyone anywhere anytime can be eavesdropping on. That shouldn’t be anyone’s secret or some false positive to let run its course.

      What we can always do is stall them, and prevent them from altering, intoxicating, or stomping our works, communications and browsing. That’s majorly it.


        They keep making the encryption algorithms more mathematically complex, but I don’t think it’s making a whole lot of good. Back in the days, I used to use rlogin and telnet, but now even with ssh, there is always some surveillance person spying on your password you’re entering, and the private/public encryption keys are still stored and browseable by whomever is doing surveillance. So even ssh is defeated.

      • Some keywords I thought about in terms of how they get to us–and what can be safeguarded to prevent breaches. Not sure how relevant this is. You sound a bit more advanced than I am. I will be looking forward to more of your posts–questions—answers here.

        1. In computer security, a DMZ or demilitarized zone (sometimes referred to as a perimeter network) is a physical or logical subnetwork that contains and exposes an organization’s external-facing services to a larger and untrusted network, usually the Internet.

        2. Backdoors

        3.Private ports access

  5. I Have No Real FRIENDS, and I Never Really DID ever Have Any Real Friends! you’re right, it’s All A Lie! our lives are just lies, and the people all around us, who say They are our Friends in life, is just a lie, is All it IS! by the way: I think the FRIENDS in Washington State, many years ago, who said They were my FRIENDS, have been contacting me, for More than three years now, being nastier than crap to me, All the way from Washington State???? from many years ago. NOT MY FRIENDS, OR ANY FRIENDS I CAN EVER TRUST, IF ANY OF YOU ALL, WERE EVER REALLY EVEN TRUST WORTHY, TO EVER BEGIN WITH, THERE IN Washington State, many years ago! NOT!!!! also: I was thinking about Actually Calling some of Those FRIENDS, maybe, in Washington State, and other states, where I have also lived too, but then I thought to myself: No! why even bother? They are All nasty little liars, and not people, to be TRUSTED, especially not now! none of Them, have Ever really been my FRIENDS, I just THOUGHT They were my FRIENDS, in life, is all. also: I Don’t really Have Any of Their phone numbers, anyways, because I looked up some of Their numbers, under Their names, on those name and number finder web sites, or whatever, and Their numbers, are All blocked out, by stars, or whatever, and I tried asking Them, what Their phone numbers were, but, They Aren’t Telling! little game players, is What They All Are, from Washington State, and other states I’ve lived in, many years ago, is All They Are! again I asked myself: why do I even bother?

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