Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance – Freedom Livecast! (8 Hours)

Streamed live on Oct 18, 2014
Welcome to the Freedom Live Cast – October 18, 2014 12 noon – 8pm EST
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Special Guests will include:

Deborah Tavares
Dr. Robert Duncan
Dr. John Hall
Dr. Hildegard Staninger
Dr. Seth Farber
Magnus Olsson
Melinda Fee, former Hollywood actress
Melinda Kidder, Detective

Host: Pete Santilli, Radio Talk Show Host & Investigative Journalist

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Monday thru Saturday 10am PST
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5 thoughts on “Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance – Freedom Livecast! (8 Hours)

  1. I hope that TIs realize that most if not all guests are controlled opposition.
    Especially Duncan & Santelli.

    I will listen in because after ignoring the misleading bullshit, bad advice and false hopes there will be some very useful data as about gang stalking.

    When these “whistle blowers” tell TIs about tech and strategies used against us, its old stuff and/or cleared to be discussed with the public by the powers that should not be.

    • Santilli is a perp or controlled by one. At 7:07 I called in to the show twice, both times he addressed me as “Miriam” before I even spoke, multiple times. He somehow knew who was calling and called me the same name my perps use when they fuck with my name (as they do repeatedly for harassment.) I haven’t met a single TI in over 2 years that isn’t playing both sides of this. It’s all such pathetic BS.

      • Just read your comment, Stopogs.

        If the government suicides the D.C. Madam and other whistle blowers, alternate media journalists and high-level microbiologists and other scientists met with all kinds of scientists have had odd deaths or an inordinate number of suicides, then how the fuck does Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Susan Possel, Vinnie Eastwood and a couple other dozen well known “truthers” still live?

        Because they are all government whores;Controlled opposition.

        If you’ve noticed NONE of these ass clowns have openly discussed gang stalking and work place mobbing.

        When you’re a TI, authority figures from the government and media lose their credibility and everyone becomes suspect and when an alternate media host talks about nearly everything BUT gang stalking, the “elephant in the room” that alone speaks volumes on how they’re compromised.

        Pete Santelli did a show on TIs months ago with Amy who although sounds sincere was a horrible choice for a guest and Santelli in his usual smart assed manner did not treat the subject seriously.

        I heard FFCHS/govt Derrick (transparently controlled fake) interviewed on ‘Coast To Coast’ by George Nouri and he (Derrick) wasted precious air time speaking in generalities and bullshit just as that shit Dr. Duncan and I think Fred Bell did not directly address gang stalking (as per orders).

        Not surprised that Santelli perped you, Stopogs. I’ve heard one TI speak on TalkShoe how she was perped by her local PBS station-The whole F—–ng government, media and local civilian communities have been infiltrated by perps.

        The Amherst Police (a suburb of Buffalo, NY) and feds probably used to give illegally-obtained surveillance information from me to a local talk show host I used to listen to and he would repeat things I said in the “privacy” of my car, home, ect-I thought it was WEIRD at the time but knew nothing about gang stalking at the time (known I’m a TI about 11 months now and have been one for a good 20 years).

        I was contacted by a female TI who lives a few streets from mine but she did not meet my “acid test” and honestly as great as it WOULD be to be able to speak in person to one or more REAL TIs, it just is not worth the risk of getting screwed over.

        Renata (Talkshoe host), in the Oakland, California area actually does socialize with and trust some local TIs-She’s lucky.

        On Talkshoe radio, I’ve heard too many horror stories about TIs who took TIs (fake) into their confidence and/or home (for security) and were betrayed.

        One of the many commonalities I have inferred from listening to and reading what I consider REAL TIs is that nearly every single real TI could NEVER do this sadistic, unspeakably hateful and heartless shit to another human being-Its just not in us (TIs)-Possibly one of the many reasons we were put into this program, too goddamned nice.

        Not to say that I would not want to see some serious justice and other legal payback hit the perps like a brick wall but I have no delusions-Gang stalking went unpunished in Stalin’s Russia, Nazi Germany, China and other nations and still goes on to this day across the world (mainly NATO nations) UNPUNISHED.

        Did not mean to write a “short story” response to your answer, Stopogs.

        Its an ugly fact of life, not just being a target that many people willingly, gladly obey the orders of an authority figure and will do anything for money, power and just to fit in.

        I’ve accepted that sadly, there’s a huge part of the population that have little or no conscience and/or are incapable of original thought-The brainwashing and mind control excuse goes only so far.

        Some people are just no f—ng good.

        I am thankful beyond words that I am not one of these stupid assholes.

  2. The entire system we live in is controlled. Every TI Website can be tampered with, every TI’s mind can be remotely tampered with.

    The objective is total control over the global population. What I find most interesting is how many people claiming to be legitimate TIs
    also use the very types of psyops that those who carry out organized stalking utilize, on other TIs.

    The Intelligence community controls online TI activism Websites which are able to attract significant numbers of the people who are
    legitimate targets of these crimes.

    Most TI Websites don’t attract much attention at all, since they
    are sabotaged by the Intel community because they are created by legitimate targets of these crimes who have no covert agenda.

    The TI activism Websites that are allowed to succeed and attract large numbers of Targeted Individuals are all government controlled
    and used as further brainwashing of these TIs in order to further control them.

    The more TIs these Websites can attract, the better, since this means that there are that many less TIs surfing the Internet looking for legitimate Websites on OS/EH.

    When Myron May attempted to obtain help from some of these organizations he was prevented from doing so by the Intel influence
    that controls these organizations.

    His desperate response was to go out and kill people. No one can possibly understand the vicious psychological abuse that a person
    who is targeted for this non consensual experimentation is subjected to every day, unless they are also subjected to it.

    Families are destroyed, people are made homeless, and they become the targets of the most abhorrent cruelty imaginable.

    The attacks are never ending, and they are designed with one purpose in mind – to destroy the person being targeted no matter what it costs.

    • You nailed a lot of it, Jim.

      FFCHS is by far the worst government-sponsored offender in so far as attracting a lot of TIs and giving them false hopes, a fake forum in which to express their outrage, fears and losses and most of the moderators are obvious perps and/or former TIs who made a deal.

      Derrick, FFCHS’ “leader” has literally gone out of his way to stall any possible read progress for targets, has done HORRIBLE and VAGUE, inarticulate radio interviews such as on ‘Coast To Coast’ with George Nouri, droped the ball with major media TIs from Aaron Alexis who ostensibly contacted FFCHS for help and poor handling of he Myron May (who I also do not think is legit) data.

      There are tons of websites and You Tube channels whose sole intent is to keep TIs looking in the wrong direction, blaming the wrong things an people as these online sources often also insist the certain technologies are used against us with little true proof;One psy op after another.

      The Uncontrolled Opposition’s Blog Talk shows make calm and compelling arguments as to why FFCHs is a government front. may appear to be a little dull and dry at first glance but it is a WEALTH of solid, logical informaiton on the various means by which these “people” mind control us.

      It seems as though the more credible TI sites (such as this one) present their evidence and beliefs in a sensible, calm, reasonable manner with some emotion thrown in where appropriate since we’re all human and ANYONE going through this shit is going to get pissed but you see and hear none of the fear-mongering or fear porn, you get no sensationalist shit, no hate mongering, no alien/demonic agenda (other than the perps having a demonic spirit) on what I believe to be geniune TI sites.

      No vague and fantastic promises of class action suits or any sci-fi horseshit will be seen or heard on real TI sites.

      It bites that after all the indignities they heap upon TIs they also create traps in which they confuse the target, give disinformation and misinformation, offer “experts” such as Dr. Duncan who spout a lot of bullshit, get TIs’ hopes up then dashed, sometimes even sending them perps posing as TIs to befriend or even live with them (Badbaby on Talkshoe as one example) among other false aids to deal with gang stalking.

      A true “meat and potatoes” TI site offers some or most of the following:

      -Information on mind control, implants, how to take care of your physical (diet, exercise, ,supplements) and mental health, realistic activism, sensible spirituality, psychological operations and how to de-program yourself, how psych drugs will make us (TIs) worse, advice as to do our own research not blindly trusting any one or more authority figures, ways to spot perps and deal with them, how to document our stalking, perp tactics as to remove the mystery and any fear behind how they seem to know where we’ll be and when, the role of the federal, state and local police, politicians, ect,
      links to other seemingly honest TI websites and You Tube videos (such as the ones Stopogs has here) and much more.

      They go out of there way to make things as difficult as possible for us and when we try to find solid informaiton on the web their infiltration turns what should be a simple search into a brain-scattering distraction in which TIs are sent in multiple directions perpetually trying to find out the “whys,” “whos” “wheres,” and “hows?” As they throw one “expert” and fake TI after another at us.

      Which is why as targets we have to be far more than your “normal” skeptics and develop truth filters (for want of a better phrase) which narrow down the likelihood of wasting even MORE of our time as I myself did for the first 10 or so months of realizing I was a targeted individual.

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