First Responder Harassment 10/02/14

This is a video of 2 San Diego Sheriff Dept. vehicles parked on the SW corner of Encinitas Blvd. and Westlake Blvd in Encinitas, CA at 8:58 pm this evening. Both vehicles were parked on the shoulder of Eastbound Encinitas Blvd. for no apparent reason. It was near the end of my walk this evening. Two deputies stood behind the SUV and as I passed they synced opening the trunk door which is sensitization and gesture harassment. One deputy was tall and bald and I recognized him from a similar set up while walking near Swami’s Beach a few days before Labor Day weekend. I called the Sheriff Dept. when I returned home for the names of both deputies.

3 thoughts on “First Responder Harassment 10/02/14

  1. Today I went out to take care of some things and I was “greeted” by 5 ambulances, 2 police vans and a fire dept car on the way. I think this was my record so far, haha. They did it probably to remind of certain past events and maybe also to intimidate me because I’ve just started the gang stalking blog.

  2. I’ve had the same experiences. Once I had 9 ambulances in one day pulling the drive-bys. The intersection intercept seems to be the most popular where I’m at (Bay Area). Stay strong out there, you’re not alone.

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