First Responder Harassment Log September 2014

Holy fuck, people. Get a life.


8:50 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff patrol car traveling West while walking under Leucadia Blvd. bridge near golf course. (Encinitas)


3:31 pm- Passed by red ambulance traveling South on 101 Hwy. at Lomas Santa Fe Blvd. (Solana Beach)

3:34 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car at Camino Del Mar North and 26th Str. (Del Mar)

3:47 pm- AMR ambulance parked at entrance to UCSD glider port as I arrive. Male EMT sitting in driver seat. (La Jolla)

4:15 pm pm- 17:15 pm- 2 EMT’s in uniform (one male/ one female) sit 2 tables behind me and another TI during a meeting at the UCSD glider port. During the meeting they move to seats to the right of us. When we stood to leave, they got up and walked back to their table. As I walked back to my car, I passed the same AMR ambulance parked in the row across from mine. (La Jolla)


8:07 pm- Exiting from gas station onto Encinitas Blvd. East. SD patrol car passes me traveling West, U-turns into my lane and ends up in front of me at the light. Patrol car then turns right without using a blinker. SDSD unit # 20953 CA 1257818. (Encinitas)


1:30 pm- Arrive at City Hall and park. As soon as I exit my car, a male walks up to the white Fire Dept. SUV parked next to me, gets in and exits parking lot. (Encinitas)

1:49 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff patrol SUV at Encinitas Blvd. West and Westlake. (Encinitas)

3:00 pm- White Lifeguard jeep parked at South Ponto Beach as I pass on my walk and sit near jetty. Jeep is gone when I pass back minutes later. (Carlsbad)


5:05 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff patrol car at Quail Gardens Dr. and Encinitas Blvd. East. (Encinitas)

7:00 pm- Two SD Sheriff Dept. Patrol cars parked at SW corner of Leucadia Bl. and El Camino Real South with flashing lights on. 3-4 deputies standing on corner as I pass driving North. (Encinitas)


9:40 pm- Red ambulance syncs driving North on Vulcan Ave. w/ flashing lights and sirens as I walk North past Swami’s beach entrance. (Encinitas)


4:36 pm- Passed by Carlsbad PD patrol car at intersection of El Camino Real South and Von’s shopping Center in Carlsbad. Officer synced a left turn going the opposite direction as I turned left into shopping center. (Carlsbad)

7:35 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff patrol car w/ flashing lights and sirens traveling on 101 Hwy. North as I walk South towards Pipes Beach. Patrol car was 1/4 mile ahead of me in the South lane when I saw it switch the flashing lights on and U-turn North. (Encinitas)

8:35 pm- SD Sheriff patrol car stopped in road blocking 2 lanes of El Camino Real Rd. North w/ traffic backing up just South of entrance to Target Shopping Center. Patrol car left before I passed it. (Encinitas)


3:42 pm- Passed by red ambulance at 805 North freeway and Balboa Ave. exit. (San Diego)

5:12 pm- Passed by red ambulance at Adams Ave. East and 33rd Str. (San Diego)

5:27 pm- SD Police Dept. patrol car stopped on shoulder of 5 North freeway w/ flashing lights near Del Mar Heights Rd. exit. “Traffic stop” w/ 2 trucks on shoulder. (San Diego)

6:53 pm- Passed by AMR red ambulance at Quail Gardens Dr. and Encinitas Bl. East. (Encinitas)


2:05 pm- Passed by private ambulance at Rosebay Dr. and Encinitas Blvd. as I exit my street. (Encinitas)

2:08 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff patrol car at intersection of Quail Gardens Dr. and Leucadia Blvd. East. (Leucadia)


9:53 am- Passed by private ambulance at intersection of El Camino Real South and Cassia. (La Costa/Carlsbad)

12:59 pm- Took wrong turn onto Hortensia and San Diego Ave. in Old Town, SD Police patrol car parked at end of street with flashing lights on, “traffic stop”. Officer syncs exiting the car after I turn onto street. (San Diego)

2:24 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff Dept. patrol car at intersection of 101 Hwy. North and Leucadia Blvd. East. (Leucadia)

pm time N/A: Passed by Encinitas FD red ambulance with flashing lights/ sirens from opposite direction as I enter my street, Encinitas Blvd. East at Rosebay Drive. (synced). (Encinitas)


9:25 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff patrol SUV at intersection of Vulcan Ave. North and Leucadia Blvd. West. (Leucadia)

9:38 pm- Passed by Oceanside Police patrol car at Wisconsin Ave. and South Coast Hwy. (Oceanside)

9:43 pm- Passed by Oceanside Police patrol car at North Coast Hwy. 2-3 blocks South of Wisconsin Ave. (Oceanside)

10:33 pm- Passed by red ambulance at Encinitas Blvd. East and Seaman. (Encinitas)


9:25 pm- Passed by SD Sheriff SUV at North Vulcan and Leucadia Blvd. intersection. (Leucadia)


12:20 pm- Passed by Oceanside Police patrol car at 76 West freeway East of Loretta Str.

1:16 pm- Passed red ambulance (Carlsbad FD?) exiting Albertson’s shopping center on El Camino Real North at La Costa Blvd. (Carlsbad).

1:38 pm- Passed by Carlsbad Police patrol car at Intersection of Poinsettia and Aviara.

2:33 pm- Passed by private ambulance at North Torrey Pines Rd. and  Jolla Shores Dr. (La Jolla)

8:15 pm- Passed staged “accident” on 101 Hwy. North at San Elijo State Beach. Two SD Sheriff patrol cars stopped with flashing lights on, one unmarked police vehicle parked. 2 cars facing each other in middle turn lane w/ tow truck. (Cardiff by the Sea)

6:45 pm- Passed CA State Park Ranger SUV stopped on shoulder of 101 Hwy. South at Ponto Beach w/ parking lights on. (Carlsbad)







8 thoughts on “First Responder Harassment Log September 2014

  1. I’ve seen staged accidents before, one time on US Route 119 northbound here. Basically, there were state police cruisers out, lights flashing, and some teenage bitch with an ugly old car in the passing lane. She was just standing there, beside her car, and there was no apparent damage (of course). As soon as she passed, she appeared to realize my car was passing and she was “missing her cue”. She then yelled an insult really loud in my direction. And the state cops, and the two vehicles involved in the accident were just standing around not doing anything.

    This goes to show that the sick assholes behind our targeting have a lot of money and resources at their disposal, and also, that they can get state cops involved. So therefore, there has to be some mandated govt. program that is behind this that enables sick assholes to get their sh*t off trying to piss off targets. And they are doing this while wasting valuable tax dollars, too. I wonder if the sheep care if the state cops were spending thousands just so the perps observing can watch a dumb teenage perp with an ugly car in a fake accident yell something insulting at a passing TI’s car.

    They don’t care, the perps don’t care, because they are well cared for, pampered, and babied with tax money. And you have to wonder how many thousands are being wasted on these displays of power? I am not impressed with their displays of power.

    • I’ve seen perps miss their cue, they are too dumb for words they can’t even handle one simple job. I’m sure some of these staged incidents are done under the guise of “emergency drills” or some other DHS BS. But they know they are doing it to the same people over and over again. And terrorists (ie DHS) are reputed to do “rehearsals” before they strike. Everything in this country is a sham right now and I have lost all respect for law enforcement.

      • I don’t know why the perps persist in persuing us like this. They’ve tried many times, in my case, for the past 14 years with their heavy stalking and the myriad of morons they keep sending after me. I honestly don’t know why they don’t quit. They have a psychological profile on targets that clearly shows we are not interested in joining them or giving in. Yet, they persist in sending idiots and assholes after us day after day for many years, and many years to come in the future, I’m sure.

        I’m not sure if it’s the result if extensive brainwashed-ness on their part, but what evidence do they have that the truth with somehow change just because they won’t stop stalking us or spreading lies and disinfo? Is it that they are so stupid, they need to blow off steam by stalking us? It’s like, “Hey, I’m too dumb to change a light bulb. What’s the solution”. Perp 2: “harass the shit out of someone who does! That’ll make us feel better for not being smart enough to change one”.

        And I get so many assholes with “messages” on their T-shirts. Geez, man. I really think they should have one that reads: “I am a dumb stalking loser who is jealous of the much smarter and individual thinking target”. And then have the perps all disappear forever, because: the truth never changes despite heavy stalking.

        And I get messages from perps telling me they are going to win because there are so many of them. Too bad all the rumor spreading, slander, and stalking doesn’t make them smarter. If I ever got elected president, I’d do something about the stupidity in this country by passing laws requiring cities, towns, and states to crack down on stalking and slander.

      • They value anger and violence, these are the people who firmly believe the world “owes” them something. I think there are “community organizers” getting them all riled up, see Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, also see “color revolution”. The crap rolls downhill so this comes from someplace pretty high under the pretense of being “politically correct” and helping minorities, gays, women move up the socioeconomic ladder. If the elites really cared about these people, they would be pouring the millions they spend on gang stalking into better schools and college scholarships, home loans, job training, daycare, etc. But they are not. It is a sham just like everything else in this country.

    • Yeah, I’ve had a lot of those too. But lately they’ve concentrated mostly on the drive-by stalking. Just the other day I got 6 fire dept vehicle, 3 ambulance and a police van drive-by. I guess the fire dept “heroes” were really taken by my blog post about their harassment activities.

  2. I’ve watched videos of the twin towers falling after the two airliners hit. One thing that people have told me consistently is that how neatly the towers pancaked straight down. They had engineers blabbering about how the temperature of the jet fuel burning was enough to heat the steam beams enough to make it pancake straight down. I have a theory that those towers were wired up with explosives internally every so many floors, and the bombs were detonated shortly after the planes hit. Those engineers had to be part of a disinfo campaign to fool the public. Inside job or not, there is something a little too tidy about the way those towers fell. Somebody had to have been there somewhere activating explosives remotely.

    This isn’t to minimize all the people who risked their lives to go in and save those victims trapped. They were really put at risk by whatever internal domestic act of terrorism was in play that allowed those towers to get attacked in the first place. Probably it was psyops to get the public into a brainwashed state of mind about the need to chase terrorists. (In reality, they’d be persecuting innocent free-thinkers who are a threat to the web of organized crime that profits from the destruction of free-thinking targets.)

    And the fires that started in the Shanksville memorial site recently couldn’t have been an accident, either. Someone wants to erase the memories of the victims who died in 9/11. I’m sure 9/11 is tied right in to our stalking and harassment. Someone allowed those asshole brainwashed operatives onto the plane and allowed them to take control. Someone knew that every one of them would be boarding planes, and looked the other way while it was happening. Put it this way: the perps have technology that can see into our future and other vital stuff about us, and they always know where we are. And they didn’t know where the 9/11 would-be hijackers were? They can read our intent remotely, so this follows that they’d be able to read the intent of the hijackers, and they had more than enough people on their side to send after them to stop them. But they didn’t, because they were part of the organized stalking terror that pursues us to this day. It was part of THEIR plan all along. Terrorists are really brainwashed operatives being controlled by some malicious factions lurking in the shadows.

    If they really wanted to pay homage to those 9/11 victims, they’d come out and reveal to the public what REALLY went on, the planning, the execution, and the erasing of the victims from the public’s memories. Yet the dumb ass stalkers aren’t smart or strong enough to see that when they come after targets, they were part of the reason 9/11 happened, and they are helping to protect the people who planned and executed it.

  3. To stopogs,
    Could you post a movie of this harassment? I believe you, but a time-lapse movie might be more effective. To all TIs, get that dash cam or hand cam and document it all. I’m doing it, and it can be intimidating at times, but we’re the ones being violated. Period.

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