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Published on Mar 19, 2017

Today I welcomed NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart to the program! Karen recently exposed the NSA, FBI, and Military groups as being involved in illegal targeting and electronic harassment of Americans. These covert programs of assault and non-consensual human experimentation are ongoing in the USA today. These methods are being used to suppress the truth and anything that challenges the official narrative offered by the powers that shouldn’t be! Targeted Individuals, Mass Surveillance, Gang Stalking, Directed Energy Weapons, and Electronic Harassment were all topics of discussion! Many thanks to Karen for joining em today! Much and God Bless!

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  1. We have to fight this. Why should perfectly useful human beings get obliterated? While all the lowlifes who can’t think and hence aren’t a threat to the NWO get left alone to live their lives in peace? A lot of us are targets only because we are a threat to the NWO. Maybe we can see through the deception and grasp the bigger picture of what’s happening with the globalization. The thing that sucks is, I, like most targets, wouldn’t harm anyone or any animals. Gangstalkers not only get left alone, but get rewards, and they are out there poising their neighbors’ pets, pedophile perps stalking their neighbors’ children, and none of them are getting harassed. AND, the police completely ignore them and focus on targets instead. Pieces of scheiss.

    Targets, don’t be afraid of them. They will get to you eventually. You’ll make mistakes because of them. But like Bob Marley said, you’ve got to keep on pushing through.

    Lord, I’ve got to keep on moving
    Lord, I’ve got to get on down
    Lord, I’ve got to keep on moving
    Where I can’t be found
    Lord, they’re coming after me

    I’ve been accused for the killin’
    Lord knows I didn’t do
    For hangin’ me, they are willin’, yeah, yeah
    And that’s why I’ve got to get on through
    Lord, they’re coming after me

    Read more: Bob Marley – Keep On Moving Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  2. My name is Tommy Clark. I am also a victim of gangstalking from NSA. I’ve been tortured close to 5 to 7 months. It started when I was in Tampa, because I saw a bug light go off and they freaked out. The were bugging me prior to statements getting out of a jail and was later posted online and I took pictures of where the bug was placed. Anyway, if anyone who sees this can help me in anyway, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m currently in Statesboro, GA. If anyone can help me sue, that would be very helpful. I can’t stand anymore of the harassment. My email is Please contact me if you can help. Thank you.

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