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Published on Mar 9, 2017

What a GREAT time we had talking with Stephen Shellen. He has some mind blowing information to share. There’s no way we could cover everything in depth in an hour so Stephen has agreed to come on again with us. We really appreciate him taking time to talk with us.

He was an up and coming Hollywood star in the 90’s. He has over 50 credits to his name, including the TV Series, “La Femme Nikita”, “Due South” and “Law and Order”, and movies such as: “The Bodyguard”, “The Stepfather”, “Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde” and so many others. He played alongside Brad Pitt and Robert Redford in “A River Runs Through it”. And he starred with Lea Thompson in “Casual Sex”… Stephen Shellen.

He is now speaking out about the horrors of human trafficking, ritual abuse and pedophilia through his own personal story… Please welcome to our show, Stephen Shellen.

Included in this interview is the NEVER BEFORE SEEN clip from Shellen’s newest project called The Spark, in which he wrote, directed, starred and produced.


  1. Hi. Im 31 yrs and currently being gangstalked in the tazwell county illinois area in the USA. Ive been trying to convey my struggles to other people including members of my family and want to get help. How would go about getting people to stop electronically harassing me. I fear for my life and profession. Im an artist and musician. Any tips would be appreciated.

    • I wish I had answers, sorry. Just know you are not alone and this will eventually end. All we can really do right now is document, record, and report it. Make legit reports to authorities whenever you can prove a perp has broken rules/ laws or violated boundaries. Repeat offenders will get caught, one of mine was recently arrested for weapons, drugs, and child abuse charges. Continue to expose and oppose and most of all take care of yourself and stay safe. I recently watched a movie called “Divination”. I recommend all empowered individuals watch it, it really illustrates the power that fear can have over us. This is without a doubt a spiritual war.

      • But they spend so much time and devote so much energy to putting out psyops. That’s for the psyops portion. The entertainment industry is involved. I’ve got infantile jerks at work, too, trying to get me all worked up. But one thing you’ll notice is that they spend a lot of time with skits and images in newspapers “proving” something right, and then they’ll go an completely contradict it.

        But I guess when you live in a world of lies like our beloved perps, you have to constantly contradict yourself in order to maintain that “truth”. They have to constantly fiddle with parts of the equations, because they know those things they lie about don’t add up.

        And they are very angry, hateful jealous people. Very bent on getting “revenge” on us, when we are good people that they don’t even know, and they never leave us alone. I want to know how so many people who are unseen to me have such hatred for me when they don’t even know me. I know a lot of targets have talent, and along with it, individual thinking. They hate individuals, and even moreso it compounds their hatred if they have talent to go along with their individuality. They are pack animals, after all. And of course, perp cells who are networked via secret sites counts as part of the “pack” despite not being physically together.

        It’s such a time waster to be getting angry with them all the time.

        And all those people in the entertainment industry? All fakes. They steal targets’ ideas, and use them and copyright them, and the target no longer owns the rights to works that are theirs.

  2. That’s just the thing: they use fear of retaliation when I don’t do what “they” say. I especially hate it when some lazy ass slob at work who does nothing all night long gets special treatment, while I have to work, slave, and sweat my ass off. And then they go and make sure I see pictures of people who resemble these slobs in the newspaper (psyops_ being presented in a positive light (just to piss me off).

    But this is psychological warfare. I’ve seen talented people who were so free-spirited get broken by this system, and they just look like confused, scared, zombies now. They get broken for so many years, and they are dependent on the system. We as targets have to make sure that we know how to counter them and stand strong, because I sure as hell am not interested in becoming THAT.

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