For perps it is always most definitely worth the elaborate plan. They work hard at what they do, which consists of going nowhere at the speed of light. The San Diego Joint Terrorism Task Force has officially designated 8 signs of terrorism of which every single one applies to OGS/EH. Many of these apply to workplace mobbing which is a big part of OGS/EH.

1.) SURVEILLANCE: To determine a target’s strengths and weaknesses.

2.) ELICITATION: To gain information about the operations and security of a potential target.

3.) TESTING SECURITY: How long does it take for people or security to respond?

4.) FUNDING: Raising money for the operation and spend it in a way that doesn’t draw attention (drugs, counterfeit merchandise, burglary).

5.) ACQUIRING SUPPLIES: Weapons, transportation, communication systems, uniforms, fake passports/ID’s.

6.) IMPERSONATION: First responders (police, sheriff. fire dept.), mail carriers, employees.

7.) REHEARSAL: May rehearse several times, measuring response times.

8.) DEPLOYMENT: Putting plans into place, getting into position, moving equipment, launching an attack.

I can tell you I have witnessed all of these and more while watching gang stalkers in action. The problem is, no one gives a shit. This will be the end of freedom for everyone on this globe if people don’t wake up and stand their ground. And I am not exaggerating.

On another note I would just like to state for all intents and purposes, if you are a perp and you are stalking innocent people all day like a felon, you have NO RIGHT to be offended when a targeted individual reacts negatively to your actions. You have no right, especially when so many of these TI’s have been pushed to the brink of death by your actions. So do us all a favor and just shut your fat, ignorant mouths. The fact that nearly 100% of perps are unable to grasp this concept is testament to their sheer stupidity and cult brainwashing, as evidenced by their involvement in OGS/EH. Furthermore I would like to know how many perps’ lives would stand up to the level of scrutiny that ours are subjected to? Without even doing any data mining on these people, I can already tell it’s very unlikely many of theirs would. As far as I know, the only perfect person out there is Jesus Christ.


  1. Thank you for the much needed information about surveillance and harassment. I support your post and do not respect perps or their activities. I will continue to stand up to the inhumane treatment and am encouraged that I am not the only one angry over the infringement of rights.

  2. Perps are the weakest link on this earth. It doesnt take any fortitude to follow but it does to stand against wrong doings. I STAND WITH YOU STOPOGS.

  3. Astute blog. I have been reading about cults and the techniques cults use to recruit seem to be the same, they start with lies, then manipulate emotion. As gang stalking seems to be happening in every country and is denied by every government this appears to be a major global crime. I expect you’ve read “The Hidden Evil” by Mark Rich(also on kindle). Another writer Misha Glennyhas noted the convergence of globalised crime with governments.

      • Stopogs I would like to reblog your article – comment about not consenting to all this c..p. do you mind? I will do it as soon as I can figure out how. If you like have a read of my blogs gangstalked and slandered, gangstalkers bait and targeted individuals are bait. All the best. Clair. Harrogate

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