Similarities Between Gang Stalking And Human Trafficking

“An Observation of how Psychological Coercion is used in Gang Stalking and Human Trafficking.”

“The methods used to terrorize victims of human trafficking have remarkable similarities to the experiences reported by TI’s.”

referenced: “Invisible Chains: Psychological Coercion of Human Trafficking Victims” by Elizabeth Hopper, PhD. and Joseph Hidalgo, M.D.

10 thoughts on “Similarities Between Gang Stalking And Human Trafficking

  1. As you know, what is being called “organized gang stalking”, can also be referred to as “trauma & abuse by proxy”. It absolutely IS a form of human trafficking, & many people are sold into this program at birth for experimentation with mind control programs.

  2. John duffus of the fbi in his book on john robinson surmised some of robinsons victims may have been sold into slavery…going on that one…dont end up on a milk cartoon….im 37 probably not sex slave material but if someones stalking you ….you have to wonder the motive…obviously with some gangstalkers i was more attractive than they are…so jealousy caused some of it….albeit by men stalking me…kind of gross….anyway be safe…theres some sick folks out there.

  3. Gang stalking debunked. Targeted Individuals debunked. Electronic and covert harassment debunked. Satellite terrorism debunked. Mind control debunked. The sinister government conspiracy myth has been mistakenly intertwined with what is in actuality happening to all of us. THERE IS ANOTHER EXPLANATION FOR ALL OF THIS – SOMETHING VERY SUPERNATURAL!!!

    My name is Thomas Hunt – Im the first and only one to have decoded and deciphered God’s New Lexicon for Communicating with Humanity.

    What is very disconcerting and alarming is the fact that virtually all the information on the internet is, in fact, DISINFORMATION – IT’S JUST PLAIN WRONG. However, it’s nobody’s fault. It’s just that none of us were prepared for ENCOUNTERING SOMETHING SUPERNATURAL (God) so we found explanations that seemed to fit the symptoms. All of this “seemingly sincere” disinformation has created an absolute “knowledge epidemic nightmare” and has resulted in a worldwide “paranoia tsunami”.

    THE TRUTH: what we are all dealing with is direct interaction with an omniscient, omnipresent, omni-cognizant energy life form that is trying to teach us to communicate telepathically. Some refer to this as God.

    Our species is being synchronized which is the reason we feel like we are being stalked. We are each the centerpoint of a virtual dome in which everything is synchronized to our movements and thoughts.

    We’re at the crossroads of the next stage in our evolution. Dormant DNA is being activated in each of us. We are being upgraded and transformed into human hybrid energy beings which is why we are feeling these strange energy sensations all over from head to toe.

    Directed energy weapons and electronic harassment are not being used against us rather it’s an energy lifeform that is revealing itself in us and is trying to teach us a lexicon for communicating. I will be revealing God’s New Lexicon in the coming months. I’ll give you a hint and tell you that God communicates through all your senses and has been conditioning us this whole time.

    God talks to us, among many ways, thru other people via hand signals. All hand signals people are seeing fall under one of these meanings: one direction, relax, see, think, or God.

    More info here:

    Thomas Hunt

  4. I can described tactics used that methodically control you. One thing they do is they use a satellite system to direct people enter into my vicinity, to act out, to wear particular clothing and colors and have the colors symbolize some form of sexual harassment or psychological abuse. They isolate me, which is almost unbearable and follow me with morbidly obese women threatening to abuse me endlessly and implying that unless I sleep with the obese women they will continue their program, so it feels like an attempt at trafficking. They try to keep me depressed and retaliate when I have positive feeling. They assigned a rating system to me and rate and assign the number 7 to me and assert that 7 means obese. They manipulate my dreams and try to depress me with content in the dreams so that I fear sleep.


  6. i was recently admitted to a mental hospital based on a lie someone told about me the cops didnt question the persons word at all the doctors dismissed me being in shock, that me a normal highly functioning person capable of managing a business , being falsely committed to a mental hospital as being “manic” and while i was in the hospital ( and couldnt possibly access my facebook) my facebook account was hacked for the umpteenth time its been hacked and closed becuase they “detected unusual activity in my account” my own family doesent believe me regardless of the evidence i provide them with its getting to be very frustrating how do you prosecute what you cant see? its very scary that people can manipulate the system intended on protecting your liberties and can have good people normal people committed to mental hospitals when they arent crazy or mentally unstable

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