Police/Fire/Sheriff Dept. Harassment Log 12/08/13-12/09/13


13 separate first responder sitings in the past 48 hours.


4:00 pm  Police patrol car parked on shoulder of 73 North, Orange County.

4:30 pm  Passed by Police patrol car on Ellis Ave. Huntington Beach.

7:45 pm  Passed by CHP patrol car driving at high speed 405 South Orange County.

8:00 pm  Passed by Police patrol car w/ flashing lights on 405 North Orange County.

8:30 pm Passed Police patrol car stopped on right shoulder 5 South w/ flashing lights on, Oceanside, CA.


09:50 am  Passed fire dept. after exiting church, 4 large fire engines lined up and parked on left shoulder of road. Another church member stalled me after AM mass  while they set this up.

10:05 am  Passed by Sheriff Dept. Patrol car Encinitas Bl. East immediately after exiting my neighborhood.

10:25 am  Arrive at my destination, Del Mar laundromat, Red ambulance parked in front of laundromat, Del Mar Heights Rd.

10:35 am: Ambulance leaves as I exit the laundromat, passes in front of me with 2 females inside.

10:40  I walk to a CVS pharmacy next door, same red ambulance pulls up behind me and idles as I enter the pharmacy.

10:45 am  2 females from ambulance have parked the ambulance and are now inside the pharmacy shopped, intercept me in an aisle.

11:45 am  Walked over to Jack In The Box restaurant next door to laundromat to use restroom. Police Patrol car parked in front of restaurant.

1:07 pm  Passed by red ambulance at Lomas Santa Fe Drive and 101 North in Solana Beach.

1:12 pm  Pass red ambulance parked on left shoulder of the road on San Elijo Rd., Encinitas, CA. Passenger side door left open.

In addition to stalking by proxy committed by all first responders including the LIfeguard dept. The Sheriff and Fire dept. also contribute daily to the noise campaign in my neighborhood. Sirens are frequently synchronized to right before/after I wake or get out of bed in the am, when my work shifts start/end, when my work breaks start/stop, or when I read/comment on police brutality reports online. Sirens are much more frequent now than they were before the gang stalking became overt in June of 2012.

6 thoughts on “Police/Fire/Sheriff Dept. Harassment Log 12/08/13-12/09/13

  1. Pray for the people(TIs) that get perps pretending to be first responders. Awareness is an important key. Your blog is greatly appreciated.

  2. I have always found your log of first-responder noise and sighting fascinating. As I have told you before, the government was doing the exact same thing to me during June, July, and August 2009. I just never expect another person to have the same experience as I have had. The only difference is that they did it for some other reasons (they weren’t trying to torture me back then, but it seems that these first-responders op is designed to torture your mind). I love it when you have pictures. During June, July, and August 2009 I had my recorder turned on 24 hours a day, and so all the siren are recorded. In the diary I compose for that period: http://www.lawrencechin2011.com/suppl_pld_4_224b/suppl_pld_4_224b-c.pdf (from July 10 to July 24 2009, for example), I also log all the siren and sighting of police cars, ambulances, and fire truck. About 30 times a day. And I filmed them whenever possible. I organized the film into video diaries: http://www.lawrencechin2011.com/06_09/.

    I’m just putting up the links for your future references. My targeting experience was so complex and lasted so many years that I don’t expect anyone to have the brain-power and time to absorb it. But you can look at my diary and video diaries for reference in the future.

  3. Thank you for keeping this info here. I lived between a hospital and a fire station for a year+ now, besides it “appearing” normal to have an ongoing extreme noise, very early on sundays I might add (which I don’t mind, i feel bad for all the people in all the apartments and houses here), but ongoing revving, exhaust backfiring at the traffic light, racing, and just a cacaphony of bs. I sometimes wonder if they measure my heartrate. Most of the time I’m just surprised that so many other people are terrorized by the noise. I have had cars dangerously speed to me repeatedly when i go home late and cross a 4 lane traffic light. I hot an e tremely bright flashlight and lit up their faces eventually, very very young guys in hotrod cars chasing me. They seem to have trackers on my gps location. Stalked on hikes definitely relate, someone will hike me in over a distance and dog me by hiking on my heels. There crestfallen response when i jump around and hike back and take an exit trail. Because if they follow me it would be obvious. I’ve stopped hiking.
    Once for kicks i drove into a deserted grocery parking lot around 6pm on thanksgiving day. Within 2 +minutes 10 cars swarmed in looking confused bc they did not know which store they should park in front and enter bc everything was closed (except one small restaurant on the opposite side. ALL THOSE CARS RUSHED IN , slowed down like confused ants going hither n thither, not knowing where to go, while i sat in front of the grocery store watching each of them rush in, and confusedly head for the exit. POINT PROVEN.

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