Vehicle Noise Code Violations November 2013

These are daily totals for excessively loud vehicles driving up and down my street and driveway. Code violations include vehicles w/ loud mufflers, no mufflers, loud engines, loud ignitions, stalling vehicles, backfiring vehicles, loud car stereos, and repeated car alarms. Vehicle suspensions adjusted to make loud sound/vibrations when driving over the speed bump in our driveway. Revving engines, idling in front of my home, screeching tires.

Since June 2012- Excessive traffic entering and exiting the neighborhood, sometimes leaving within seconds. Excessive amount of loud commercial vehicles and utility trucks. Entry/exit harassment as I depart/ return to my neighborhood w/ excessive traffic.  Loud vehicles often synced to pass during specific activities such as right after waking/ going to bed, entering/exiting home, using the bathroom, changing clothes, during showers.

Loud traffic frequently continues until after 10 pm. Repeated calls to Sheriff Dept. for extra patrols for noise code violations has had zero effect. To my knowledge not a single noise code violation has been issued since June 2012.

11/01/13- 78                   11/16/13- 44

11/02/13- 70                   11/17/13- 56

11/03/13- 78                    11/18/13- 94

11//04/13- 51                   11/19/13- 71

11/05/13- 48                     11/20/13- 65

11/06/13- 53                     11/21/13- 51

11/07/13- 35                      11/22/13- 55

11/08/13- 61                      11/23/13- 43

11/09/13- 50                      11/24/13- 37

11/10/13- 66                       11/25/13- 55

11/11/13- 46                         11/26/13- 44

11/12/13- 55                          11/27/13- 47

11/13/13- 41                          11/28/13- 36

11/14/13- 59                           11/29/13- 71

11/15/13- 41                            11/30/13- 84


2 thoughts on “Vehicle Noise Code Violations November 2013

  1. In my case, they have loud, noisy vehicles driving down my street very slowly in order to prolong the amount of time I’m exposed to this noise. Like I’ve mentioned in another target, it seems perps are secretly protected somewhere in the legal system; they do things to targets as though they are unafraid of consequences, and most of them aren’t brave enough or wouldn’t be if they hadn’t been part of a large mob, or corrupt law enforcement protecting them.

    This is what led me to believe gangstalking is part of a larger govt. program to harass targets and destroy them. In my experience, perps commit crimes against us, and not only are unafraid of the consequences, but they have hinted to me they get rewarded for doing so. The reward may be getting a position at a company ahead of better qualified candidates, or payouts, like $1,500 for taking part in repeated harassment of a target. On top of that, the target gets disqualified from job prospects while perps get promoted and protected.

    No wonder so many people take part in the harassment. It seems there is a peer pressure component, too. Perps know everyone looks down on targets as though they were despised by society, so of course they aren’t afraid to insult them via harassment. Or the one who was saying insulting comments in directed conversations about my relative, she was in trouble for something, and this is her way to get out of trouble. So sometimes, perps are partaking in harassment in order to get out of legal trouble. This is just one way the corrupt system gives these people rewards for taking part in an obviously govt. sponsored shadow program (like MK Ultra). I’m not sure it’s exactly MK Ultra, but some secret program very much like it.

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