Some Random Street Theater

Street theater is any premeditated harassment that takes place in a public setting, ranging from the dumbfoundingly stupid and simple to the elaborate/sophisticated plan that definitely was not worth it.

– Leaving dead/dying animals in target’s path. Squirrels, rats, mice, birds, dogs. Leaving small feathers in targets path repeatedly.

– Saying first or last names of family members/ close friends aloud in public within earshot. Strangers saying target’s name in public.

– Crowding stores/shops after you arrive, causing delays in checkout lanes. Preoccupying employees with stupid questions/ requests. Paying for items with copious amounts of change.

– Having cats/ dogs/ children suddenly run into road as you drive by.

– Couples fighting in public w/ loud, abusive language. Younger males cursing, spitting, using vulgar language.

-People talking about severe abuse, suicides, drug abuse in front of target. People pretending to smoke hard drugs in front of target. People breaking down and crying/sobbing in front of target.

– Same time entry/exit by neighbors. Neighbors showing up at grocery store, pharmacy, cafes, gas station, drive thrus, church, etc.

– Insulting comments about body/hairstyle/ appearance/social skills/intelligence level, often said aloud in front of a group in public.

– Completely ignored by retail staff when you need help; then followed around by staff like a rash on your ass when you just want to shop in peace.

– Using artificial telepathy to block items target plans to buy at the store. You can go to the market at 2am and there be a perp blocking the item you want to buy.

– Using directed conversation to humiliate target in public.

– Staged roadwork, construction work, car accidents, traffic stops, landscaping, probationary community work everywhere you go. Roadwork will often include spraying something into the air as target passes such as water, clouds of dirt/dust, exhaust fumes. Landscapers will aim leaf blowers at/ near target.

– Staged outdoor large exercise groups passing you while driving, walking (high school “cross country”, “Mommy and Me” groups, Yoga classes, Hula Hoops, etc). Staged outdoor military style drills/group exercise. BJJ schools are heavily involved in my area.

– Aggressive/hyper exercise in front of target: running at high speed, paddle ball, frisbee, soccer, touch football, volleyball, “doing stairs”, outdoor aerobics, passing football/baseball back and forth. If there is a ball or frisbee involved, it will invariably be thrown in target’s path.

– Lone people playing instruments outdoors: bagpipes, trumpets, tubas, drums, guitar.

– Whatever building the target is in, if there is a security guard employed there they will make an appearance, frequently jangling keys the whole time like they are a prison guard.

– Store employees coming our and “busying” themselves in front of target to crowd them while target is shopping, frequently pushing loud carts/heavy objects around.

– Weird/ distracting bikes/vehicles w/ odd shapes/colors/sizes.

– Blocking harassment at every turn, by any means possible. Physically blocking target’s path everywhere they go. This is a major part of synchronized harassment.

– Air harassment, loud/low multiple flyovers, everything from model planes to commercial flights. They also had a flock a pelicans showing up every time I went near the water, occasionally landing near me. I’m still not sure if they were real birds or drones, but the perps seemed very interested in them.

– Wearing Easter bunny costumes in public the middle of the summer. Seeing homeless/gangster type characters in unlikely areas/neighborhoods.

– Refusing to shake target’s hand in church to make a sign of “peace”(perp will then turn around and shake another person’s hand).

-Stalkers playing multiple roles: Woman from church appears at gym as an exercise instructor, passerby at beach. Massage therapist appears as a priest after a Latin Mass. Inpatient psych nurse shows up in office posing as a coworker. Homeless male appearing later as a fellow psych inpatient.

– Stalking by coworkers and gym employees out in various public locations.

– Public nudity, sexuality, PDA. Scantily clad women (bikinis inside Subway restaurant), nudity/clothes falling off at beach, women in suggestive poses, men pretending to urinate on side of street.

– Acting distracted/spaced out while talking to target. Screwing up food orders w/ dining out/take out. Excessive talking/getting off topic, not allowing target to speak/ask questions.

– Fires drills, power outages, computer outages, water outages.

– “Apocalyptic” props. In the summer of 2012 the perps set up a large fishing boat a few miles off the coast. It was set up to look like it was capsizing. Of course it was never on the news. Highway convoys of stopped vehicles that go on for miles, usually going opposite direction of target to overwhelm them.

– Chemical harassment: perfume, pesticides, saw dust, cars w/ excessive exhaust, second hand smoke, marijuana fumes, urine odor, fabric softener, Halls menthol cough drops, mint gum, odor of airplane restroom. Any specific odors that they know target doesn’t like or that will humiliate/ mirror them.

– Any excuse to congregate in a group near or around target but at the same time intentionally excluding target from the group activity/conversation.

– Loud screaming kids in any venue possible, including church. Walking multiple dogs at the same time. Kids are encouraged to act hyperactive and loud and engage in all the same harassment activities as the adult perps.

– Fake store employees that can be deployed within minutes by management. Specifically sent to annoy/harass target and act incompetent. This has a “reality show” aspect and you will frequently see the regular staff “handling” them and also getting annoyed with how stupid/inept they are. This may also be a service to store owners and regular staff who do not want to be held personally accountable for being Nazi traitors. Employees will be switched out at all the stores the target regularly shops at.

– The “Now you see me now you don’t act”, the same perp will randomly  appear/ vanish in target’s sight while target is on an outing. Perp will let target pass them on a trail, then run by target, then fall behind again, etc. Perp will hide behind trees/buildings, then suddenly appear as target passes, etc. Same perp may appear to pass target multiple times/locations in a short period of time. This is often accomplished using doubles or look-alikes of the perp. The vanishing/appearing tactic is also done with inanimate objects as big as cars, not sure how they pull that off.

– Groups of “extras” deployed in the dozens to thousands to create “theater” at any given time. Setting include shopping malls, restaurants, churches, freeways, DMV, courthouses, hotels, sports stadiums, beaches, parks, concert venues, neighborhoods. Anywhere a flash mob can appear, the perps can appear. And since perps use fraudulent means to get access to secure areas, they have even more reach than regular flash mobs.

This definitely does not cover all street theater, I can give loads more examples but just wanted to get some info out there on this topic. Keep in mind street theater is also largely made up of other types of harassment previously covered in this blog like mimicking/mirroring, color harassment, gesture harassment, noise harassment, forced coughing, directed conversation, first responder harassment, vehicular harassment, stalking harassment. Workplace mobbing also involves a lot of theater, which I will cover in a future blog post.

Some of this may seem comical and people may wonder “what’s the harm”? The harm is when it’s done with frequency and duration to the target and their circle of support, it can cause a severe amount of stress and even death when combined with other gang stalking tactics. There are feelings of utter futility in not even being able to articulate this type of harassment in a coherent way. This is compounded by the fact that no one in law enforcement or the legal system will help and psychiatry will just label the target as delusional if they talk about it.

Experiencing the types of harassment mentioned above on a daily basis for years can and will lead to PTSD, nervous breakdowns, complete loss of trust in people, severe anxiety, depression, and suicidal/homicidal thoughts. Once the perps have accomplished complete dehumanization and destruction of the target, the target is blamed for all “of their own problems” and the perps walk away scot free.

25 thoughts on “Some Random Street Theater

  1. All the things mentioned above happen to me. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of dead pigeons wherever I go. I feed the pigeons so they have to destroy the poor birds. They’re savage all of them!

    • Regarding street theatre. It’s all for a reason – to discredit you. People see you feeding birds, next thing there are dead birds all over the place. Who gets the blame. I think they did something similar to me. There are a lot of charity boxes in shops etc in this area and I often put money in. Next thing you know – charity boxes are being stolen! My guess is they then spread the story I am part of a gang – probably gypsies, and I go in first with a donation to see if the box is worth stealing, then someone comes along afterwards.
      They can make any innocent act look criminal.

      • Perp crap takes a dump on anything nice we might do and makes it look bad and makes us look bad doing it. Perps turn love to hate and treasure to trash. Perps turn faith into doubt, forgiveness into anger..etc etc etc…they are the devil’s servants.

  2. The one I got was: one perp will mention a relatives name, and the other will start ranting about how much they hate the mentioned person (the relative), how they’re “disgusting”, “gross”, etc. Usually the perps are the ones possessing these traits, and my relative was certainly not deserving of those comments. Getting a lot of obvious perps walking their dogs in public. And they occasionally will leave a big pile of dog poop on the sidewalk where they know the target will walk later, which is against the law of course, but perps are given free reign to violate the law. This big pile of poop correlated to a skit they did where the same two perps weeks earlier talked about a “stray dog”, and the other one was telling the other one he “should have kicked it” and he should have “hit it with his car”. It’s so easy for them to have one of their perp buddies walk their dog and make sure it poops on the sidewalk. It’s so amazing how many people need to walk their dogs on the same side part of town where they walk.

    Another big part of what they do is to have a street theatre suggesting an event which happens later on in the day or some time in the near future. In my case, I’ve noticed they possess some sort of relativistic toys who can see in the target’s future. And so I get constant suggestions of what comes next or later.

  3. The real reason for all this is a lot weirder than you might think:

    I’ll put it bluntly: They are trying to edit us out of history and then rewrite our life stories.

    That’s the way that scapegoating works. They do the crimes and then they try and get someone else to do the time.

    • Entire families are being decimated. I have a big family and we moved to another house in the same town when I was 7 or 8. The first house was bought and razed by the town library. Our second house was eventually bought by our church and completely remodeled and is now inaccessible to the public. To erase us like you said. It’s like a horror movie to think back about how premeditated it is.

      • What you’ve just described is eerily similar to what happened when my mother sold the family home, it was very quickly bought up by a member of the local community who then extensively remodelled it, I remember seeing a picture of it on Google Earth and wondering why they’d gone to so much trouble….now you’ve got me thinking.

        I can’t help thinking though that it would be a lot harder to completely ‘disappear’ people than it was in previous times, like say the middle ages or whenever it was that gangstalking was invented….nowadays people leave a lot more traces of their presence, the internet in particular is probably causing them a lot of problems in that regard.

    • To write us out of history. That is a good point. The people in the future will be slaves. The memory of the time when ordinary working people could have good lives, decent jobs, pay and conditions and were treated with respect as free citizens has to be removed. Very good point you made.

  4. 15/12/2013 5.57 pm

    Cheers, prayerwarriorpsychicnot.

    You previously asked a question about microwave shielding:

    All of these techonologies use microwaves:

    Mobile phones
    Microwave ovens

    …..a simple way to test whether or not a particular material will block microwaves is to wrap a mobile phone up in the material and then try and phone it using another phone – if you can’t connect with the other phone then the material is blocking the microwaves, I have a feeling those survival blankets use some sort of plasticised metal coating, so the only way to be sure is to use the test above.

    There are quite a few videos on Youtube on the subject of DIY microwave shielding.

  5. Every time I write a post about street theater the perps do the same things I write about. Since writing this I have heard 2 of my nieces names being yelled repeatedly at the store near me, car exhaust fumes everywhere when I am walking, and I was followed by a bagpiper at the beach for about 10 minutes before they turned around and ran away. What a bunch of twats.

  6. The Same time exit/entry thing is wierd, I remember when I first noticed that wondering how they did it…

    Are they reading my mind?

    Are they controlling my mind?

    Was I controlling theirs?

    Or was something else controlling both of our minds?

    ….then I thought of a way of testing it – sometimes, when I’m about to leave the building, I’ll walk towards the door fully intending to open it and then stop just before doing it, but I’m still mentally going through the process of opening the door, without actually doing it……then I watch their reaction.

    As far as the noise harassment goes, have you tried using Ear Defenders?

  7. Some TI’s are so damn sensitized, its not funny anymore, some actually want to see harrassment where there isn’t any INCLUDING ME, i find myself often being angered about a supposed” harrasment” Skit but when in bed at night: i realise there was nothing going on AT ALL! IT WAS ALL IN MY MIND —- whatever….

  8. I got autism…took me a long time to even figure any of this mess out…i hurt some psychopaths feelings and so they pay people to insult me….mainly.i just.didnt get it….didnt add up for me…they even showed me and told me….one insulted me in a monolouge about how i pluck my eyebrows…then waves a twenty dollar bill around….another had a terrible mouth and i just didnt get it…this was in bryn marr hospital in jacksonville nc near the marines base…so a military connection…just nasty people…the shrink was a psychopath who gave me every anti psychotic formula under the sun…saying quote.
    .do you like all the drugs were giving you? Pffft your big pharma dope doesnt compare to smoking a joint or having a few beers…what an asshole…no doubt a military rape winner who holds it all in for the job….not all of them are sociopaths in there but some are…hired killers what can unexpect? Mercenery for the rich…cannon fodder….sociopaths.

  9. Smart asses with smart phones using modern technology new technology and somehow mind control neighbors. Leaving entering at the same time or close to it and other things. One person with a smart phone somehow using mind control with some kind of advanced method people don’t know about. Actual criminal perps making people angry by endlessly pulling someones chain . Getting other people to join in using repititious verbal abuse,insults threats whatever. Public displays of affection where 2 people seem to kiss and or hug for a VERY long time! Making weird poses or exercises on the bus or somewhere else in public. Mimicking stuff you just did at home that usually doesn’t happen in public like using ear swabs for like 5 or more minutes,it’s just crazy,that happened on a bus , very annoying!

  10. No obvious gesture of hands in pockets most notably the one hand .. and the use of smartphone in hand at all times walking while looking at it..circus..

  11. i’ve recently been a victim of this i’ll call my recent episodes of street theatre ”ritual abuse” and if you are soft, sensitive or show weakness in any kinda way you will be ritually abused. it all started with a ”friend” lets call him ”p” over time he was exposed to certain weaknesses and bad habits of character of mine it all started one night we got into an argument and i walked away harsh words were said by both of us , i remember him apologizing and saying ”i was just tryna get under your skin” and something else that implied that he could get under my skin. then he started LASHING OUT over simple things from this point on i noticed every time me and him crossed paths and it was just us he was cool. but anytime anyone else was around he would insult me , or start talking complete nonsense while invading my space ( this is basically a street thing to let the audience know that you are weak) there was one incident which i went to play basketball and i remember him getting really loud and noticed he was insulting me , at first i thought maybe i needed to toughen up and it was just trash talk but the {REALITY} OF THIS is he humiliated me in front of young men and a woman in particular. ritual abuse just comes natural to some like animals which us humans still are they see the weak and go for your neck, my self esteem was CRUSHED all from that one day ,its meant to break you down anyone else out there goin through this what you need to do is self improvement . you must overcome your physical and mental limitations , exercise put on some muscle and join a boxing gym at the least if you are skinny and weak, you must work on the mental and emotional side too , if you feel someone is doing this to you, straight up tell them to get out of your face with that bullshit and tell them that they are harrasing you, at this point you will earn some self respect because you’re not sitting there taking their harrasment and even better way to combat this is to nip that shit in the bud the first time they invade your space or insult you openly or freely in the company of your friends or family….. never” let it slide” ( obviously use common sense and good judgement , i realized sometimes the insults from P were very severe and even were disguised as threats of violence almost ) thats when it becomes ”ritual” if you go at this directly you will disencourage them from future attacks , i’ve realized that over the years turning away or backing down from fights only made it harder to stand up for myself later on in life sometimes when you get that gut feeling to fight your body is trying to get you to do something that is actually healthy for you to remain in a happy calm confident state of mind .you may or may not have to fight but its not about that. its about overcoming the weakness so that you dont have to be in this situation in the first place. im 26 years old man a target of ”street theatre” not a good feeling i’ve lost my girlfriend over this with who i had a daughter because shes witnessed my weakness on display , dont let this happen to you.

  12. this shit is real and if a ”friend” starts to do it and you don’t remove yourself or fight back it can become ritual abuse.
    lashing out at you in public like a bipolar person , snapping on you for arbitrary reasons. LOUD severe humiliating insults of front of strangers and crowds excessive talking nonsense holding you up when you’re trying to go somewhere(usually done in front of someone), excessive talking nonsense while invading space(this is a street thing that shows the ppl around that you are weak ) insulting you in front of ppl you know or ppl they know and invade your space, you can be sure they are talking shit behind your back smearin your name. if this is happening to you , the next time this person comes up rambling ang goin on tell them directly and in no uncertain terms to back off and stop harrasing you , look them in the eye and mean it. they wont be expecting this and it will definitely throw them off. they might try you again later on tho , its best to stop this shit in the beginning when they first do it , let them know they are invading your personal space and you wont allow it , cut them off and walk away when they start rambling , if they continmue just keep walking and ignoring them.

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