5 thoughts on “The Set Up

  1. One thing they do is extensively plan for an intimate to come into the TI’s life. The people in charge have all kinds of data and intel, and they know the target and the infiltrator will like each other. And the goal is to have them dating, going on a date and falling in love. But the “sweatheart”, despite really loving the target, will start doing a handle job on the target. The goal is to have someone for the TI to have as a sweety, that can also be used behind the scenes as a pawn to control the TI to their liking.

    And of course, most legit, random romantic encounters never happen in a target’s life, because most people know about the target’s situation and stay far away for fear of being targeted. But the infiltrator already made a deal with the perps, and is not afraid to be around the TI to start a “relationship”.

      • I didn’t know what was going on until June 2012. I found blogs/websites online about OGS/EH and realized everything they wrote about had been happening to me for years. There is more exposure coming out everyday w/ blogs, websites, meetup groups, conference calls, message boards, videos, and books. Perps’ gang stalking days are numbered at this point.

      • It’s called “waking up”. When I researched what was going on back in ’06, I have been observing their tactics and doing research. And also, various people involved in my targeting have slipped me info, as in slipping info to me in the directed conversation and other places. “Other places” include the media, which constantly embedds harassment into their content.

        I pay attention and do research. That’s how I know. The caveat here is that a lot of what I come up with is a reasonable conclusion or educated guess based on the info I’ve been slipped and the things I’ve researched. The perps involved at high levels have numerous people under surveillance, not just targets. So they know theirs as well as the targets’ tendencies, as in what traits they look for. So it’s quite easy for them to set up releationships for targets. Put it this way: a lot seems influenced by the perps, as in the outcomes, so there are a lot of events in a target’s life that isn’t random.

        And I’m allowed to reach my own conclusions. The perps want us to think certain things, but I have been able to fight it off to the point where I can remain autonomous and figure things out on my own.

        Also, a lot of popular songs will contain harassment and info about targets, too. There have been quite a few songs out thre that seemed to have lyrics about a storyline a little too familiar. They can get away with this, because note how ambiguous a lot of lyrics are, and they can be interpreted a lot of ways. This ambiguity can also allow them to remain discreet and undetected. I’ve reasoned that certain or quite a few popular music songs/groups/writers have been in on my harassment campaign. It’s so easy to discredit TI’s, because it’s so unbelieveable that so much time, resources, and people have been devoted to keeping targets enslaved. If I hadn’t known what I know now, I’d have discredit someone telling me all of this as crazy, too. There’s just a lot of people in on this. And having pop music people involved is just another way for them to “reach” us and let us know we have been observed by them for a long time (like most of our lives in some cases). Same deal with script writers: a lot of movies have had info about certain targets’ personal lives relayed in the script as a way of letting them know they are targeted at a high level.

        So that’s how I know. Most of us have never observed the Earth being round, but we know for sure it is based on research and observation. I could be wrong; I don’t have info handed to me by them but I can work with info they’ve slipped me and by observing things, researching, observing, researching, etc.

  2. I live in Colorado and stand up to gang stalking every day. My primary concern of reading material includes mind control. This subject gives me an insight on what types of harassment may used as well as how to protect myself. I am also actively reading up on the Masons. My individual experience has included many of these people and one woman admitted that she was an Eastern Star when I asked her. The Masons also tie into the Illiminati and may explain the pride and pompous of the gang stalkers. Research is the key word. Many of the things that I have been reading about has helped me. Keep up the good work on the web site! Your work is not in vain.

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