First Responder Harassment Log 8/13/13

8:15 am:  Staged accident or traffic stop on inner freeway shoulder of opposite lane w/ blue and white patrol car (agency unknown). Convoy of “evenly” spaced cars spaced out 1-2 car lengths backed up for miles, going North/opposite way of rush hour traffic. Similar convoy seen (going South) while traveling home that afternoon at 3:15 pm.

8:35 am: Passed by ambulance on freeway.

8:50 am: Passed by CHP patrol car, speeding/ weaving on freeway. Turned lights on right after passing me.

9:00 am: Passed CHP patrol car at “traffic stop” at my freeway exit.

4:40 pm: Passed by private ambulance.

5:00 pm: Passed by firetruck.

5:05 pm: Passed Sheriff patrol car parked on a corner on my usual route.

5:15 pm: Red Lifeguard truck parked on the sidewalk, blocking the stairs on my route to the beach.

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