Coast To Coast AM – Aug 26 2013 – Electronic Harassment/ UFO Oddities – C2CAM, Radio

Published on Aug 27, 2013
Coast to Coast AM:Date:Aug 26 2013
Coast to Coast AM:Host:George Noory
Coast to Coast AM:This Week Guests:Dr. John Hall, Philip Mantle
Coast to Coast AM:Topic:Electronic Harassment/ UFO Oddities

2 thoughts on “Coast To Coast AM – Aug 26 2013 – Electronic Harassment/ UFO Oddities – C2CAM, Radio

  1. Maura, Dr John Hall’s presentation here is okay, but be careful with the testimony about UFO sightings and abductions. Tons of confessions exist out there demonstrating that both UFO abductions and UFO sightings were orchestrated by the US military and the CIA to deceive people. UFO abductees were actually abducted by US government itself: UFO sightings were myths created by the US Air Force:

    • Thanks. Yes I’m a little disappointed C2C had a guest speaker on UFO’s right after Dr. Hall. I am open to theories about UFO’s but don’t really want TI’s to be associated so much with this topic. At least not right now. It is hard enough for us to gain credibility without incorporating theories about UFO’s. The host makes a good point though that the abductions could be implanted memories, which gives every reason for the person to believe it was real. Which dove tails into other issues…but ties into targeting for some TI’s who have similar symptoms (implanted memories) that don’t involve UFO activity.

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