First Responder Harassment Log 9/04/13

8:46 am  Passed “trafiic stop”, San Diego PD patrol car stopped on right shoulder of 5 South freeway at Civic Str. exit. Patrol car was parked behind a city truck with lights flashing.

9:20 am  Passed by a San Diego PD patrol car at Broadway and 8th downtown.

2:44 pm  Passed by a traffic cop on a motorcycle (CHP?) at Via De La Valle westbound at Flower Hill shopping center.

3:07 pm  Passed “traffic stop” right shoulder of Via de la Valle westbound at 5 South exit ramp. SDPD or SDSD patrol car parked on shoulder with lights flashing.

3:22 pm  Passed from behind by Encinitas Fire Dept. Firetruck with lights and sirens on. Encinitas Blvd. Eastbound at Petco shopping center.

Within the past year my HOA switched to a security patrol company named ‘North Coast Patrol’ whose website advertises “high-profile Ford Crown Victorias” as patrol cars, i.e. they looked like police cars. I learned of the switch this spring when a guard named Fernando pulled into my garage immediately after me around 2 am one night and idled in our parking lot. When I asked him why he pulled into the garage he said it was part of his patrol.  This company continues to my patrol our property but I notice they no longer pull into the garage. After that incident, around 2 am every night I heard what I thought was a loud pickup truck entering the driveway below my apt. and barreling up the hill. After a minute it would rapidly barrel back down the driveway, tires loudly flapping over the speed bump, stop at the exit, then rapidly accelerate and roar off. Just within the past 1-2 months I realized this was not a truck doing this, it was our security patrol. And the noise is obviously for the purpose of harassment. Our former security company was called ‘Rancho Santa Fe’ security and was entirely professional, competent, and quiet. I wonder why we switched? The entire complex has a U-shaped driveway that runs through it, it makes no sense for a patrol to drive halfway through it and turn around rather than loop through the whole thing and exit on the other side.

4 thoughts on “First Responder Harassment Log 9/04/13

  1. Maura, you made a mistake in the blog. You wrote: “2:44 am Passed by a traffic cop on a motorcycle (CHP?) at Via De La Valle westbound at Flower Hill shopping center.” That’s after 9:20 AM. Were you trying to say “10:44 AM”?

    It is so strange to go on your blog. At the moment I am revising my diary entries for June 2009 when I was targeted by Department of Homeland Security for a very particular reason. One of the things they did was to constantly send police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks in front of me, about 20 to 30 times a day. I filmed everything. And now I’m reviewing these video diaries which are filled with police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks, and my recordings from that time which are filed with siren. While I re-log these on my diaries, I then come to your blog, and notice you are writing about the same thing. I feel like you are synchronizing with my writing process (my creativity). I’m sorry to say, I think I know why they are doing this to you. But you won’t understand my theory, so I won’t explain it to you. I also will not post the links to those video diaries I just mention, unless you want to see them, because I looked really ugly in those videos, dirty as hell.

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