Do We Have an American Stasi?

Published on Jul 29, 2013
Do we have an American Stasi in the United States? Was it put in place under President George Bush as part of the President’s Surveillance Program? Was it continued under President Obama? Does it use a tactic called Organized Gang Stalking? Is its members First Responders and Citizen Vigilantes who use RED cars, Red trucks, who wear or carry RED in conspicuous surveillance of citizens? We need a bipartisan Investigatory Commission of Congress to Investigate much as the Church Committee investigated a similar program, COINTELPRO. http://www.stopgangstalkingpolice.com
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4 thoughts on “Do We Have an American Stasi?

  1. My stalking and harassment was in full swing by 1988/1989 so it started long before Bush or Obama. My perps hassle me with color. They also forbid me to wear certain colors. This is more recent: like the 2000s. They will walk around in red to tell me they want to “forbid” me to do something. If I wear orange, the whole city appears in orange. If I wear pink everyone wears pink. In recent times it seems more intense and organized. At the beginning, people seemed rude and appeared to be spying on me, that’s it. Later, the voices came, after that I got in your face ridicule and people would try and pick “fights” with me. I started getting thrown out of businesses. I started seeing look a likes of people I once knew. After 2003, they started with the psychological “skits” to drive me nuts. It gets worse every year. Sorry for the rant. I was trying to hide wearing a bit of a “forbidden” color by tying a hoodie at my waist, but “they” knew. They got an ugly old bitch at the store to come at me singing “die die die” I rebuked them and bound them and the joy of the skit ended. “They” promised me I could wear “my” colors again in 2009–they lied. “They” will restrict me for life unless its stopped.

  2. First i would like to speak to the whole world.I know a lot about gangstalking.I have been gangstalked for 40 years.I started noticing people taking pictures of me,mostly white males following me every where i went.No matter where i went they were there.Listen up all that is being gangstalked.YOUR DEALING WITH SOME VERY SICK MINDED PEOPLE,I MEAN SICK AS THEY COME.Mostly done by white males,some white females.Gangstalking is done by,pay close attention.Military,Government, like nsa,cia,fbi,anyone and everyone that works for the government and their families.They even use children ages 5 years old and up.Isn’t this sick and sad.Do not go to the policethey to are part of this and their families and friends.Sheriffs,state police,us marshalls,even security officers,and all their families and friends.This is not all.If you go to any of these people listed above they will trick you in to signing papers then say you are crazy.This is not all.They are using microwave weapons to hurt you and your families they do not care about your children.Inlaws are part of this stalking.Trust no one.Your pastors work for the government they will tell the government and police everything you say.If they don’t they get in trouble.Yes over 50,000 pastors in the united states work for the government.Your Doctors and dentist, hospitals,nurses,clinics,all working for the government,they give all your medical information to these evil beins to save their own ass.They put implants (chips)in you and your children/families.They have copies of all your medical records,dental records,If you had any surgeries,or dental work you have implants,flu shots are free for reason(Chips).Don’t take no medication prescibed to you,the gangstalkers beat you to the drug stores,pay people to tamper with your prescriptions.Becareful.DO NOT GO GET ANY WORK DONE ON YOUR CARS,They will tell people to damage your cars more and told to keep your money.Your cars are fixed to make you wreck.These evil beins set traps for you to wreck,They will stop and tell you to come on,when you pull out another stalker will crash into you,hoping to kill you and your famly.Becareful.They will pin you in on the highway,cars on each side of you,forcing you to wreck.There will be cars parked onside of the road,waiting for you to pass with flashing lights.Sometimes police will be with them.WATCH OUT FOR ALBULANCE OF EVERY COLOR FOLLOWING YOU,this means they are tracking you,through,credit card,cellphones,bugs,gps, or trackers,They can hear everything you say in your vehicles for miles.Who is listening 20 preps and up.GET YOUR CARS TESTED FOR BUGS,ETC., GET YOUR FAMILY CHECKED FOR CHIPS.Ambulance drivers are part of the stalking.Some of you won’t make it to the hospital they are killing targets.Get all your medical records everyplace you been.Ask question who got your medical records,check the cameras.Get a copy of your police record,because they telling stalkers you are everything but the truth.Do not order food,do not eat out.They have stalkers everywhere.They tell these people to put posions,laxtives,drugs,urine,dodo,spit,in your food.MANAGERS/EMPLOYEES just about every restaurant has a evil gangstalker.They get phonecalls to alert them you are coming.Be careful.Managers in all grocery stores are part of this and empoyees they tell the workers you are a robber/shoplifter and to follow you in the stores.All dept stores are alerted you are a robber/shoplifter.TEACHERS AND PRINCIPAL ARE PART OF THIS GANGSTALKING,your children getting mistreated,kicked out a lot,beat up by a lot of children,some children are being raped,killed,told to give them drugs,even told to have sex with your child.Who gets all the blame your child,your child only,who gets kicked out your child only.Your child is telling the truth.Your child is a target for life.Not just you.THE STALKERS WILL TELL THEIR CHILDREN TO BEAT YOUR CHILD UP,RAPE THEM,YOU NAME IT. Watch your children too.These gangstalkers are kidnapping children also.Turn off the gps in your cell phone,take out the battery,when you are not using it.THEY CAN SEE YOU THROUGH YOUR PHONE,AND HEAR YOU.WITH THE GPS THEY KNOW WHERE YOU ARE IN THE HOUSE.If your children have cellphones take it.DO NOT TAKE GOVERNMENT PHONES A LARGE TRAP.Some chips are put in cellphones to.Do not get cable they are watching you.Have your homes checked for very tiny pin head size cameras in your home/cars and listening devices.Test by slamming your doors,banging on windows everytime cars will drive by.go outside start talking cars will go by.Theae devices can hear you miles away from your homes. THE JURY IS GANGSTALKERS,THEY USE THEM FOR WITTINESES,DRUG TASK FORCE IS PART,EVEN SOME OF TGE JUDGES.People be careful put this on facebook,everywhere.I WILL BE BACK WITH MORE. ONE MORE THING OR SO. THEY HAVE ALL YOUR BANK INFO,FIRE DEPARTMENT IS ALSO PART OF THIS.EVERYONE IS PART OF THIS TO PROTECT THEIRSELVES.HOW EVIL IS THIS.NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU NO ONE.THE GOVERNMENT HAS JOIN TOGETHER WITH THE STATE,CULTS,KKK,SKINHEADS,CRIMINALS,CRAZIES,YOU NAME IT.DEMONS ARE REAL.

  3. Yes. After the economy collapses i guess theyll put us in death camps like nazi germany? Maybe thats too much work…

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